Galvan Leads the Way at Chile Pepper

Men Women

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - K-State Cross Country took its mark this Saturday at Agri Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Chile Pepper Festival. The women's team finished third amongst tough competition and senior Laura Galvan clinched yet another top-10 performance, while the men's team finished 16th out of 27 teams. 


Racing for the Chile Pepper themed awards, over 80 collegiate teams and approximately 5,000 runners gathered this weekend for the 26th annual Chile Pepper Festival. 


Coaching in his first meet as a Wildcat, Ryun Godfrey was pleased with the team's performances. 


"It was a fun first race for me," Godfrey said. "I'm very impressed with how prepared and how hard these athletes work."


The duo of Laura Galvan and Morgan Wedekind, who have consistently led the Wildcat women this season, had strong performances once again that propelled the team to a third place finish. Galvan, in her senior year, with 2 top-5 performances this season, led the Wildcat women in the 5K race with a time of 16:32.5 finishing sixth place. Not far behind Galvan, sophomore Wedekind placed 14th with a time of 16:54.8. 


Also in the women's 5K, a field of 376 runners, Galvan and Wedekind had two teammates joining them in the top-50. Junior Mary Frances Donnelly finished 28th in a time of 17:18.7 and senior Erika Schiller, in her first meet this season, finished 35th in a time of 17:24.9, respectively. 


"Everyone did really well," Galvan said. "It is so hard to get everyone to race well in the same meet, it's usually one or two people, but all of us did really well and finished really high. Overall I'm really proud of the team. I feel like we put out the effort that we have seen in training and that is a really good thing." 


On the men's side, Godfrey sees progress being made, especially in training. The Wildcat mens team finished 16th and was led by sophomore Jeff Bachman who finished 148th out of 430 runners in the 8K race in a time of (26:21.2). 


"They worked hard this week," Godfrey said.  "They had a pretty good week at practice, some of them may have been a bit tired going into the race, but they did okay."


The Wildcats will return to action in two weeks at the Pre-National Invitational in Terre Haute, Indiana on Oct. 19. The Pre-National Invitational is a chance for the Wildcats to race on NCAA Championship courses, prior to post season competition. 


Chile Pepper Festival 

Agri Park

Fayetteville, Arkansas


Team Results

Men (8K)

1. Arkansas; 2. Lamar; 3. North Texas; 4. UTEP; 5. Wichita State. (16. K-STATE)

Women (5K)

1. Arkansas; 2. Lamar; 3. K-STATE; 4. Wichita State; 5. Texas Tech


Men Individual Top-5

1.Stanley Kebenei, Arkansas (23:53.5); 2. Kemoy Campbell, unattached (23:53.8); 3. Anthony Rotich, UTEP (23:54.5); 4. Sam Stabler, Lamar (24:10.5); 5. Michael Pienaar, South Alabama (24:12.3).


K-State Men Finishes

148. Jeff Bachman (26:21.2); 155. Sam Oxandale (26:25.6); 171. Bryan Zack (26:32.7); 189. Fernando Roman (26:44.7); 229. Logan Smith (27:08.0); Blake Goodin (27:08.7); 252. Kain Ellis (27:16.7); 290. Brett Bachman (27:51.6)


Women Individual Top-5

1. Dominique Scott, Arkansas (16:01.0); 2. Grace Heymsfiled, Arkansas (16:12.0); 3. Hannah Fields, Oklahoma Baptist (16:24.0); 4. Shannon Klenke (16:25.7); 5. Diane Robison (16:27.7)


K-State Women Finishes

6. Laura Galvan (16:32.5); 14. Morgan Wedekind (16:54.8); 28. Mary Frances Donnelly (17:18.7); 35. Erika Schiller (17:18.7); 62. Jennifer McCarthy (17:58.3); 86. Mady Nestor (18:17.2); 115. Alex Miller (18:32.6); 129. Kayla Doll (18:38.7); 143. Sonia Gaskin (18:44.7); 168. Paige Kochuyt (19:00.2)