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Dec. 1, 2011

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December 1, 2011

George Washington at Kansas State
Kansas State Quotes

Head Coach Frank Martin
On second half play…
“We decided to play team basketball on offense. Rather than anyone who touched the ball would shoot it, guys who had the ball decided not to stand around and walk. We decided to do what we practiced, and we will built a lead and then reverted right back to playing like we did the whole first half. Everyone was selfish; no one ran what we practiced.”

On Thomas Gipson
“We decided to run offense, and we decided to make more than one pass. We actually made cuts and got Thomas open a couple of times. As George Washington got expanded because they had to go find Thomas, then we actually made the next pass and got it into him inside. That is what he does, but he has to get a lot better defensively. Sometimes he just stands around like all young kids do, and you cannot do that the way we play. He has the ability to score around the rim. He has got a big body and knows how to use it.”

On offensive play …
“We have to learn how to play offense the way we play defense, which is unselfishly and disciplined. Our guys were pretty good defensively today. We gave up a couple of drives to the basket on mistakes where guys relaxed. The way we play defense, we do not give up open threes. We have got to get better on offense. As a unit, when we play on offense the way we play on defense, execute what is called, play together and help each other, we are a good basketball team. When we play selfishly on offense like we did a majority of the game today and it is not about the team, it is about standing around and whoever has the ball shoots it then we are not a very good team. We have to learn is that bad offense leads to bad defense.”

Sophomore Guard Will Spradling
On the progression in the 2nd half…
“We just got in a good rhythm. We were running the offense and it opened up a lot of shots and driving lanes. We were making the extra pass, which we were not doing the 1st half, so that gives you even more open shots.” 

Senior Forward Jamar Samuels
On Thomas Gipson’s play…
“He is called our ‘house.’ What he does down low, you do not really see a lot of freshmen doing the things he does. I am just excited that he plays for us. He takes a load off the rest of the big guys trying to get rebounds. “

On game performance…
“It is about getting the ball in the rim. I think I still could have done better. I had a couple silly mistakes on defense. I am just looking forward to a good practice tomorrow.”

George Washington Quotes
Head Coach Mike Lonergan

Opening Statement...
“It is a disappointing performance by us overall.  We did not come out ready to play in the first half, and unfortunately, our horrendous free throw shooting prevented us from having a lead at the half.  In the second half, there were a lot of open three’s we missed and give credit to Kansas State.  They are very good as a team, especially in the second half.  They had a nice run there, and we continued to miss free throws.  We were 1-11 from three point range in the second half.  (Thomas) Gipson was a man amongst boys out there; he dominated the game.  (Jamar) Samuels had a good second half, and they killed us in the paint.  We could not stay in the game because we could not score.

On their three-point shooting struggles…
“Tony (Taylor) was tired because he plays great defense.  He really gives it all on both ends of the court.  Some of the guys I wish could figure out.  They have been really inconsistent, when they are not shooting well, and they do not give us a whole lot on the other end.  We were really begging guys to run back on defense because we did not want K-State to get easy baskets in transition, so that was disappointing.  We just have inconsistent players right now.  The film will show a lot of lack of effort, the lack of effort by some of our guys to get back on defense.  Hopefully we will learn from this loss.” 

On Thomas Gipson…
“He is tough, and we had a freshman trying to guard him.  We had some other guys that are not exactly big and tough inside, so it was a bad matchup for us.  We talked about how we had to get in there as a team and try to get some loose balls.  We did not get any loose balls and we did not battle.  Some of our guards did not go get rebounds and mix it up with them.  (Thomas) Gipson is a heck of a player.  He really manhandled us in there. He has great hands too, so when he gets it, it is really difficult to keep him from scoring and even getting a three-point play.”

On their low-post play…
“We struggled to score inside.  Tony (Taylor) threw an alley-oop and dropped the ball.  Dave (Pellom) gets stripped and we did not finish in there.  Aaron (Ware) has had a pretty good year, and he had a tough game tonight.  He was 4-15 shooting, so a lot of things added up.  We missed some shots we had been hitting, but that is what Kansas State does.  They applied pressure.  Coach (Frank) Martin does a great job. They played really hard, and we could not match their toughness and physicality tonight.  Usually our guys will bring it every game, but did not tonight.  They did not have great games, which is a credit to Kansas State.  Truthfully, when you go 11-21 from the foul line, you really do not deserve to win.”