Powercat Pregame

Registration is now closed. 

We apologize for the initial confusion.  The correct lineup order may be found here.



In order to avoid student entry line issues that have occurred at previous K-State vs. KU Home Basketball Games the following guidelines have been developed by the K-State Athletics Department in cooperation with the K-State Student Government Association.


KU Student Ticket Holder Line-up Registration

In order to ensure entry into the KU game is done as safely and fairly as possible, the Athletics Department in cooperation with SGA is implementing a preregistration procedure.  As a part of this procedure, your order of entry into the KU game will be based on the number of Men's Basketball games you attend prior to the KU game on January 30.

  • Students will receive one point for each Men's Basketball game attended prior to the KU game.
  • There are nine home games in the student ticket package before the KU game, therefore the total points possible will be 9.
  • Any student purchasing a ticket to the IUPUI game will receive a bonus point, but this will not add to their total points possible. This will make it possible to makeup one point if you cannot attend a game.
  • You will register in groups consisting of 1-10 people. This then is your line-up group for the game.
  • Once registered in a group, individuals may not switch.
  • Registration of groups will be online at www.kstatesports.com/powercatpregame, and starts November 16 at 9:00 AM.
  • To register, Follow the link to "Register my group" at the top of this page. You will then fill out the registration form with the names, eID's, and Wildcat ID #'s of all individuals in your group. You will also create a group name at this time.
  • Students must sign up their group online by Jan 22 using your Wildcat ID #.
  • The average number of games attended by each group member will determine the group's place in line. In the event of a tie, the group which registers first will be in line first.
  • If you are not able to attend, but would like a friend to use your ticket, you must preregister with your Wildcat ID #, and your friend will be required to have your student ID card.

ESPN College GameDay Procedures

  • The East Side parking lot will open at 6:00 AM

  • The NE and SE gates of Bramlage Coliseum will open at 8:00 AM

Lineup Procedures

  • Lineup will begin at 11:30, immediately following College GameDay

  • First roll call will be at noon.

  • Roll will be called randomly every hour

  • At least 3 members of each group must be present for each roll call.  Groups consisting of 3 or fewer members must have everyone in their group present.

  • Final roll call will be at 3:00.  All group members must be present at this time.

  • The student gate will open at 4:30 for ICAT ticket holders, and 4:45 for GA ticket holders.

Questions or comments?

Fill out this form and let us know — we will get back to you with an answer or post your comment and feedback on this page.


  • K-State students have access to the best seating locations in the Big 12 for both basketball and football.

  • Student tickets represent a MASSIVE discount.  ICAT Combo tickets cost $330 this year.  That would allow students who arrive early to sit on the 50 yard line for football games and at midcourt for basketball games.  These seats would require a contribution of $2,050 plus a ticket charge of $300 for football and $390 for basketball, bringing the total to $2,740.

  • History has demonstrated that aside from the KU game, student attendance averages well below the capacity of tickets sold. For example, during the 2008-09 season, student attendance averaged just over 50 percent of tickets sold even for weekend conference games when classes were not in session. After extensive analysis, the Athletics Department determined that maximizing student ticket sales would help fill empty seats while also preventing the loss of significant revenue that could be raised by selling the seats held for students to the general public as season tickets.

  • Selling student tickets over seating capacity is common practice at institutions across the country due to the inconsistency of actual student attendance at events. The goal is to have the student sections filled for every game, not just one. Students create the atmosphere that produces the homecourt advantage of Bramlage Coliseum. Our team needs student support for EVERY game, and has appreciated it this season.

  • The current KU lineup policy rewards students who have already attended games. It is only fair for those who have stood in line hours before gates are open for every other game of the season to have first opportunity for the best seating at the KU game before those who may choose to only attend that game.

  • The current policy also encourages students to attend or have their tickets used at other games. Student attendance for non-conference home games was nearly double the average 2008-2009 attendance: 2008-2009 - 1180; 2009-2010 - 2275

  • As long as students register, it is likely that they will have seats for the KU game.  It may be possible that those who failed to attend any games prior to the KU game and/or chose not to register will be turned away for capacity reasons. 

I'm confused. How exactly will the games attended by the group be averaged? Since there will be nine home games before Jan 30, obviously the goal for the group is to have every member attend all nine games.  For example, let's say a group has five members.  Out of the nine home games, Jake and Jennifer attend all nine.  Katie goes to six games, Josh goes to 4, and Mark goes to only 1.  The average for the group would be 5.8 (9+9+6+4+1=29; 29/5=5.8).  Even though Jake and Jennifer went to all of the games, Mark and Josh's attendance score hurt the group since they only went to a few.  Make sure to encourage your friends to go to games, or give away their ticket to somebody who can, to ensure that your group gets a good spot in line!


I will not be able to make it to a couple of games this year, but want to make sure I receive as many points as possible when I register for the KU game.  My friend will be using my tickets when I can't.  Who will receive points for the games he uses my tickets at?  You accumulate points as your ticket barcode is scanned at the entry of Bramlage, therefore you will receive the points since that barcode is tied to your account.  We encourage you to make sure your tickets get used to every game, since this will be how you receive your points to get a great spot in line for the KU game!


I go to school in Salina, but have tickets and enjoy going to basketball games. However, due to the distance, it is not always possible for me to come to every weekday game. Will the point system penalize me? We are unable to adjust the point system based on location.  For any games you cannot attent, we strongly encourage you to try to ensure your ticket gets used by somebody.  Since your tickets arrive as a PDF, you will be able to email them to somebody who may live closer and be able to use them.


Does the number of people in your group affect your placement in the line? i.e. would a group with 10 people that attend all of the previous home games get a better place than a group with 3 people that attend all of the previous home games? No, the number in your group will have no effect on line placement.  If the group of 3 people who attended all 9 games registers before the group of 10 who attended all 9 games, the group of 3 would be in line first.


Is it like a random drawing after January 22nd to determine the order based on the average number of games your group members have attended?  No,  there will be a first come-first serve line behing the line for people who registered.  Make sure you register before the 22nd to ensure your spot in line!


I had a question pertaining to the Men's Basketball Procedures that were emailed today. Will there still be an ICAT section the day of the KU game?  Yes, ICAT will still have Section 18 above row 13, as well as sections 19,20, and 21.  We will open the ICAT line early as we do for every other game of the season.


Do all the people in your group have to have the same kind of ticket? For example, does everyone in a group have to have an ICAT ticket, or can someone have a GA ticket and still be in your group?  No, not everyone has to have the same type of ticket, however if an ICAT member registers in a group with a GA ticket holder, the group will be registered for the GA line and the ICAT member will be giving up their ICAT seat for the KU game.


Can you add people to your group after you have registered? I.E.- A group registers on Nov. 18, and then they want to add someone else on Nov. 28.  No; to avoid confusion, once you register your group, that will be final.  This is the reason we are delaying registration until November 16th instead of opening it up immediately.  Choose your group carefully, and make sure to encourage everyone in your group to come to the games, or make sure their ticket gets used if they can't make it!


I wanted to make sure I understand the pregame lineup clearly. It says the average number of games attended by the group will decide the order. Does that mean 1 person who goes to all the games and registers as his own 1-person group has an average of 9? If this person registers at 9 AM on Nov. 16, then theoretically he should be first in line? Is this correct?  Exactly!


How will the points be counted toward your group for the first games when it's not possible to register until after? Our ticket office keeps track of every ticket that is scanned at the entry, therefore we will not actually calculate any totals until we close registration the week before the KU game.  At that time we will look at the total number of games attended by everyone in your group and calculate the average.  Allowing registration early in the season gives everyone time to get their groups together and decide who they want to sit with.

Why would you sell more tickets than are alotted to students?  Tickets are oversold to students to ensure that we will consistently have the best atmosphere for our team to play in.  One major complaint we received last year was that our student section was always so empty.  To help combat this issue, we put the new rewards system in place as well as sold more tickets than our student allotment.  Our reason for doing so was because for midweek games, only 51% or our students who had purchased tickets used them on average and on Saturday games only 54% of students used their tickets.  One Saturday game, the Colorado game, was only attended by 34% of students who had tickets.  When you look at these numbers, you can understand the effect that has on our team as well as our entire basketball program.  We don't anticipate having to turn students away very often, but make sure you arrive early!


I am a student and use my student tickets, however my spouse uses a spouse ticket.  How can we register in the same group together?  There will be a field in the form when you register your group to include anyone with a spouse ticket.  So long as they have spouse season tickets they will be allowed to register with your group.


Oh no!  I left my buddy Drew out of our group when I regstered!  What can I do?!?  You will be able to add him to your group, however in the case of a tie your group will be considered "regestered" at the time the final group member (Drew) was added to the group.  This may cause you do drop a few places in the case of a tie.


Where can I see what place my group is in line and when we regestered compared to everyone else?  All information will be released the week of the KU game, including your spot in line, average number of games attended by each group member, and the order you registered in to be used as the tie breaker.  With so many registrations being submitted, it is not practical to release any of this information until everyone is regestered and given their place in line.