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Dec. 22, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening Statement…
“That was a heck of an effort by our guys. The thing is, we had to compete for 40 minutes just to give ourselves a chance. Against Michigan and Gonzaga, we competed for 20 minutes and we did not have the greatest second half tonight, either. During that timeout when they made a little run, I said ‘We have been here before,.’ We were like this in Brazil, where you get to a point where the other team comes at you and do you lay down or do you step up? We had to guard and we had to rebound. Whether the shots go in or not, you still have to do the things and you cannot break down. Billy Donovan said that we held them to the lowest point total of the year. The magic level of playing before the crowd energized, we made shots, which was a great confidence booster for everybody. We only had 10 turnovers which was a positive thing for us against a very, very good defense. We had a lot of guys step up. Obviously, Jordan Henriquez had some struggles but he came out tonight and played with great energy and not only blocked shots, but he made some big, big plays for us. Obviously, Will Spradling was hot early. I thought our movement hurt them. Martavious Irving had two big 3-pointers. I thought that was huge and I thought that he really competed on the defensive end.”

One team’s performance...
“For Will, as far as somebody as picked up our system, he has done the best job. He has a great feel of what we want. I thought he got moving tonight. We talk about the magic level and he got moving a little and he hit a couple shots and after that, you just start feeling good about yourself. I think that is ironic that he missed some free throws but Jordan finally made one, so I guess you have got to take that. You would like to see Will make them all but it was nice to see Jordan make them. I also thought that Martavious made a couple of big shots and I thought Rodney really competed and brought it up. We have been really on them in practice to compete everyday and that is the only way that you can get better. We are starting to see a little bit of light, but there is a long way to go. This is one win. There is no doubt that the crowd energized us. You got out there and you see all of the purple and the noise, it was a good all-around team win.”

Senior Center Jordan Henriquez
On playing relaxed…
“I have been struggling lately and I just went out there and left it all on the floor. Coach has told me since the day he got here, that I have to be consistent and that has what I have been dealing with. Tonight, I just went out and played my heart out.”

On his defensive performance tonight…
“I love blocking shots and protecting the rim. It helps our team in transition to get out and get fast breaks and have good offensive opportunities.”

Senior Forward Rodney McGruder
On the team’s performance…
“It is big time. We know that we can compete with the best and beat them. This win is a great confidence builder.”

On tonight’s win over Florida…

“I do believe that we competed. Coach gave us a great motivational speech before the game and we let each other down the past couple times that we have played against Top 25 teams, so we did not want to have another meltdown like that. So we challenged one another to go out there and compete for 40 minutes.”

Junior Guard Will Spradling

On his early shooting success …
“It brought energy. Whenever you are shooting it well and you see the ball go through the net, it brings confidence to yourself and to your teammates. You saw Martavious shooting it well too and that just brings confidence to the team.”

On his performance in tonight’s game…
“It was probably my best all-around performance that I have had. I did not have any turnovers and I played 39 minutes. I had a solid game.”

Florida Player and Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Billy Donovan
On Patric Young’s foul trouble….
“No, not really. He got 19 points in the game, and I thought he played a very good game. I thought it was really our team that did not play at the level we needed to to beat Kansas State today. I thought that their kids played with great passion and great energy, and they played very hard. They made key plays and key rebounds in crucial situations, I thought, in the second half. I did not necessarily think that Pat’s (Young) foul trouble had anything to do with it. For the amount of minutes he was out there, he would have only had four or five more minutes, and he is probably not going to play any more than that. He is probably a guy that is going to play between 28 and 30 minutes just from a fatigue standpoint. So, I do not think that played much of a factor in the game.”

On defending Kansas State…
“I thought in the game they were just a step ahead of us and a step quicker. We were late. I think we let (Will) Spradling get loose several times on some 3-point shots. We gave up some offensive rebounds. We had a couple of plays there where we were just late on some things in particular our guards getting around and over screens.”

On any surprises from Kansas State…
“No, I think they played how they play. I thought we certainly dug ourselves a hole in the first half being down 11, and I thought our guys did a pretty good job of fighting their way back cutting it to three or two. We had some opportunities to tie the game or get within one, and we had a couple of bad offensive possessions where we took some ill-advised shots at the basket. We turned it over and it really led to them getting it on the break. They made a couple of three’s, and the lead goes from three to six or three to eight. I thought that really hurt us, and it was in some crucial situations.”

On his team’s overall play …
“I thought with the way we played up to this point in time, we played totally uncharacteristic of how we play during the course of these first games of the year. I think that was probably the thing that stood out to me the most. I think we have been a really good extra pass team. I thought our guards made some really poor choices driving down the lane, and trying to take shots over (Jordan) Henriquez when there is big guys wide open on the perimeter. There were guys open in the post, and we were taking runners and floaters that were not there. In our front court, outside of Patric Young, I did not think we had anything at the basket or any kind of offensive or defensive rebounding. (Erik) Murphy and (Will) Yeguete combined in the first half had one rebound. Those were things that stood out to me much more than for what Kansas State did. I think Kansas State did what they did. They are a very good offensive rebounding team, and when you go against an offensive rebounding team is always going to be a situation where you put your team in a position to foul because you are getting second shots. I think that happened quite a bit to us.”

Junior Forward Patric Young
On his individual performance….
“I came in with the mindset that I was going to have a great game. I just kept telling myself that. I told myself I am going to be a scorer today. I am going to be a great rebounder, and I was able to do that. I blocked some shots as well. It would have been great to come away with a win, but it is always good to have a good individual performance.”

On K-State’s performance tonight….
“They were really good at running their offense. I think we did not do good defensively. We knew what was coming, we just did not do a good job of defending it. They just wanted the game more tonight, and that should never be the case. We should always go out there with the mindset that the game is more important to us.”

Senior Guard Kenny Boynton
On staying all four years at Florida….
“He is a good coach (Billy Donovan), and he pushes me. Before I got here, we had a good relationship. I believed in his words he told me before I arrived here and that was he was going to push me from day one. Basically what got me here was this team. We have a good team this year, and we have two bad losses that could have been prevented, but I think we have a good team this year to win. That is a big reason why I came back.”