Wedekind Highlights K-State's Day at J.K. Gold Classic

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AUGUSTA, Kan. - K-State Cross Country opened its season with a strong performance from both the men's and women's squads at the J.K. Gold Classic Duals in Augusta, Kansas. Highlighting the individual performances was sophomore Morgan Wedekind, who took first overall for her first career win in cross country competition.

On the day, the women's team finished second behind only host Wichita State, while on the men's side, the Wildcats also placed second behind the Shockers.

Wedekind said after a strong summer of training, she feels prepared for the rest of the season.
"I trained at a higher level this summer, running longer distances," said Wedekind, who finished the race in 13:44.00. "I don't know what to expect for this year, but I want to keep getting better and keep pushing the other girls on our team." 

Running alongside Wedekind for the entire race, senior Laura Galvan secured a second place finish with a time of 13:44.29. Wedekind and Galvan both agreed that being able to push each other during races and at practice will lead to success over the course of the season. 

"It's a great feeling having a teammate with you the whole race," Galvan said. "It makes me feel more confident about us going forward."

The women's team finished in second place overall, only one point behind the Shockers even without the services of senior Erika Schiller. In her stead, underclassmen Mary Frances Donnelly and Jenny McCarty were productive, finishing seventh and ninth, respectively.

Head coach Mike Smith said he was pleased with the performance of the women's team and knows that with all his top runners competing next week the chances for success are high.

"It's really a preseason meet so we don't place a whole lot of emphasis on it," Smith said. "When we put our whole team out there, we get quite a bit better."

For the men, freshman Bryan Zack, running in his first collegiate race, led the way finishing 17th.

"Today was my first ever college race. It was really exciting, the team ran pretty well, but there's lots of room for improvement," Zack said.

Also running for the first time as Wildcats, freshman Sam Oxandale finished 18th, while freshman Colton Donahue placed 20th.

Smith said he believes there is still room for improvement at race time.

"Our freshmen were our leaders today, we are hoping to have them race the level they train," Smith said. "I haven't seen that yet. We just need to race at the level we train and we'll be fine, then we can compete."

The Wildcats get back in action two weeks from today, as they will travel to Iowa City, Iowa for the Big Ten Preview on Sept. 20. For more information, visit  

J.K. Gold Classic Duals
R.A.F.T. Golf Course
Wichita, Kan.

K-State Team Results
1: Wichita State; 2. K-State; 3. Oral Roberts

Wichita State, 15; K-State, 50
K-State, 22; Oral Roberts, 39

1: Wichita State; 2. K-State; 3. Oral Roberts

Wichita State, 28; K-State, 29
K-State, 16; Oral Roberts 47

Men Individual Top-5: 1. Chris Burnett, Wichita State (18: 05.74). 2. Brady Johnson, Wichita State (18:13.10). 3. Sampson Laari, Barton County CC (18:25.15). 4. Paul Raymond, Wichita State (18:35.83). 5. Ugis Jocis, Wichita State (18:35.83).
K-State Men Finishes: 17. Bryan Zack (19:15.03); 18. Sam Oxandale (19:19.8720);
19. Colton Donahue (19:24.3525); 25. Brett Bachman (19:35.8133); 33. Jeffrey Bachman (19:47.1336); 36. Kain Ellis (19:55.18); 37. Blake Goodin (19:55.73); 46. Logan Smith (20:17.35).

Women Individual Top-5: 1. Morgan Wedekind, Kansas State (13:44.00); 2. Laura Galvan, Kansas State (13:44.29); 3.  Lydia Mato, Barton County CC (13:54.89); 4. Sidney Hirsch, Wichita State (13:55.58); 5. Ebeissa Nyandwi, Wichita State (13:56.88).

K-State Women Finishes: 1. Morgan Wedekind (13:44.00); 2. Laura Galvan (13:44.29); 7. Mary Frances Donnelly (14:06.78); 9. Jenny McCarty (14:19.57); 14. Mady Nestor (14:45.05); 16. Alexandra Miller (14:47.14); 22. Kayla Doll (14:57.09); 23.  Sonia Gaskin (15:04.17); 24. Paige Kochuyt (15:06.41); 29. Marija Stambolic (15:27.92).