K-State Says Thanks to Beasley and Walker

K-Staters from nearly every state in the nation wrote in to say "Thank You" to Michael Beasley and Bill Walker, who have moved on the NBA after their time here at Kansas State. The following comments are just a sample of the thousands of emails received.

Thank you to the fans of Wildcat basketball for their continued support and dedication. GO STATE!

Jay - Olathe, KS
Thank you for everything that you have done for Kansas State University, the community of Manhattan, and the state of Kansas. You put pride back into our beloved basketball program, and you will both always be remembered as the two guys that put this program back into the national spotlight and on track to do great things as a program again. You have opened a lot of doors for the future of the program that we had lost. You will be missed, but you will forever be Kansas State Wildcats in our hearts. My hope is that you feel the same fondness for Kansas State and its people, and that you will continue to represent the university throughout your lives and NBA careers as you did during your time here. Best of luck, and God bless you both.
Josh Abilene, KS
I have enjoyed watching you play here at Kansas State University. I went to several games this year, and I was very pleased with your performances. Good luck with where ever you go in the draft. I wish you best of luck in your future and remember as they say, "Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat"
Adam Manhattan, KS
I know you've heard it before, but it can't be said enough times, THANK YOU. You both brought excitement and pride back to K-State basketball. Although I would love to have you back for another year, I wish you all the best in the NBA. And remember you're always a part of the Wildcat family and we'll always love you!
Mike Manhattan, KS
Thanks for the memories. Go make your mark. Go cats!
Carolyn Manhattan, KS
Thanks for making last year the best year in my 25 years of going to basketball games. The win against KU was huge and it was thrilling to finally get a chance to run out on the floor and cheer for the winning CATS! Thanks,
Andy Kensington, KS
Mike and Bill, I just want to say thank you to the both of you for spending some time with us at Kansas State. You both have represented Kansas State extremely well, and I look forward to your continued success in the NBA. Good Luck tonight with the draft, and don't ever forget that once you are a Wildcat, you are always a Wildcat. Tear them up in the NBA and God Bless you both.
Ann Manhattan, KS
Thanks guys for all the exciting basketball games this past season. Good luck in the NBA.
Maggie Wichita, KS
Just want you both to know that all of "Wildcat Nation" is cheering you both on throughout your careers! Best to you both.
Ted Shawnee, KS
We are going to miss you both, but I will follow your NBA career. Best of luck to both of you.
James Kansas City, KS
Bill, Thank you for the way you represented K-State during your time there. You are without a doubt my favorite college basketball player of all time. Best of luck in the NBA. We'll be rooting for you.
Felix Washington, D.C.
Bill, thanks for the ride. I'm a Bill Walker fan for life. Do what you do. I hope you make Microsoft dollars. Thanks for all you did for K-State. Go get yours.
Regan, Malorie & Bailee Burlington VT
We loved watching you play for K-STATE!! We are glad that you were able to get on a good team like the Miami Heat!! YOU ROCK THE COURT!!! Good luck in the NBA.
Joshua Manhattan, KS
Ever since I was a little (I am now 20), my family and I have been huge supporters and fans of every Kansas State Athletic Program. Not only did you guys bring excitement and accomplishment here at Kansas State, you also brought inspiration and desire in me as I am a D-3 college basketball player. Your successes, hard work, and most importantly, your desire and HEART will forever be remembered by me. To Beasley: I Love You Man, you are absolutely the greatest. You just put me in awe!!!! To Walker: Your finesse and heart is what I desire to play like. I Love You, and thanks for the memories!!!
Chris Topeka, KS
Congratulations, to the both of you. Please, do not forget about your time here at K-state. Stay hungry in the NBA and don’t ever let up. Thank you for what will always be one of the greatest victories in Kansas State Basketball history. I am excited for what the future holds for the both of you and will look forward to the numerous NBA honors that you two will rack up. Good luck!
Vince Los Angeles, CA
I hope you fellas have great careers and thanks for rebuilding the foundation of K-State Basketball!!! See ya at Staples!
Mike Hoxie, KS
I would like to thank you both for coming to K-State. We live in Northwest KS and it is a 3.5 to 4 hour drive to Manhattan and to have the chance to watch the two of the best basketball players in the USA was worth every minute of the drive. I would also like to say that my son and daughter were able to spend some time with the team before a game. Both of you spent some of your time talking with them and it is a memory they will never forget. Thanks for everything and I wish you and your family all the best in the future. Go Cats
Marcia Rolling Hills, CA
Thanks for a great year! We'll be watching from the West Coast! Best of luck in the future! Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat!
Steve & Tom Kansas City, MO
We are so happy for you. You are a great guy. We could not imagine anyone handling everything placed in front of them any better than you did. You gave us a wonderful father / son year and made us proud to be Wildcats. We'll be cheering for you in Miami.
Jessica Manhattan, KS
Hey Michael, I would like to say that I enjoyed all the games and seeing you every game while working for Bramlage. I would like to wish the best of luck on your future in the NBA, so good luck and go state.
Creighton Topeka, KS
Congratulations on going to the Miami Heat. I wish you nothing but success at the next level. You will always have Wildcat fans throughout the country that will be cheering for you for the rest of your career. Thank you for your time at Kansas State, it was great to watch. Don't forget to come back and check out some games in Manhattan when you have the chance and enjoy your NBA career.
Melissa Spring Hill, KS
Congrats on accomplishing your dream! Thank you for all you have done for our university. You and your family have been a true pleasure to be a part of the K-State family. Enjoy this next step in your life. We will all be cheering loudly for you! Go Cats!
Felix Junction City, KS
Thanks for the memories and CONGRATULATIONS in being selected the #2 overall draft pick by the Miami Heat (Chicago doesn't know what they are missing). My family and I wish you the best. You deserve it. Good Luck in your NBA Career. ONCE A WILDCAT ALWAYS A WILDCAT. GO STATE!!
Mandie Onega, KS
Thanks for reminding all us KSU Fans how much fun KSU Basketball can be. Good Luck! Remember if you ever need a break, come back to Manhattan. My family is at Porter's before every game, and would be happy to buy you a beer, when you’re of age of course!!! Thank you again.
Susan Olathe, KS
I lived, ate, and breathed KSU basketball. To see some hope that this program can be restored to its former greatness is immeasurable to me. Thank you from the bottom of my purple heart, you two. All the best to both of you. The Wildcat Nation is so very appreciative and proud of you!
Chris Valley Center, KS
MY FACEBOOK PICTURE IS WITH YOU .....I WILL NEVER CHANGE IT!!!!..............you are awesome and congratulations on the draft.........GOOD LUCK
Mitchell Manhattan, KS
Thanks guys and God bless.... Good luck and we are for you! Go Cats
Keith - Kansas
Michael Beasley, I am happy for you that you are going to The Heat! I LOVE K-State. Thanks for making it a great year. I have your K-State jersey, now I'll have to get your Miami Heat Jersey.
Carina Mound City, MO
Hey, This year was amazing. You are awesome! I admire your greatness so much. Because of you I have improved a lot on my basketball skills. Whenever I thought about giving up I always thought of you, and how you always played your hardest. You are my #1 idol. Good luck in the NBA! But don't forget us Wildcats!
Hal & Judy Colby, KS
Congrats and thank you for all you did for K-State basketball. Stay that sweet goofy kid and come back to Manhattan when you can.
Jeanette Bartlesville, OK
Mike, congratulations!! We KNOW you are the #1 player in the world. Chicago just made a huge mistake. However, you will do well at Miami and make us all proud. As a KSU alum, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Kansas State basketball and Kansas State University. Your loyalty is very, very much appreciated. Your family too has been a great representative of the Kansas State family. Thank you, thank you for all you have done. I hope you will always be a Wildcat. Loved seeing the purple on your mother and on you at the draft. Michael, that says a lot about your "character". We love you!!! I hope you will tell your mother we appreciate all she has done to prepare you for the next step. What a great family. And good luck! I'm expecting Rookie of the Year next year!!!!!
Luke - Hutchinson, KS
You have no idea how much you mean to this university. I will be cheering you on in the NBA as ambassadors for Kansas State. You have given this University more than just some great basketball, you've given us a chance to become one of the top teams in the NCAA.
Cody Kansas City, MO
Congrats guys. You will make every KSU fan proud and show the league how it's done at K-State and in the Big 12. Have fun. Remember, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.
Eric Springfield, MO
As you've seen in your short time at Kansas State that we're very proud fans. But something was always missing, well at least a year and a half ago. But then you entered. We were once not able to brag about much when it came to basketball and I had never saw the Wildcats in the tournament. But you changed that. You've given us all something to look forward to and something great to always look back on. You've become heroes to myself and many others in the Purple Nation. So thank you. What you might see as a small thing and just a stepping stone to greater things in the NBA, but to us it was the most amazing basketball season many of us has ever seen. Thank you and good luck from myself and the rest of the Wildcat Nation.
Allen Derby, KS
Thanks so much for representing KSU basketball as well as the school in a first class way. The people here will always love you guys and remember the night KU went down! Good luck to you both in wherever you go and always remember there is no place like Kansas State and its people! Thanks again.
Jennifer Salina, KS
Walker: You are the best. Your K-State family is thrilled you are realizing your dream in the NBA. You have made us tremendously proud. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!! EMAW

Beasley: You are the best. I love your ability to play basketball, but I love your personality even more. Your K-State family loves you dearly.
Scott Tampa, FL
My 3-year old son, Logan, worships you! Whenever he plays basketball, he's Michael Beasley. I took him to see you at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando and we both had a blast. Thanks for the memories, Mike. You brought back K-State basketball! Best of luck in the NBA. We're proud of you! Go K-State!
Anita Topeka, KS
Walker: I can't imagine you not being at K-State. You deserve everything that's beautiful. Thanks Bill. We love you! STAY PURPLE!

Beasley: LOVE YOU FOREVER MIKE! Thanks for everything. You deserve everything that's beautiful. I am a new fan of whatever team you go to. STAY PURPLE!
Roberto Kansas City, KS
First of all, congrats on your next journey in life. Many are unable to fulfill their dreams, however you are lucky enough to do so. Represent yourselves and your families well. You have made every K-State fan proud. As a graduate in 1994, I personally want to thank you and the rest of the team for bringing basketball back to the forefront of KSU athletics. Good luck and once again, thank you. The NBA has a fan once again!
Jason Wichita, KS
Congrats Mike on all of your success!!! Keep the KSU family in your thoughts as you continue your journey in the NBA. We all love having you as part of our Wildcat family and will never forget your passion for the sport. I know you are a good guy deep inside so don't let the Media ever get to you, just remember how many people care for you and your future. The Wildcat family will forever cheer for you.
Marianne Kansas City, KS
Dear Bill, Thanks for all that you did for KSU. Good luck! Keep your feelings under control. You have the talent. We will miss you, Wild Bill. Thanks for everything that you did for KSU.

Dear Mike, Thanks for all that you did for our school. Be yourself, always! I will never forget this past season and accomplishments that you made at KSU! You put our program back on the map! Keep wearing you PowerCat proudly and stay true to yourself. I am so proud of you!

Terry, McPherson, KS
Bill and Mike, Congratulations and best wishes. Here is to hoping you both have long and storied NBA careers. Thank you for making K-State basketball relevant again. I am now 58 years old and remember my first recollection of Kansas State basketball was as a 13 year old watching K-State playing UCLA in the final four in 1964 in front of our black and white TV set. Now because of your contributions, that might be a reality again in my lifetime. Remember to those who are given the most also the most is expected. May God bless each of you and your families. Everyman A Wildcat.
Mike Wichita, KS
As a HUGE K-State fan for as long as I can remember, I just wanted to say thanks to both of you for all you did for K-State fans. I remember when I was a little kid going to a packed Bramlege watching great K-State basketball. We hadn't had that in years, but had football to get us by. Now in a time when our football program is down a bit, you brought us back to being a program to be reckoned with in basketball. I'll always remember the year you helped to shut the KU fans up about Bramlege being Allen Fieldhouse West. I have never really enjoyed watching the NBA, but I'll definitely follow both of your careers. I wish you both good luck in the NBA!
Lindsay Olatha, KS
Mike and Bill- While I have always been a fan of college basketball, I wasn't a passionate fan about K-State basketball. The two of you and the rest of the team this year brought me back to K-State Basketball. Thank you for all the exciting moments you all brought to K-State nation this past season. I will miss watching both of you play in purple but look forward to following your NBA careers. Best wishes for an exciting future.
Chris Lawrence, KS
I would just like to say good luck with NBA and I hope you stay a good Wildcat fan.
Andrew Manhattan, KS
Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work throughout this season. You gave the people of Kansas, especially the local residents of Manhattan, something to hope for in Kansas State Basketball. You have laid the foundation for Kansas State basketball to return to its winning tradition and we can truly never thank you enough. There is no question that we will be watching all of your games for the rest of your career and Manhattan will always be a city you can come home to. Thank you and good luck. You will be incredible for any team to get and in life after basketball.
James Kansas City, KS
Bill, Thank you for the way you represented K-State during your time there. You are without a doubt my favorite college basketball player of all time. Best of luck in the NBA. We'll be rooting for you.
Jon Houston, TX
Michael, Congratulations on the beginning of your new NBA career. We wish you much success and hope to see you play in person. Thank you for being a Wildcat!
Tanner Haddam, KS
Bill, Good luck up in Boston. I’m glad you went there because that is my favorite team. I hope you rock the league.
Stanton Tallahassee, FL
Bill - I enjoyed so much the commitment and desire you demonstrated on behalf of K-State Basketball. Love your play. Congratulations on being a Celtic! Now go make your mark and be the star we already know you are! Remember - "Once A Wildcat - Always A Wildcat"! Don't ever forget about us - we will NEVER forget what you did for K-State.
Cletus Topeka, KS
Thanks Mike and Bill for the memories at K-State. Would have liked to watch you more at my alma mater, but I understand and congratulate you for your win with the NBA. You will be great to watch and my K-State Pride will continue. Good Luck to you and your families.
Charlie Hutchinson KS
Mike I have been watching KSU basketball for the last 45 years. You are by far the best player in our history, and you are also the best player I have ever seen in person. The chance to watch you play 19 games live was just a treat. You give me a reason to watch the NBA. Good luck and thanks for all you have done for KSU.
Natalie Kansas City, MO
Congrats Bill and Mike! Know that wildcats everywhere will continue to watch you become amazing and grow into superstars at the next level. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!
James Topeka, KS
Thanks for the highlights. It was great, but too short. Your accomplishments have earned you the opportunity to do great things, to have a secure economic future, and to contribute to society. Don't let the fast track take you under! Make the best of your lives. We will all be rooting for you in Topeka.
Eric - Kansas City, MO
Thank you both! Everyone wishes you both the best of luck. Represent us well. Know that every time you wear purple every Wildcat fan will crack a little smile and remember.
Kirk Almena, KS
Michael and Bill, thanks for playing for my alma mater and doing us proud, on and off the court. I pray for health and success in your careers.
Kyle Olathe, KS
I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for coming to Kansas State University and being a great representative. I am 25 years old have your posters all over my room. Thank you for giving us such a special season, and best of luck in the future. It was a truly wonderful season, and my memories of it will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!! YOUR K-STATE FAMILY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!
Scott Keller, TX
Michael and Bill, Thank you for your contributions to the K-State basketball program. You have put us on the basketball map again, finally. It was a pleasure watching both of you play and I want to wish you the best of luck in the NBA.
Jacob Dayton, OH
Hey Bill. I can't believe that you are going to be on the World Champion Boston Celtics! That's amazing. Just wanted to say good luck to you and I hope that you have a wonderful NBA career! Thanks for all you've done for Kansas State and good luck! Thanks again.

Hey Mike! Just wanted to wish you the best with the Miami Heat and thank you for all that you have done for this university. You helped get the basketball program rolling again. Thank you so much and good luck to you and your family!!!
Susan Wichita, KS
We in Kansas are very proud of you, and thoroughly enjoyed watching you play a game you must love. Don't lose the spirit you possess, and may God protect and bless you and your family as you continue on life's journey.
Clint Hutchinson, KS
I just wanted to say thanks for what you both have done for our beloved university. You've restored the pride, passion, and excitement. Plus, you did it while representing our University in an excellent manner. Congrats to both of you for achieving what I'm sure must have been a childhood dream. You both deserve it. Mike, continue to be who you are. Bill, I can't' imagine the struggles you've had, but continue to persevere. I will follow both of your careers closely. Never forget that you are always a Wildcat!
Grant Kansas City, KS
Mike, congrats on the #2 overall selection, you earned it and more. Best of luck in Miami, we will definitely be making it to a game when you get back closer to KC. Thanks for everything this past year, it's an honor to have you as a Wildcat representing K-State in the NBA. Best of luck!

Bill, thanks for everything these past two years at K-State. You have been integral in turning the program around, and it's an honor to have you represent the university in the NBA. Landing in title town is great, and Boston is an awesome city. Best of luck.
Dan Wichita, KS
Thank you for bringing excitement to the Kansas State basketball program. As a KSU alumni, it was great to watch Wildcat fans pour into Bramlage to watch you play. I wish you all the best in the NBA, and I know you will shine. Keep the purple pride alive.
Brenda Cincinnati, OH
Hi Michael & Bill. I saw your game here in Cincy against Xavier, and it was fun as a KSU alum to see the Wildcats on the court once again. I wish the both of you the best of luck in the NBA. We'll all be cheering for you!
Lori Wichita, KS
Thanks to you both for putting the interest back into K-State basketball. I'll be watching the Heat and the Celtics next year to keep up with you (and I'm not much of an NBA fan). Good luck!
Lisa Kinsley, KS
Thanks for the fantastic year! Good luck with the Heat and don't change who you are. We love your character. We'll miss you!
Hey Bill, congratulations on being a Celtic. Best wishes for a great career as you pursue your dreams. Thanks for being a Wildcat!

Mike, it was such a thrill to have you in Manhattan for one year. Thanks for helping make K-State relevant in basketball again. We will be NBA fans now. Best wishes to you and your family. Be happy buddy, you deserve it!
Todd Lenexa, KS
I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for K-State and will continue to do. We could not have had a better person representing K-State than we had with you. You are a great person and like you said, you are a true team player. That is something you do not see a lot of with the talent you have. Good luck in the NBA and we all look forward to having you come back to visit us in Manhattan. You will always be a Wildcat and I always will be a fan of the NBA team you play for. Thank you, your mom, and the rest of your family for letting us be a part of your life and bring K-State basketball back.
Dan Manhattan, KS
Dear Mike, I first want to say congratulations on being the #2 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Since my family moved to Manhattan nearly 15 yrs ago, we whole-heartedly took the Wildcats in as our own. After watching season after season and loss after loss to the Jayhawks, and other top conference opponents, I would like to say thank you to you and the team for putting together the best season in recent history. As a member of the 101st Airborne Division, I am currently deployed to Iraq, and I unfortunately missed the historic win over KU. My father sent me a DVD copy of the game and I was more than thrilled to have been able to watch one the truly most magnificent performances by a Basketball player I have ever seen. You and the team were going to let nothing stop you guys that night. I have never been more proud to call myself a Kansas State Wildcat Fan. Thank you Mike, and best of luck to you in your NBA career with the Heat. Go Cats!!
Justin Lenexa, KS
Mike and Bill, thank you for the great memories of your time as a Wildcat. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. Today, I became a fan of the NBA again and will always follow your careers. You brought pride to my school again, and I thank you for that.
Stephen Derby, KS
Mike and Bill, congrats on being selected to the Heat and the Celtics! I will never forget the night I watched you guys beat KU in Manhattan. It made my year! Thanks for all the memories while you were at K-State! I will continue to cheer for both of you (even though I'm a huge Spurs fan) throughout your NBA careers. Best of luck to you both.
Nichole Topeka, KS
Thank you Michael for the great year in Kansas State basketball. Good Luck in the NBA and I will be rooting for you.
Eric La Crosse, WI
Congratulations Mike & Bill. You have been a model Wildcat and have a great time in the NBA.
Preston Manhattan, KS
I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I will forever be thankful for your contributions to Kansas State. Good luck in the NBA and I look forward to watching you in many All-Star games.
Beka Manhattan, KS
Thank you so much for representing K-State in such a great way! Once a Wildcat ALWAYS a Wildcat! Good luck in the future! The Wildcat Nation will all be watching and cheering you on!
Jason Osage City, KS
Thank you for making K-State Basketball relevant again. Wish you BOTH the best in the NBA and your futures! God Bless.
Ray Manhattan, KS
You guys are going to be great pros. I had a blast watching you play in the little apple this year. I only wish you the best of luck as you take your games to the big time.
Bill, Morgan, & Gabby Leawood, KS
Good luck guys. You have made K-State basketball relevant again. It was great watching you play. Wish it could have been for 1 more year, but we K-State fans understand and will always root for you guys and will always say with pride you are part of the Wildcat family. Best Wishes.
Steve Burlington, KS
Bill, good luck in your NBA career. Thanks for wearing the Purple and restoring the once proud tradition to K-State roundball. You are a great talent, were fun to watch, and a great representative of our University. We were proud to have you! Best of luck, always. We'll follow your career. Hope to see you some around the Bram in the future. Wildcats Forever!

Mike, congrats on being the #2 pick. Thanks for wearing the Purple and helping bring excitement back to our proud basketball tradition at K-State. We'll be following you during your career. We wish you the best, always! Hope to see you around the Bram in future years. Wildcats Forever!
Mollie Elgin, TX
Way to go guys, I am so proud of you both. Looks like I'm going to be watching some NBA basketball in the near future. Thank you for the wonderful memories and for your great representation of Kansas State. Good luck to you all in the NBA, God bless.
Tracy Wichita, KS
I just wanted to let you know that you have the loyal K-Staters behind you and saying prayers. Keep thinking positive because you deserve the best. Thank you for everything you gave us at KSU. You will always be a Wildcat and we are grateful to have shared the time with you.
Barbie Olathe, KS
Mike, congrats on being the #2 selection in the NBA draft. You have made us, as K-State fans, PROUD to have you play for our university and now PROUD to watch you represent us in the future with Miami. Good luck and remember Once A Wildcat, Always A Wildcat.
Jon Houston, TX
Bill, Congratulations! We wish you only the best as you begin your NBA career. We appreciate the time you shared with K-State and we applaud all of your talents on the court. We will miss you, but we will also enjoy watching your new successes.
Larry Kansas City, MO
Michael, congratulations on your pick in the NBA draft by the Miami Heat. Just think, no more cold, snowy winters, only sand a surf for you and your family. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much fun it was watching you playing for the Wildcats this past year. Wish we could have had you longer, but your future is way too bright to have stayed at K-State. We not only enjoyed you but getting to know your mother and having her as part of the K-State basketball scene. You and your family will be missed. Last night, the Miami Heat has picked up a lot of fans here in the Midwest. Please come back and visit us often. As you said, “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat”. Thank you for being part of the K-State experience, we are all very happy for you while being very proud of you. Have a GREAT future!!

Bill, congratulations on your pick in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much fun it was watching you playing for the Wildcats this past year. Wish we could have had you longer, but your future is way too bright to have stayed at K-State. You will be missed. Last night, the Celtics picked up a lot of fans here in the Midwest. Please come back and visit us often. Remember, “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat”. Thank you for being part of the K-State experience. We are all very happy for you while being very proud of you. Have a GREAT future!
Becky Wamego, KS
Mike, thanks for a great season!! We here in Wildcat Nation will be forever grateful for your hard work and dedication and the pride that you gave to the fans, while you were here in Manhattan! Also, there are no words to describe the amount of pride that I will always carry with me because I got to see the Wildcats beat KU, in person, for the first time in Bramlage Colleseum. That was the best night EVER!!! I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. I will always be a big fan no matter where you go. Always keep us Wildcats in your hearts, because you will forever be in ours! Come back soon to visit Kansas! Purple Power...Go Cats!
Zach Topeka, KS
Michael, I know you probably don’t know this but I was and will always be a B -EASY fan. You came to K-State to show everyone that a program can be turned around and you put us back on the map. I will never forget the 19 - year streak that you and the rest of the team ended. Once again thanks for a great year at K-State and I wish you the best of Luck throughout your NBA Career.
Cindy Manhattan, KS
It's been a pleasure watching you both play here at K-State and represent us so well. It doesn't matter whether you stay here 1 year or 4. Once you wear the purple, you will always be a Wildcat. Good luck in your professional careers and we wish you all the best. Come back to see us when you can!
Brad Overland Park, KS
Mike and Bill, I am glad that both of you are getting the opportunity to pursue your childhood dream of playing NBA basketball. It was a distinct honor and a privilege to watch both of you play basketball for my beloved alma mater, Kansas State University. Thanks for your numerous accomplishments on and off the floor. Both of you exemplified what being a Wildcat is all about. Being a Wildcat means working hard and always carrying yourself with honor and integrity. As you enter the next phase in your careers, I hope you understand how much both of you have meant to the Wildcat nation. We will always welcome both of you with open arms and support you in whatever endeavor you choose. Best of luck and thanks so much for all of your hard work on behalf of Kansas State University. The Heat and Celtics got themselves two fine young men.
Scott Delmar, NY
I just wanted to let you guys know that my wife and I (KSU grads in '04 & '05) were so happy to follow the success of the team this past season. Since we have moved from Kansas City here to NY, we had the get the DirecTV package so we could watch you guys anytime you were on. Beating KU and the run in the NCAA were wonderful moments for us, and watching you guys gave us an opportunity to be "home" again even though we have moved 1200 miles away. Please always remember that you are also alumni, and I hope that you guys walked away from KSU with wonderful memories. And as you move on to successful pro careers, please can rest assured that we are all behind you 100%. Good luck guys.
JD Fair Oaks, CA
It was great to see K-State being mentioned so much last night. I graduated from K-State in 1977 and we were very strong in basketball then and it is headed back to a strong position again. Thanks for your support and please remember the time you had at K-State.
Shari Greeley, CO
A big Thank You and congratulations to both of you. Even though we only shared you for a short time at K-State, you will always be a member of our Wildcat family. You made us proud and will continue to represent us in the NBA as other Wildcats before you have done. Thank you again and thank you to your mothers for raising wonderful sons.
Ron - Topeka, KS
Mike & Bill, congratulations on being drafted into the NBA. As a K-State season ticket holder it was a pleasure watching you guys and bringing back "The Good 'Ol Days" of K-State basketball. Good luck in the future and always remember K-State! Spread the good word of K-State so we can continue to recruit the best. Every Man A Wildcat! Go K-State!
Alex Prairie Village, KS
Dear Mike, I had a blast watching you at Kansas State. I’ve never been this excited about Kansas State basketball in my life. You totally changed the culture of K-State basketball for along time to come (something I thought would never happen). You are the most talented basketball player I have ever seen. I have so much respect for you and look forward to cheering on you and the Heat next season. I cannot tell you how much respect I have for you and I can’t thank you enough for what you did with this basketball program. Good luck in the NBA and I know you will be an all star. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.
Hayden Bucyrus, KS
Dear Michael, Congratulations. I am very excited for you. I will always be your fan. Every day, you are the best basketball player I have ever seen in my whole life. I just wish I had an autograph from you or could meet you. You changed Kansas State a lot and I thank you for doing that. I hope you exceed in the NBA.
Brian Garden City, KS
To Michael and Bill: Thanks for everything! You bring pride to all K-State fans! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work and good luck in NBA
Diane Manhattan. KS
Mike, congratulations on your #2 position in the NBA draft and thanks for all the memories of a great year in K State Basketball. We'll definitely be following your NBA career and always remain fans. We wish you the best.

Bill, congratulations on your being drafted into the NBA. I'm sure this is the culmination of a lifetime dream come true. I am very happy to see that you are going to the Celtics. What a great bunch of players from whom to learn the professional game . Thanks for all the great memories you gave us during your time here at K State. We will definitely follow your career and remain Bill Walker fans forever.
Olde Topeka, KS
In realizing your dreams, you have helped us reawaken ours. Congratulations and thank you. Remember the purple!
D. Scott
Mike: To a guy I'll remember for his electric smile, carefree demeanor and gut-busting one-liners as much as his soft jumpers, glides in the lane, and teamwork. Congratulations on your selection to the Miami Heat. I know you will represent the Heat organization and Miami community exactly how you will continue to represent Kansas State University and Manhattan for years to come: with class. Best wishes on your professional career.
Shane Arden, NC
Michael: I greatly appreciate your efforts for our school this past year. A grad from 20 years ago, I encourage you to continue the positive representation you have given for K-state. May your experience at K-state embolden you to represent us in the manner that all wildcats should: professionalism, excellence and community. Back in the day, I spent many nights camping out for tickets. I only wish I could have seen you in Ahearn. Your contribution to our tradition is greatly appreciated!
Cameron Hesston, KS
Congratulations on being the second pick in the NBA draft. I saw you play several times this year and I liked the USC game the best. Please come to the father/son basketball camp next year. I am 7 years old and I am practicing hard to make it look easy!!! Thanks for the memories.
Brady Hesston, KS
Congratulations on the NBA draft. The Celtics are my favorite team. I hope you come to the father/son basketball camp next year. I am 5 years old and I hope I can play as well as you some day
MJ Kansas City, KS
Congratulations to two great players! Look forward to seeing you in the pros!
Larry & Sandy Scranton, PA
We both want to congratulate you for you being drafted in the NBA. Also, thanks so much for the memories you gave us while being a Wildcat. We as K-Stater's will follow your NBA career and look forward to seeing you some day soon at the Bram. Again, congratulations and best of luck.
Kathy Dighton, KS
I just wanted to thank you both for all of the excitement that you brought back to Kansas State Basketball. It has been a long time coming and it was wonderful getting to watch both of you play for the Cats. Good luck in the NBA and just remember to have fun and enjoy your gift.
Tyler Manhattan, KS
Mike and Bill, I just want to thank you two for all that you have done for the city of Manhattan and Kansas State University. Even though you guys only stayed for a year, that year will impact this city and university for years to come. Thanks again.
Mitchell Marion, KS
Thank you both Mike and Bill for what you brought to Kansas State University. It was an honor watching you play. Best of luck in the NBA, and represent K-State well!
Barb Topeka, KS
Bill, congratulations on getting drafted. I'm hoping your knee won't be a big problem. I know you’re a fighter, so I'm sure your going to work your way through that and prove to the NBA what a great player you can be. Good Luck. We are all pulling for you!

Mike, congratulations on the draft. You represented yourself well, and the purple tie was cool. I am now a Heat fan, and will follow your career. I hope you know the Wildcat Nation will be pulling for you. Again, congratulations!
Jeff Shawnee, KS
Thanks for your contribution to K-State. Good luck in the NBA. We will miss you.
Kaitlyn Ellinwood, GA
Congratulations Michael and Bill! You Rock! You'll always be K-State Wildcats in our hearts. Good Luck in the NBA, we will MISS YOU!!!
Galen Dodge City, KS
Congratulations! We're proud that you have been at KSU and wish you all the best at the next level. I enjoyed meeting you at the KSU Basketball Legends letterman reunions. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
Ms. Lee Wamego, KS
Bill, Congrats on a wonderful season and landing with a 'primo' NBA team. Way to Go! Best Wishes for a successful Celtics career.
Jeanne Valley Center, KS
I played at KSU 1978-82. I was so impressed with your character and desire to simply play for the love of the game. Your passion towards basketball has carried over to your personal life. Keep that character and continue to be looked up to by thousands of kids. Don't let the money go your head. Your a fine young man continue to ride that wave of RESPECT!
Bill Hot Springs Village, AR
Michael, We will miss watching you at KS but want to wish you the best with the Heat. D.K. and I were sure hoping you would end up with the Timberwolves. ---Gramps of D.K.
Jon Beaumont, TX
Boston and Miami are my two new favorite NBA teams. Know that even though you’re in the next chapter of your careers, you will always have the K-State nation to support you in your endeavors.
Josh Salina, KS
You raised the roof here at Bramlage to a team who hadn't won in a while. Do it again in Miami and we'll cheer you on every step of the way! Best of Luck!!
Timothy Goodland, KS
Mike and Bill: just wanted to let you know that my daughter's first basketball game was the win at home versus KU. Granted she was only 4 months old, but the pictures will remind her of the greatest day in KSU basketball history. The memories of that game will be something my family and myself will never forget. EMAW!!!!
Blake Manhattan, KS
Michael and Bill, I have never seen a better duo then you two. Thanks for coming to Kansas State. You two have changed the lives of so many. Good luck in the NBA. I'll miss you guys.
Dotty Hoyt, MN
Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family! It was a pure pleasure just watching you play for our Wildcats. We will never forget you. Don't forget the purple as you start your career. We will be watching from the Kester household.
Kyle Olathe, KS
I want to say thank you to both of you for coming to K-State and doing what you did. You guys put us back on the map and gave everyone a special experience in getting to see two of the best players in the nation every home game. Good Luck in the NBA.
Warren Waldport, OR
Mike and Bill, thanks for all the renewed excitement in KSU basketball. You two were the cornerstones in getting basketball at K-State back to exciting. As a 1980 graduate of KSU, I watched Rolando Blackman. Then he moved to the NBA and had a successful career. I know you both will join him in playing at the next level. Keep your dreams alive.
Felix Washington, D.C.
Bill, thanks for the ride. I'm a Bill Walker fan for life. Do what you do. I hope you make Microsoft dollars. Thanks for all you did for K-State. Go get yours.
Regan, Malorie & Bailee Burlington VT
We loved watching you play for K-STATE!! We are glad that you were able to get on a good team like the Miami Heat!! YOU ROCK THE COURT!!! Good luck in the NBA.