Two Wildcats in Top 20 at Big 12 Championship

Men's Results Women's Results

LAWRENCE, Kan. - K-State Cross Country made the short trip to Lawrence, Kansas, this Saturday, for the Big 12 Championship at Rim Rock Farm Cross Country Course. The women's team finished in sixth place with 159 points, while the men's team finished eighth with 250 points. 

Oklahoma State won the men's race to capture its seventh consecutive Big 12 Championship with 12 points, while Iowa State won the women's title with 29 points.

Highlighting the day with top-20 finishes in the women's 6K race were senior Laura Galvan, who placed 11th in a time of 20:50.4 to take home All-Big 12 honors in the process, and sophomore Morgan Wedekind, who snatched 20th in a time of 21:09.04.

"It was one of those days that was kind of bittersweet," head coach Ryun Godfrey said. "You wanted to be a little higher as a team standing, but from a personal standpoint, most of them had good races.

"I was very proud of [Laura's] accomplishment. She feels like she could have run better, but there was a really, really solid group of girls at the front of the pack that are going to make a big impact at the NCAA level in a couple weeks." 

On the men's side, sophomore Jeff Bachman led the Wildcats for the third straight time this season with a time of 25:53.6 for a 53rd-place finish.

"[Jeff] has been very consistent," Godfrey said. "I think he has made good improvements from last year and it's just a testament to the work that he has put in. I think he is going to continue that trend."

The Wildcats will continue postseason competition at the NCAA Midwest Regional Championship in Peoria, Illinois on Nov. 14, when the women's team will look to hold onto a seventh-place ranking in the Midwest Region. 

Big 12 Championship

Rim Rock Farm Cross Country Course

Lawrence, Kansas 

Team Results

Men's 8K 

1. Oklahoma State; 2. Oklahoma; 3. Iowa State; 4. Texas; 5. Kansas; 8: K-State

Men Individual Top-5

1. Kirubel Erassa, Oklahoma State (24:08.3); 2. Abbabiya Simbassa, Oklahoma (24:11.2); 3. Craig Lutz, Texas (24:13.5); 4. Fabian Clarkson, Oklahoma State (24:15.6); 5. Jacob Morgan; Kansas (24:16.2).

K-State Men Finishes

53. Jeff Bachman (25:53.6); 61. Brett Bachman (26:13.2); 62. Colton Donahue (26:22.9); 63. Bryan Zach (26:27.2); 64. Fernando Roman (26:31.0); 65. Logan Smith (26:31.1); 66. Sam Oxandale (26:36.6); 67. Blake Goodin (26:37.8); 68. Kain Ellis (26:38.2)

Women 6K Race

1. Iowa State; 2. West Virginia; 3. Baylor; 4. Oklahoma State; 5. Oklahoma; 6. K-State

Women's Individual Top-5

1. Crystal Nelson, ISU (19:48.8); 2. Katy Moen, ISU (19:58.5); 3. Rachel Johnson, Baylor (20:15.1); 5. Katie Gillespie, WVU (20:18.1) 

K-State Women's Finishes

11. Laura Galvan (20:50.4); 20. Morgan Wedekind (21:09.4; 29. Mary Frances Donnelly (21:29.7); 42. Erika Schiller (21:48.3); 66. Mady Nestor (22:29.0); 70. Jenny McCarty (22:41.8); 71. Alex Miller (22:44.9); 80. Paige Kochuyt (23:07.9) 81. Kayla Doll (23:16.9)