Postgame Quotes

March 5, 2013

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening statement...
“One, just to win 25 games and I am so proud of these seniors and our whole team. Like I said after the game, I think we have great chemistry in the locker room and we have built a great relationship between the coaches and the players. We have won 25 games because they have bought in and now the thing is, do they want more? That is what it is going to come down to. Number-wise for the night there were some very impressive performances, obviously starting with Angel (Rodriquez), being 21 (points) and 10 (assists) and Irving having a big-time night, getting opportunities, him being 15 and 5 (points and assists) and (Shane) Southwell having a big first half. (Thomas) Gipson came in the second half and even (Rodney) McGruder, I know it was not his best shooting night. I am glad he made the one in the last game. I will definitely take that one over him having a great night tonight, because that one made the difference. When they were talking about McGruder leading in 14 different categories and him being in the top 10 overall at K-State basketball, that is a mouthful. Overall I was really pleased, but also disappointed. You have to give some credit to TCU and coach (Trent) Johnson – they battled and played hard. When we were up 15 points, they did not quit. (Kyan) Anderson was a handful to deal with when he got going and we talked about that before the game. He was the one guy that could make a difference and he sure kept them in the game. We have just been so good defensively and to give up 50 percent, 46 from three, I think this is the most points they have scored in conference play. They have not shot the ball well and that is disappointing. We are going to have bad night now and then, but we have to move forward. We cannot dwell on it, we have an off day tomorrow to get everyone healthy and then we have practice on Thursday. We will prep on Friday and go to Stillwater and compete for a Big 12 championship.”

On the underclassmen’s effectiveness during the game …
“When I saw the seniors on this type of day, getting so emotional and trying to do too much, I have always put the emphasis on the other guys. We talked about our basketball family and if you are a family member, you want this night to be special for these guys. You cannot let them down. I think from Southwell to Rodriguez to Gipson, they made sure our seniors went out on a good note. To allow them to stand at midcourt after their 25th win, 99 in their career, I am really happy those guys took responsibility and made sure we got a win tonight.”

Senior Guard Rodney McGruder
On how it feels to compete for a Big 12 championship…
“It feels good, but these next two days of practice we really have to get back to it and back to our style of basketball. Like coach said, this was not one of our most impressive wins, but we came out with a W. Now, we have to get back to our brand of basketball and try to win the Big 12 regular season title.”
Senior Guard Martavious Irving
On his first start of the season….
“Starting or not starting, it does not really matter. I just try to come in and do my best for the team. For my last game in Bramlage, that was enough motivation for me and my family was here for the first time. It is just one step closer to getting a ring. Just going out to get the win is what motivated me.”

Sophomore Guard Angel Rodriguez
On his performance…
“I felt like I did well. I think I could have hit more shots than I did, but overall I felt I did very well. The turnovers I had were kind of silly. It is what it is, but we won.”

On the upcoming game…
“It is definitely going to be a tough game. When you are trying to compete for a championship, the road is going to be tough. We are looking forward to the challenge. We know the atmosphere there is going to be great. We have to play pumped up. We will take it and we will be ready.”

TCU Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Trent Johnson
Opening statement...
“I know for a fact that this is as good as we played on the road. I think it was interesting that at halftime K-State had 17 field goals and 17 assists. I do not know if you all realize how good of a basketball team you have. They are efficient, and they play for one another more than any team I have ever been around in a long time. (Rodney) McGruder is special, but make no mistake about it that is as good as we can play on the road scoring 68 points. I thought Kyan (Anderson) was as good as he has been all year long. It was just unfortunate that we were unable to get a couple plays made down the stretch defensively and offensively to win this game.”

On improving game-by-game …
“That was the question that was asked about three weeks ago when we played that other team in Kansas. We have deficiencies and I say that it is not these kids’ fault. Our skill level and our lack of strength is what it is, but when you start talking about building off things what we have hiked on as coaches is that we run our stuff, share the ball and take good shots. Good things are going to happen. We are right there.”

On the first six minutes of the second half…
“Without looking at the tape, for us, it is probably a combination of a couple things. I think they (K-State) probably missed a couple shots, but then we were really inside-out oriented. We did not get all reached in and gabbled. We had one guy that made some shots. I thought Charles Hill and Devonta Abron were in the class that made some shots.”

Sophomore Guard Kyan Anderson
On his shooting tonight….
“I was just going through the offense and taking what was given to me. I just tried to capitalize on every open shot that I could take and just be aggressive.”

On his comfort level in the past weeks …
“I am in a flow now. It is the end, but you want to finish off strong and continue what you have been doing. That is what I am going to do.”

On Big 12 competition ….
“It is just learning. It is the first go around, and it is seeing how teams play me. It is different defensive schemes. I am just capitalizing on everything that they throw at me.”