Keith Burns (secondary coach) and Ricky Rahne (tight ends coach) left the Wildcat camp after the 2010 season with Tom Hayes filling the vacancy on defense, and Snyder joining the staff to tutor the punters, kickers and return teams. "This is something I've wanted to take a try at for a number of years, but the timing was never quite right for a smooth transition for the entire program," said Snyder, who has served as director of football operations for the last 16 years. "With Inge (Jorgensen, coordinator of football administration) accepting more and more responsibility over the last four years, and with the rest of the support staff doing a phenomenal job, the structure of the operation is now on very solid ground." After punting for the Wildcats in 1991 and 1992, Snyder has grown in responsibilities through the years starting as a part-time assistant coach from 1994-96, director of football operations from 1996-99, assistant athletic director/football operations from 1999-2001, associate athletic director/football operations from 2001-2008 and senior associate athletic director/football operations in 2009-2010. In addition, through the years Snyder has filled a coaching/recruiting void on occasion while the program was in the process of replacing an assistant coach who had left the program. Coach Bill Snyder said of his son's importance to the program, "Sean knows more about Kansas State football and how it fits in this environment, and in this community, and within this university than anyone, myself included." With all of the above, the younger Snyder says, "I've enjoyed every bit of it. I love coaching kids, but I've also enjoyed the administration and operations side because there is such an array of things that you do in terms of problem solving whether that be helping a kid that has gotten in a bind, helping a kid with his professional future, to making sure the buses in New York City (Pinstripe Bowl) are where they need to be. When the bullets are flying, that's when I'm at my best. I enjoy figuring out situations and preventing problems." But being a fulltime coach is, in Snyder's words, "... something I've always wanted to take a full swing at." That's especially true within a Wildcat program where the special teams area has carried an equal importance as offense and defense. "Dad (coach Bill Snyder) has always put a strong emphasis on special teams and that will never change," said Snyder. "It's been a point of emphasis to always have good kickers, good punters and good snappers. It's been a point of emphasis that the players have bought in to. When it's important to the players then you have a good chance of being successful." He continued, "It's that part of the game if you overlook it, it can kill you. You can win games with it, but just as quickly you can lose games with it." A year ago, Dana Dimel handled the kickoff returns, Burns coached the kickoffs, Joe Bob Clements tutored the punt and punt return games, Charlie Dickey the field goals and Chris Cosh the field goal blocks. This year all areas will be under Snyder's watch. We hope you enjoy K-State Sports Extra. We would like to hear your comments and any story ideas for future emails, so fire them our way. Contact either Mark Janssen at, or Kansas State Director of Athletic Communications/SID Kenny Lannou at For those who would like to share Sports Extra with a friend or family member, or change your current email address, click here.