Postgame Quotes

Feb. 25, 2014

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Kansas State Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening statement...
“It was a good win for us. A lot of things didn’t go well for us throughout the game and you talk about how bad do you want it, you got to keep fighting, and keep believing for good things to happen. Marcus [Foster] really stepped up when we needed some points and we got the lead; then it’s gone. I think we shut them out the rest of the time after that free throw. So, our guys did a great job on the defensive end down the stretch. Wesley [Iwundu] made some big free throws; we made the plays and the ball just bounced our way. You hope and pray that something good will happen to us and it did. I’m proud of our guys. Tubby [Smith] has done a great job here and these guys play hard they compete every game. I talked to him before the ball bounce in Kansas now I guess the ball bounced our way in this one. But, the Place is energized. Last year when we played here there were only a couple of thousand people and you could hear ourselves talk. Now, you have the got the students there, the noise makers, and Coach [Tubby] Smith heading the programs. We want beat him, but you cannot get a better person in our business that everybody respects. There were a lot of plays that made a difference and it’s a great win for our kids. We have 3 left and we are hanging in there.”

After so many close games on the road; after Tech made that run was there anything going through your head, like along the lines of here we go again?
“You know just keep fighting, you have to believe and something good will happen. It was a good all-around team effort for us.”

How bad did you think the guys wanted this one?
“Oh, I think you saw it. They kept fighting and they didn’t give in. You know, you can easily just give in, but we did not. In the huddle we said just keep fighting, and we did."

It was a rough start to the second half; what did you tell the guys to keep their heads up?
“Just keep fighting and battling and somebody just make a play, and the ball will bounce you way if you have a good attitude. It’s just life in general, if you treat life well and play the game the right way good things will happen.”

Do you think this game can have a lingering effect?
“I hope so, but I don’t know.”

Senior Guard Will Spradling
Will and Marcus, this road win has been a long time coming for you guys. At certain times it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen. What particular play that you thought gave your team a spark in the last 10 minutes?
“We just kept coming at them, kept playing hard. We’ve had a problem on the road where we have moments that we stop playing hard and they’ll make big runs. Tonight they made runs, but during those runs we were still playing really hard and made runs right back at them.”

How does it make you guys feel that your coach got this honor tonight?
“I’m just excited for him and know that he’s done such a great job here. Coming in last year as I was junior I was excited, and he’s done a great job.”

Does it feel like something off your back to finally get this road win?
“Definitely, we had some balls bounce our way at the end of the game tonight, and in other games we’ve had balls bounce their way. We were kind of due for one, I guess.”

How do you guys think you stepped up down the stretch?
“We stepped up, made plays and got stops. That’s something we’ve had a problem with at the end of the games. Just that one time we need to get a stop we haven’t been getting it, and tonight we got it.”

What are your thoughts on scoring 1,000 points...
“I wasn’t that worried about it. I’m not ever worried about how many points I put up, I’d much rather win.”

Will, what do you think worked out on that last possession when you forced that turnover?
“We just played our defense. I don’t know what happened. He kind of just dribbled to the corner; it allowed him to get trapped. Marcus did a good job of grabbing the ball and throwing it because there wasn’t much time left.”

Do you guys see this as a turning point to get the road monkey off your back, maybe loosen up a little bit?
“I wouldn’t say loosen up, it’s more of a time to clamp down and really start getting after it. Going in to tournament time, we need to go to these last three games, play like we have been at home, and on the road, play like we did tonight.”

Freshman Guard Marcus Foster
Will and Marcus, this road win has been a long time coming for you guys. At certain times it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen. What particular play that you thought gave your team a spark in the last 10 minutes?
“I just felt there were times we were going back and forth, they’ll miss then we’ll miss. I felt like the reason they were missing so many of those shots is because we were playing so hard. That’s what we’ve had a problem with: the teams have been coming at us attacking us hard and we gave up the fold and eventually they start making their shots. So I feel down the stretch we play hard and execute our plays.”

There were a couple of big plays that I was referring to: the flagrant foul that was called on Texas Tech, and there was also the 4 point play. Is there anything extra that those particular plays gave you?
"I just felt like we deserved those plays, really. We played so hard, and when you play hard, you get the ball to bounce your way like me in the 4 point play. That’s what happens when you play hard- good things are going to happen to you.”

What were your emotions when you grabbed that ball and thought- this thing is going to end with a win?
“It was a happy moment; it’s been a long time coming with a lot of road losses. It’s a happy feeling and people are really excited. You look at the bench and see the coaches happy, but we just have to be happy about this road win right now and get ready for two big games coming up, then we have to finish it off with Baylor.”

What are your thoughts on these last three games?
“These games are important, we’re looking at the Big 12 standings and we’ve still got a chance to be second place and have a good seat for the tournament. So these games are important, we’ve got Iowa State, a top 25 team, Oklahoma State, still a good team even though they are struggling. Baylor, they’ve been struggling but still a good team, so we’ve got three good teams coming up. That’s going to help us not only for now but for later on with the big 12 tournament and the NCAA tournament.”

Freshman Forward Wesley Iwundu
It seemed like the game switched a little bit when they fouled you and you made the two free throws, did you have any extra motivation at that point?
A: Iwundu: Yes, I felt really confident going to the free throw line, I’ve been working on them a lot after practice. After I hit those two, I thought the game would really change from there."

Texas Tech Head Coach Tubby Smith
Opening statement...
"Kansas State found a way to win the game. They executed the things they had to do to get the win, and we didn’t. We couldn’t make a layup in the second half, couldn’t make a play when we needed to. We got ourselves back in the game, then we’d do something dumb, again. But that’s life; we’ve just got to figure some things out. Once again our second half defense was very poor, and it’s been a problem for us for some time now."

Coach on that last offensive possession it looked like there was a miscommunication, from your perspective, can you tell us what happened?
"I didn’t see it, I was trying to call a timeout with the ref because I knew it looked bad. We were supposed to be running a play there. I didn’t see, but they told me they must have run in to each other."

What did you think of your efforts on the boards today?
"Rebounding is only good if you can capitalize at the other end, and we did some real bonehead things tonight. I liked our board play. I thought we did a real good job beating them on the boards— we’re a good rebounding team— but that was about it tonight."

Coach, what was the biggest difference between the first half and the second half for your defense?
"Well, Marcus Foster got going in the second half and made some big time threes. We took care of the ball a little bit better in the second half, but not much. We weren’t communicating or talking, but we did a better job at trying to keep the ball out of Foster’s hands—then we’d have some breakdowns defensively. Maybe it was fatigue, I don’t know."

What positives can you take from this game?
"It’s hard, but I think our guys worked hard tonight. I thought we were tough and aggressive, but we don’t seem to be playing that smart."

Forward Dejan Kravic
It's obviously a headshaker and you almost can't explain it, but try your best if you can for us...
"We played well, I thought, for thirty-nine minutes until the end. It was all about fifty-fifty balls and we didn't get a loose ball. They got it, and they got and 1 and that kind of turned the game around. We took the three point shot that we maybe shouldn't have taken because we were down one and they got the rebound."

When they went on the 20-5 run, did anything break down defensively or were they just making jump shots?
"I think we just weren't communicating well. There was a play were they screened and one of us switched and two of us stayed on the same person and they got a lay up. Just missed cues like that."

Kravic, you got fouled really hard early in the game and it seemed like right after that you took the ball down the court and really became the team's go to player. Do you feel like something happened when you took that fall?
"It kind of woke me up and then I just tried to play more aggressive."

Forward Jordan Tolbert
How big were second chance points tonight?
“They were really big, but I don't think that was the factor. Like Dejan said, I think it was the fifty-fifty balls and our shot selection towards the end of the game."

Obviously a lot of positive in this game, what can you guys use to work for the next one?
"We came out well, we basically had the game won up until about three minutes left in the game. We just have to close the games out, that has been our problem."