Oct. 19, 2010


Field Events begin at 11:00 a.m.
Track Events begin at 2:00 p.m.

Place: All events will be held in Ahearn Field House on the Ward Haylett Track. Our track surface is Rekortan and our shot put / weight throw ring is concrete.
Eligibility: This is an open meet and will not be team scored.

Weight Throw, Shot Put, Triple Jump, Long Jump: Minimum distances for measurement may be used depending on field sizes.

Weigh-In of Implements: Begins 1-1/2 hours and ends 30 minutes prior to start of first throwing event.  

Weigh-In is located in the Northeast corner of the Field House.

Restaurants and Motels: Listings are enclosed as well as maps of the University and Manhattan.

NEW NCAA LEGISLATION:  NCAA Div I and II must obtain TFRRS ID's for all team members before entering the meet. Go to www.tfrrs.org  and follow  instructions. You will be able to download your team roster and TFRRS ID numbers into the meet entry website.

Entries: Entries must be done ON-LINE.  Entries will be accepted beginning Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 and will close by 12:00 (noon) Wednesday, December 8th. All Declarations are to be made on-line. You must have corresponding TFRRS ID numbers for all athletes trying to qualify for NCAA I or II National Championships. Please follow these directions.

New NCAA Rule: Section 1. Misconduct: Misconduct is any act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law occurring at the locale of the competition or warm-up, that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics. Misconduct includes the intentional reporting of false marks for entry purposes. Acts of misconduct are subject to reprimand or ejection by the referee or meet management.

Online Entry Web Address: http://www.aspimeetz.com/13902  and follow instructions.

Entry Fee: There is a $15.00 entry fee per athlete. Team Max $225 per gender. Entry Fees can be paid at check-in in the gymnasium next to the indoor track. Checks should be made payable to: KSU Track -- Foundation.

Contact: Steve Fritz
Assistant Track and Field Coach
Kansas State University
106 Ahearn Field House
Manhattan, KS 66506-0306
Cell number: 785-587-7710
Fax number: 785-532-7358

DECEMBER 11th, 2010

Field Events
11:00 a.m. -- Weight Throw  Followed by Shot Put (Women then Men)
11:00 a.m. -- High Jump (Women then Men)
12:00 p.m.  -- Long Jump  Followed by Triple Jump (Women then Men)
12:00 p.m. --  Pole Vault (Women then Men)

Track Events -This is a Rolling Schedule
2:00p.m.   1000m Run --  Final (W, M)
60 Meter Dash -- Timed Section Final (W, M)
60 Meter Hurdles -- Timed Section Final (W, M)
600 Yard Run -- Timed Section Final (W, M)
300 Meter Dash -- Timed Section Final (W, M)
1 Mile Run -- Timed Section Final (W, M)
1600 Meter Relay -- Timed Section Final (W, M)


Event                      Mark         Athlete                           School/Affiliation   Year
55 Meter Dash         6.7 MT      Kim Walker                     Unattached           1989

60 Meter Dash         7.43         Nyoka Cole                      Lincoln                 2008

55 Meter Hurdles     8.01         Verida Walter                   Kansas State        1990

60 Meter Hurdles     8.34         Kyla Shoemaker               Unattached           2001

200 Meter Dash       24.73       DeAngela MacDoug           Unattached           2006

300 Meter Dash       40.24       Marissa Moseley              Oklahoma Baptist   2008

400 Meter Dash       55.56       Nicole Green                    Unattached           1998

600 Yard Run         1:22.72     Nicole Green                    Unattached           1997

800 Meter Run       2:09.51     Lysaira Roman-Del Valle    Unattached           2005

1000 Meter Run     2:49.93     Lysaira Roman-Del Valle    Unattached           2007

Mile Run               4:49.63     Desiraye Osburn               Unattached           2006

3000 Meter Run    10:07.41    Annie Wetterhus               Kansas State        1997

1600 Meter Relay  3:48.05                                            Kansas                2004

Long Jump           19'11-1/2"  Candice Mills                   Kansas State         2004
                          19'11-1/2"  Mary Grant                      Barton County CC   1997        
Triple Jump          42'8-3/4"    Chaytan Hill                    Kansas State         2003

High Jump            6'-3/4"       Gwen Wentland               Kansas State         1992

Pole Vault            13'5-1/4"    Breanna Eveland             Kansas State         2005

Shot Put              58'0-1/4"    Jessica Cross                  Unattached            1999

20 lb. Wt. Throw   72'5"          Dawn Ellerbe                   New York A.C.        1999

Updated 9-10-09

Event                      Mark        Athlete                           School/Affiliation     Year
55 Meter Dash         6.23         Maurice Green                 Unattached            1993

60 Meter Dash         6.66         Demario Wesley              Garden City TC       2000

55 Meter Hurdles     7.49         Steve Fritz                       Accusplit                1994

60 Meter Hurdles     7.84         Dexter Faulk                   Nike                      2008

200 Meter Dash      21.81        Pat Agwu                        Kansas State          2002

300 Meter Dash      35.19        William McCaskill            Oklahoma Baptist    2008

400 Meter Dash      47.9 MT     Dawda Jallow                  Unattached             1989

600 Yard Run         1:11.32     Matt Baysinger               Kansas                   2006

800 Meter Run       1:52.67     John Matheri                   Butler County CC     1998

1000 Meter Run     2:25.43     Christian Smith               Kansas State           2005

1500 Meter Run     3:54.6 MT  Gary Hammer                 Unattached             1994

Mile Run               4:12.26     Michael Pierce                 Southwest Baptist    2008

3000 Meter Run     8:12.80     Charlie Gruber                Kansas                   2000

1600 Meter Relay  3:14.86                                          Unattached             2006

Long Jump           25'2-1/2"    Steve Duren                   Kansas State          1993

Triple Jump          53'5-3/4"    Brandon Craven             Unattached             2001

High Jump           7'5"            Kyle Lancaster                Kansas State          2003

Pole Vault           17'2 1/4"     Jordan Scott                   Kansas                  2007

Shot Put             64'6-1/2"     Christian Cantwell           Missouri                 2001

35 lb.Wt. Throw   70'4-1/4"     Jason Gervais                Wyoming               1999

Updated 9-10-09