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Feb. 25, 2012

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Iowa State at Kansas State
Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Frank Martin

On Scott Chistopherson last three-pointer…
“The screen was too deep on the floor. Our ball-screen defense is called by the guy guarding the screener. Jordan (Henriquez) made a call, and Angel (Rodriguez) did what Jordan asked him to do. You have to give (Scott) Christopherson credit, but that is not what cost us the game, what cost us the game is selfishness, immaturity and nonsense for the past two days.”

On his team’s performance against Iowa State…
“We are bad. I wish I could give you a rocket science answer or explanation of why we got beat, but you have to give credit to Iowa State. There is a reason they are above us in the conference standings. They have proven that they are a better team than us. We would be here until tomorrow morning if I tried to explain everything that has been bad with us for the last two days. My staff did their homework. We came in here, and I did everything within my power to get our guys to focus in the last two days. I even let them off after an hour of practice two days ago. I was trying to be positive.”

On Jordan Henriquez...
“He has been great lately. He and Brian Rohleder were the only two who broke a sweat in practice yesterday. I think there is a reason that he is as engaged as he is right now. I think everybody else thought there was a party here today to celebrate us beating Missouri. I think that is what 98 percent of the team thought. He protects the rim. I could not take him out of the game today. When we took that lead in the second half, I had to make some substitutions to get some guys a breath, and now all of the sudden, we went from up six to down five. It is just unfortunate, but he is moving around  and grabbing rebounds.”

On his team letting down...
“As soon as we took the lead, we went right back to where we were at. You saw little snapshots of how we have played for the last three weeks early in the second half. As soon as we took the lead, we went back into celebratory mode.”

 On his team’s lack of focus
“It is embarrassing; our inability to focus on our team. Last year I banned Twitter and now I am on Twitter not so much that I want people to read what I put out there but I did it to learn what it is about and learn about our guys as people, based on what they send and how they communicate with their friends. I just told them that I hope they get on Twitter and put all the nonsense that they put on it after the Missouri game. Some of our guys were putting stuff on Twitter before we got on the bus. It is just a bunch of nonsense. How is that focusing on your team and what is important? It is a shame that this team refuses to embrace success.”

Junior Forward Jordan Henriquez
On maintaining focus...
“I think he (Frank Martin) is absolutely right. Some of us came in with a completely different mentality after the Missouri game in practice and we did not have a good last couple days. Those are the kind of mistakes that we have to fix as a team. It is kind of like seeing one guy do it and then everyone else starts to do it. It starts with the upperclassmen and the freshmen follow what we do. It all starts with leadership." 

On losing games at home…
“It hurts being here for three years and losing as many home games as I have. I am not use to that."

On his shot-blocking ability…
“It is just about being in the right place at the right time, and that all starts in practice.” 

On bouncing back from today’s loss…
“It definitely hurts after coming off those two losses (at Texas and Kansas). I had a chip on my shoulder. We competed every day in practice and we tried to transfer that onto the court. We have to try and get two more wins with one of those on the road. The next two days of practice are not going to be easy.”

Iowa State at Kansas State
Iowa State Player and Coach Quotes

Head Coach Fred Hoiberg

On Jordan Henriquez’s performance…
“He is a difference maker under the rim, we talked about it last time, it is hard to get into the paint. He affected us last time when we tried to go in there. He is such a difference maker there by the rim, it is hard to get into the paint. They do a good job of getting to the weakside, they draw more charges than anyone in the league and I thought we played smart on kicking the ball out. Jordan (Henriquez) is a phenomenal player, his offensive game has really came on, he was big today with 19 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks, that is a heck of a stat line. I thought our guys played smart as it went on, we did not try and go through them we kicked it out and got some better looks.“

On K-State’s energy
“That team plays so hard, Frank (Martin) has them prepared all the time to come out and play tough physical basketball and we knew they were going to come out and make a run, it is what some other teams have done to us on the road and we have had a stretch. Today I thought we really kept our composure and had a very good resilience and found a way to counter punch. They came out of the locker room and took a lead on us. It shows the growth of our group, that we can play through those types of runs and we can make a run of our own

On Scott Christopherson
“He has been phenomenal the last couple of weeks, just playing with so much confidence. Obviously you look at the 5 for 5 from the three point line. Those little floaters and runners, he was not sitting in the lane those are tough shots, especially with the length that K-State has. It just shows how complete of a player he is. You have to label him as a one dimensional kid, but his defense has grown.”

Sophomore Forward Royce White
On what (Scott) Christopherson did today…
“It was unbelievable, personally as far as games I have seen in person or that I have been a part of in college that was one of the best performances that I have seen. The timing on how big the shots were, we could not have won the game without him. He shows a lot of maturity and a lot of hunger on his part. We are all just following his lead right now.”

On why he thinks (Scott) Christopherson is the best player in the league
“He plays so sound, when he gets the ball he is crafty and quick, it is always a place for shooters, when he gets it going he is one of the toughest players to guard.“

Senior Guard Scott Christopherson

On the game today…
“We just stayed the course, they are one of the hottest teams in the country, they got a couple of huge road wins. We knew we were not going to come into their building, and they were not just going to fold. We knew they were going to make a run we had talked about how we needed to stay to course, stick with what the coaching staff told us before the game. We were able to out rebound them in their own building. I think that was huge. That says a lot about our team. We played very smart throughout the whole game and fortunately we were able to pull it off.“

On his first half play

“We knew that they were going to play a certain way. He puts plays in specifically for this game and we thought we could kind of take advantage of the way we chase screens and I was able to get some open looks. I have to give credit to my teammates for setting screens. The big fellow (Royce White) was delivering the passes on time and I was able to make shots.”

On the pick and roll game
“The last few games we have been getting into some random pick and roll plays in early or late transitions. We did a great job of setting it low, the way they went off of screens and went under. I felt good about my stroke all game and I came up and there was no space to rise up and let go.”