2014 Big 12 Indoor Championships Event Preview - Men

Feb. 26, 2014

**Please note only events with a Wildcat in the conference top-10 will be highlighted


60 meter

Big 12 Top-5
1. Raymond Bozmans, TCU, 6.62 aa
2. Senoj-Jay Givans, Texas, 6.64
3. Trayvon Bromell, Baylor, 6.65
3. Tyreek Hill, Oklahoma State, 6.65
5. John Teeters, Oklahoma State, 6.69
6. Carlos Rodriguez, K-State, 6.72

This year's 60 meter is expected to be dominated by underclassmen, as K-State's own Carlos Rodriguez is the lone junior in the Big 12's top-eight that has four freshmen and three sophomores, including three freshmen in the top-five. Despite the influx of youth, Rodriguez has a good chance of replicating last season's success, where he qualified for the finals and finished fifth in a time of 6.75 seconds. Another Wildcat to potentially watch for is senior Dane Steen, who set a career-best in the event and has four top-five finishes on his 2014 résumé as well.

200 meter

Big 12 Top-5
1. Trayvon Bromell, Baylor, 21.02
2. Blake Heriot, Baylor, 21.08
2. Carlos Rodriguez, K-State, 21.08 aa
4. Waymon Storey, Oklahoma, 21.11
5. Zack Bilderback, Texas, 21.18

Carlos Rodriguez's name once again pops up; this time in an event he has had considerable success in his entire K-State career. An All-American in the event last season, Rodriguez placed fourth at the 2013 Big 12 Indoors. He has competed well in the 200 this season as well, placing first or second in all but one of his races. His best effort at the New Mexico Classic of 21.06, converted to 21.08, was a K-State record in the event at altitude for a Wildcat.

400 meter

Big 12 Top-5
1. Zack Bilderback, Texas, 46.47
2. George Claddick, Baylor, 46.73
3. Narada Jackson, TCU, 46.86 aa
4. Blake Heriot, Baylor, 47.01
4. Joseph Richards III, Texas Tech, 47.01
7. Carlos Rodriguez, K-State, 47.39

Baylor occupies the top-five in the third-straight sprints event, as the trio of Zack Bilderback, Blake Heriot and Trayvon Brommell will look to be quite the test for the Wildcats. Competing for the first time in his career in the 400 meter, Carlos Rodriguez notched an impressive second-place finish at the Iowa State Classic in Ames, Iowa. His mark has held as a Wildcat season-best and puts him in range to potentially qualify if he competes in the event. Another dark horse candidate to watch for K-State is Christopher Campbell, who has had a tremendous season to date. Campbell's top mark of 47.81, also set at the Iowa State Classic, is 12th in the conference and he has totaled two top-five finishes on the season.

600 yard

Big 12 Top-5
1. Kenneth McCuin, Kansas, 1:09.88
2. Michael Stigler, Kansas, 1:09.88
3. Tyler Payton, Oklahoma State, 1:10.81
4. Pieter Conradie, Texas, 1:10.94
5. Christopher Campbell, K-State, 1:11.06

Keeping with the junior, Christopher Campbell competed in the 600 yard run for the first time this season since his freshman year at K-State. What resulted was only an impressive second-place finish behind Oklahoma State's and No. 3-ranked Tyler Payton. Both the marks by Campbell and Payton have held up in the Big 12 top-five. The Wildcats will have their hands full in this event though, as two Jayhawks occupy the top spots including Bowerman Watch candidate Michael Stigler.

800 meter

Big 12 Top-5
1. Kemboi Edward, Iowa State, 1:45.98
2. Nick Rivera, Texas Tech, 1:51.30
3. Brendan Soucie, Kansas, 1:51.31
4. Allen Eke, Oklahoma, 1:51.35
5. Kyle Hanson, K-State, 1:51.51
7. Logan Smith, K-State, 1:51.82

Though not getting nearly as much attention as some other Wildcats, distance runners Kyle Hanson and Logan Smith each have quietly been putting together solid seasons in K-State purple. For Hanson, his senior campaign has been highlighted by his current top-five mark in the Big 12 set at the Iowa State Classic, while Smith set a personal best set in the event at the Husker Invitational. The duo has combined for five top-five finishes in the event this season and Hanson is no stranger to doing well on the big stage, as the senior finished fourth at last year's Big 12 Indoors.

1000 meter

Big 12 Top-5
1. Shane Moskowitz, Oklahoma State, 2:22.52
2. Chad Noelle, Oklahoma State, 2:23.83
3. Joseph Gioielli, Iowa State, 2:24.27
4. Alec Baldwin, Iowa State, 2:25.37
5. Alex Dillenbeck, Iowa State, 2:25.96
7. Logan Smith, K-State, 2:26.91
10. Kyle Hanson, K-State, 2:27.72

The other mid-distance event the Wildcats might make noise in is the 1000 meter, as once again the duo of Logan Smith and Kyle Hanson make appearances in the top-10. Even with the Cyclones and Cowboys expected to take control of this event, Smith's performance this season is something worth keeping an eye on for the 2014 indoors. The junior has two first-place finishes to date, including a personal best performance at the Winter Invitational.

4x400 Relay

Big 12 Top-3
1. TCU, 3:06.89
2. Baylor, 3:08.39
3. Texas Tech, 3:10.58 aa
4. K-State, 3:10.67

The Wildcats have the potential to do considerable damage in this event, as the addition of Carlos Rodriguez to the 4x400 team has only strengthened an `A' squad that has dominated for most of the year. Before adding Rodriguez, the 4x400 `A' team had won three races out of their five contests, with its best time clocking in at 3:15.88. With the addition of Rodriguez and the benefit of an oversized track in Ames, Iowa, the `A' team dropped to a season-best time 3:10.67. Considering the foursome of Rodriguez, Christopher Campbell, Tyris Jefferson and Ifeanyichukwu Otuonye have raced together only twice this season, there's no telling where this group might rise to. An improvement from last season's fourth-place finish in the event is not out of the question.

High Jump

Big 12 Top-5
1. Jacorian Diffield, Texas Tech, 2.23m/7-03.75
2. Bradley Adkins, Texas Tech, 2.21m/7-03.00
3. Cameron Ostrowski, Iowa State, 2.18m/7-01.75
4. Zack Riley, K-State, 2.15m/7-00.50
5. Logan Brittain, Texas, 2.13m/6-11.75

The absence of Erik Kynard's name after four seasons of dominance from the K-State great certainly brings a different feel to this season's event. His successor though, Zack Riley, is more than capable of putting in an impressive performance of his own this season, especially considering the Rend Lake College transfer finished second to Kynard at last season's Big 12 Indoors. Sitting fourth currently, Riley is a wild card in this year's event as he has shown the ability to eclipse 2.15m in past seasons, hitting hit 2.18m almost routinely during the 2013 indoor season including 2.20m at the Jayhawk Challenge. Also worth watching is freshman Miles Bearden, who set a season-best at last Friday's K-State open of 2.05m.

Pole Vault

Big 12 Top-5
1. Jacorian Duffield, Texas Tech, 2.23m/7-03.75
2. Bradley Adkins, Texas Tech, 2.21m/7-03.00
3. Everette Favor, Oklahoma, 5.30m/17-04.50
4. Kyal Meyers, Texas Tech, 5.26m/17-03.00
4. Mark Thomas, Texas, 5.26m/17-03.00
6. Cameron Savage, K-State, 5.22m/17-01.50
6. Kyle Wait, K-State, 5.22m/17-01.50

The trio of Kyle Wait, Cameron Savage and Tommy Brady each enter this weekend's championship meet with scoring potential. Wait is the reigning back-to-back conference outdoor champion as well as an indoor All-American in the event. The senior will look to perform strong at this season's indoors, as he has yet to finish above ninth in his career. For Savage and Brady, both have set career-bests in the event this season. Savage, in particular, has been impressive, racking up two first-place finishes and four overall top-five finishes.

Long Jump

Big 12 Top-5
1. Devin Field, K-State, 7.69m/25-02.75
2. Jharyl Bowry, K-State, 7.64m/25-00.75
3. Shujaa Benson, Texas Tech, 7.54m/24-09.00
4. Felix Obi, Baylor, 7.52m/24-08.25
5. Cameron Luper-Echols, TCU, 7.40m/24-03.50
5. Tyris Jefferson, K-State, 7.40m/24-03.50

If there has been one event the Wildcat men have dominated all season, it has been the long jump. The duo of Devin Field and Jharyl Bowry not only has Big 12 Champion potential, but also potential to make it to Albuquerque, N.M., for this season's indoor NCAAs. Add in Tyris Jefferson and last season's conference runner-up Ifeanyichukwu Otuonye and the Wildcats look primed to make this their highest-scoring event this season. The fearsome foursome, on the season, has seven combined first-place finishes and twelve top-three finishes overall, including a sweep of the top-four at this season's Bill Bergan Invitational at the Lied Recreational Center.

Shot Put

Big 12 Top-5
1. Ryan Crouser, Texas, 21.23m/69-08.00
2. Kole Weldon, Texas Tech, 20.11m/65-11.75
3. Austin Perry, Oklahoma, 18.60m/61-00.25
4. Will Spence, Texas, 18.54m/60-10.00
5. Ryan Hershberger, K-State, 18.46m/60-06.75

The throws season as whole for the Wildcats has been impressive. A key part of that has been Ryan Hershberger, who has excelled in the shot put. Setting a personal best at the Wildcat Invitational, the senior has four first-place finishes in the event, including a stretch that saw him go undefeated from Dec. 14, 2013 to Feb. 1, 2014. Even with some tough competition above him, including Bowerman candidate Ryan Crouser, Hershberger looks primed to improve upon his eighth-place finish from last season's indoors.

Weight Throw

Big 12 Top-5
1. Nick Miller, Oklahoma State, 21.99m/72-01.75
2. Kole Weldon, Texas Tech, 19.68m/64-07.00
3. Alex Roe, K-State, 18.09m/59-04.25
4. Henry Kelley, Iowa State, 17.94m/58-10.25
5. Blake Jakobsson, Texas, 17.89m/58-08.50
5. Charles Nguyen, Oklahoma, 17.89m/58-08.50
10. Ryan Hershberger, K-State, 16.60m/54-05.50

Even without a first-place finish this year, senior Alex Roe has been a model of consistency for the Wildcats, placing second in the event four out of the six times competed this season. Further backed by his third-place standing within the conference, Roe set a personal-best this season by eclipsing 18.00m for the first time in his career. Like Hershberger, he also has the potential to improve upon his placing, sixth, from last season's Big 12 Indoors.


Big 12 Top-3
1. Devin Dick, K-State, 5505
2. Wolf Mahler, Texas, 5335
3. Taylor Sanderson, Iowa State, 5245

For someone who didn't know if he was eligible to compete this season until late September, Devin Dick has sure had quite the year. Holding the top conference mark in the heptathlon, Dick has excelled in every area of competition including notching his first-career heptathlon victory. His lone performance in the multi-event this season came at the Bill Bergan Invitational, where he took first in four of the seven events and finished top three in all of the remaining three. The Wichita, Kan., native looks to be in great shape to improve upon his personal best score of 5,603 points set at last season's Big 12 Indoors.