Weber Talks 2014-15 Season on Big 12 Teleconference

June 17, 2014

K-State Athletics

Listen To Full Big 12 Teleconference

- Head coach Bruce Weber spoke on a variety of topics on Tuesday's summer Big 12 Teleconference, including the 2014-15 Wildcats and the upcoming Big 12 Conference race.

Full transcript of the teleconference can be found below.

On the prospective of paying student-athletes and how that changes recruiting...
"There has been some discussion about it and I know we had some discussion at the league meeting. I think everyone understands that we are in for a change over the next 10 years. I believe it would help if the NCAA and the conferences get together and attack it ahead of time. Whether it is looking at the unlimited meals or cost of attendance or things like that. Maybe beat everyone to the punch try to help the kids in any way they can. I do not know how it will change recruiting to be honest. You are going to recruit your kids. You do your best with that and getting involved early and show them that your school is the best place for them. I think nowadays trying to keep them once they go to a school with all of the transfers has become part of the recruiting process as well."

On the conference next year...
"Yeah I do not think there is any doubt that we feel good about our group, but when you start looking around and start talking about the other schools and see the players that they picked up. The returning players, I know we are losing some good ones like (Oklahoma State's) Marcus Smart and the Kansas kids (Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid), but we will still have some very good players returning. Texas pretty much has its entire team coming back plus a team like Iowa State has nearly everybody back. I do not know if it is better, but it will be very competitive just like we were last year and maybe a little bit more seasoned. Like a Texas team, who is one year older, Oklahoma is another year older -- they both had a lot of young guys. Hopefully, we are a year older and hopefully can make a longer run into the NCAA Tournament. "

On summer workouts...
"We have returning guys that were here that did not get to play last year in transfers Justin Edwards and Brandon Bolden, so they are not new faces. Now they are being held a little more accountable because it is their turn and they have to step up to the plate and get something done. We do have three new players with Stephen Hurt, our big kid that came from Northwest Florida Junior College and was a really good story with him losing weight and really improving his game. He was a very highly recruited player last year and we were fortunate to get him. (Freshman) Tre Harris has been a nice surprise for us. A young man that went to Edwardsville High School in Edwardsville, Illinois. He did a postgrad year and it has really changed his body. He can shoot the ball from long range. He is a hard worker and comes from a basketball family. Then Malek Harris was the young man we got late. He gives us some athleticism and definitely some depth in our forward position. I think the biggest thing when you talk about the workouts is that we have a lot of competition. Last year, we pretty much knew who was going to play. This year I am not sure who is going to play so we are going to have great depth. I am going to have to and the staff is going to have to do a good job using a lot of players. I hope to get them to play hard all the time and have them value their minutes. "

On Brandon Bolden having to step up...
"In the spring, he was the only big guy we had with both Thomas (Gipson) and D.J. (Johnson) out. He had his boot off and had two surgeries and even Nino (Williams) had a procedure, so he is just coming back this week. Brandon got all of this attention in the spring. Now with him and Stephen Hurt then Nino at least we can get a little bit of competitiveness. With that I do not think we will have D.J. or Thomas in live contact type action for the rest of the summer. August is when they will come back to make sure they both are healed up, but they are in weights and going through conditioning and that kind of stuff. Brandon gets a lot of reps and a lot of attention. Like I said he has gone much harder because of the competition he has no choice. Stephen Hurt is a big body and he is tall. Nino plays hard all the time. He is a little undersized, but he plays hard. That competition -- that pushing each other -- has definitely helped Brandon."

On Justin Edwards...
"He has a legit vertical jump of 46. That says a lot. He has a strong upper body and put on 16 to 18 pounds last year. He had not lifted weights much previously, but he has really developed his upper body. He has to get a little bit quicker and a little bit better on the side-to-side moving. Getting down in the stance and working on some footwork needs to be a little bit better. He can shoot the three ball very well which has been, I think, our surprise. He made some threes at Maine, but that was not his main role, it was dunking on people and getting out on transition. He has really worked on his shooting this year. Even with him, there is competition with Wesley (Iwundu), Marcus (Foster) and Tre (Harris). You have to play every day and if you do not someone else will be out to beat you."

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