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Nov. 18, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening statement…
“With this game and with this setup of us going to New York, and Thanksgiving break this was the kind of game that I anticipated. Coaches use the phase focus and cut-in, and you could use all those phases for the game today. That is when you miss all the layups. I think our big guys were 7-of-29 with basically all of their shots in the lane. We just were not at that magic level tonight. Obviously, we are happy that we won, but at the same time you want to play and make improvements. Today was a great learning and teaching experience. We did not practice really well on Wednesday and Thursday, and a lot of times after a day off, you kind of have to get your motor going. On Thursday we were not where we should have been. Today was a good reminder to them, and hopefully practice gets better and a little more important to them so that we can continue to make progress. We were great on the boards. Adrian Diaz came off the bench with eight offensive rebounds and 10 total, and Thomas Gipson had six offensive and nine total. I thought he gave us a nice boost off the bench, and he was one of those guys that actually made some shots in the first half and the beginning of the second half when we needed them. D.J. Johnson gives us tremendous energy off the bench and led us in offensive rebounds with eight. Rodney (McGruder) got going a little bit, and it is hard right now for some of them because we are rotating and trying to get everyone some minutes because we think that is going to be one of our strengths. I do not know if it is going to be as balanced as this as we move on, but if we can get energy out of certain guys and they can be productive, that is really going to help us. Also, I thought our assist-to-turnover for the guards was good. It was 13-to-3 which was pretty good even though we did not make a lot of shots. So those are things that we have to continue to improve and have got to get better at other things. The biggest thing is to come ready to play and bring energy to the floor. We have a great opportunity to go to New York and play against Delaware. They might not be a big name, but obviously they are a very good team because they beat Virginia at Virginia so we know they can play. We will have a short practice and then lift weights tomorrow, and then we will fly to New York and hopefully get focused for a good week.”

On the difference in rebounding…
“The rebounding has been our strength. I know it was a pretty good strength last year, especially on the offensive end. When you studied the stats, they did not do as good of a job of blocking out on the defensive end and allowed too many offensive rebounds last year. So I think we have worked to correct that this year, especially with our guards, and we had some guys who were lacking that today with the long rebounds and the pinball rebounds. We have to have a nose for the ball, but I thought our defense was solid. There were some plays where the ball got bounced around, and our guys took off before they should have. A lot of that is not being mentally ready, and worrying too much about getting down on the fast break. “

On the impact of rebounding…
“I think it is great and obviously sets the tone. I thought the key was the start of the second half because they were hanging around. It was a 14-point game and I thought the starting group in the second half really got us going. We made some plays, and even though we missed some shots, we got some steals on loose balls and we got the lead where we were comfortable up in the 20s. They next group came in and stretched it to 30. I love playing at home, do not get me wrong, but we need to get into some other places and play other people. You have to prepare because you are going to play road games in the Big 12. So I think this was good timing. This is all part of the progress of making improvements as a team and building a foundation that you hope will be solid when you get to January and February.“

North Florida Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Matthew Driscoll
Opening Statement…
“This is our third straight year playing Kansas State and obviously last year we were one possession away from upsetting Kansas State and beating them here, we had a lot of our same guys back. When you give up as many rebounds as you scored points then it is not going to be a good night. Believe it or not I have been on a staff that has given up more rebounds than that, I know that it is hard to believe but it has happened to me before. Their size and their strength obviously offsets them. I have coached in the Big 12 for a long time, so I know the Big 12 and the one thing about those guys especially (D.J.) Johnson and (Thomas) Gipson, eventually guys with that size become equal. I know their lift is not quite the lift that other people have and it makes a difference when you get into the league, you go up against guys like Quincy Acy and those types of guys, they are small but their lift just separates them. I thought we needed to be more physical with them and obviously not having (Andy) Diaz made a difference. I am just disappointed that we were not able to compete better on the glass.”

On Will Wilson’s play …
“I think the one thing about us, is that we have one guy that is really a solid ball handler that kind of does everything for us. He has four assists and two turnovers, which is pretty good. He did the same thing against Memphis, they could not turn him over. He is just a little water bug. He does a great job for us, but the problem is when he cannot be that guy or has to come out of the game and it makes other guys have to handle we are just not that great against that kind of pressure. One thing that people do not understand is that in life you cannot simulate, and we cannot simulate, their size and we cannot simulate the way they put pressure on the basketball because that is not what we do and we are not those kind of guys. When you play teams this early in the season like we have to do for obvious reasons, it makes a huge difference; however, just like anything else in life it pays off dividends down the road for us because the bottom line is that we are only going to the NCAA Tournament if we win the championship in our conference.”