Cliff Rovelto's Winter Clinic Series -- High Jump

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This clinic is open to both coaches and athletes.  A tentative schedule follows.  The emphasis is on education, but there will be an opportunity for the athletes to participate in drills and actual jumping activities if they wish.


The cost is $75 per individual.  For additional information, call the KSU Track and Field Office at 785-532-6567.


Since 1989, KSU athletes have earned 38 NCAA All-America Certificates in the high jump and won 22 individual Conference Championships. Also credited to Coach Rovelto are the following statistics:



         Karol Rovelto 1

         Gwen Wentland 1

         Matt Hemingway 1

         Nathan Leeper 4

         Jamie Nieto 3

         Jesse Williams  1



         Percell Gaskins 1993

Indoor 7’ 5

         Nathan Leeper 1998

Outdoor 7’ 5

         Scott Sellers 2007

                 Outdoor 7’ 7



(Men and Women)


7 OLYMPIANS (Personal best listed)

1996 - Connie Teaberry 6’ 4

       - Ed Broxterman 7’ 6

2000 - Karol Damon-Rovelto 6’ 5

      - Nathan Leeper 7’ 8

2004 Matt Hemingway 7’ 9

Olympic Silver Medalist

2004 Jamie Nieto 7’ 8”

4th Place Finisher

2008 Jesse Williams 7' 3



1993 Best Male Trio on One Team in NCAA History

7’ 5 ”, 7’ 5”, 7’ 4


1995 Best Male and Female Combination in History

7’ 4 ” and 6’5”


High jumpers attending are asked to bring whatever shoes they compete in the high jump in, as well as, training flats.


Available for purchase will be video tapes professional made by Coach Rovelto.  They can be bought for $40.00.


The list of video tapes include:

1. Innovative Techniques for the High Jump

2. High Jump Drills for Women

3. Training the Combined Event Athlete


T-shirts will also be available for purchase for $10.00.


The clinic is subject to cancellation if the demand is not great enough.  If this happens you will be notified and your money will be returned to you on Thursday, November 6.


Schedule of Events
Sunday, November 9, 2008

9:00 9:30 AM Check-in, Ahearn Field house, KSU campus

9:30 11:00 AM Introduction and Training Theory

11:00 12:00 PM High Jump Warm up Routine; Running Mechanics


12:00 1:30 PM Lunch on Your Own


1:30 2:30 PM High Jump Technique


2:30 - 3:30 PM High Jump Drills; Approach Building


3:30 4:30 PM Question and Answer Opportunity

Registration Deadline: Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please clip the form below or print off the linked .pdf and mail to:

Kansas State University
Track Office/KSU Winter Seminar Series

106 Ahearn Field House
Manhattan, KS 66506-0306



2008 Cliff Rovelto Winter Clinic Series - High Jump
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Registration Form

The Cliff Rovelto Winter Clinic Series at Kansas State University is a privately owned enterprise operated by Cliff Rovelto, coach of the K-State track and field team. It is not sponsored by or a part of Kansas State University.

Name ____________________________________  Circle One: Coach   -or-   Athlete


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Please make checks payable to:

KSU Winter Seminar Series

Please mail to:
Cliff Rovelto
Kansas State University
Track Office/KSU Winter Clinic Series

106 Ahearn Field House
Manhattan, KS 66506