Postgame Quotes - Iowa State


On K-State/Iowa State competing:
“I don’t know if they thought it was going to be easy. I thought the players would contend differently. There were two parts. One was an obvious let down for us, and the other was that Iowa State did not let down. I take my hat off to them. I’m a Paul Rhoads fan, and I think he knows how to motivate young guys. He did that today. They competed and didn’t give up at any time.”

On team letdown:
“It only happens if you make it happen. It wasn’t so much in the second half as it was in the first half. After the first drive, we turned around and have to kick two field goals. It was a 13-0 ballgame instead of a 21-0 game. That made a huge difference. I think that’s where the real letdown was, right there. With all of that, there was a lot of character involved with playing the last five minutes of the game the way that they did.”

On Kansas State QB Jake Waters:
“I was proud of Jake. You’d like to think he would compete in every game the same way, but this one had a little different meaning to it. His family is here. He was into it. I think with his family here, he was ready to compete. I’d like to have him that way every game, but he was ready to go today.”

On Iowa State WR Jarvis West:
“He is a very talented young athlete. When he brought the punt back, we made some mistakes, but he made a tremendously talented play. He made a lot of people miss today. He caught quick throws, jumped around and got first-down yardage. He’s a very fine player.”

On Iowa State QB Sam Richardson:
“You have to give him a lot of credit. I thought he played well today. He threw the ball well. The receivers did a nice job getting open, and I take my hat off to their offensive line. They did an outstanding job.”

RUNNING BACK Charles Jones
On the team’s toughness:
“We had a lot of toughness to win a ball game and we didn’t quit. We finished like we wanted to.”

On the atmosphere in Jack Trice Stadium:
“It was a lot different. I’m used to it being quiet at K-State stadium. It was difficult because it was loud.”

On the win:
“We wanted it so bad. Not just this game but every game is so important.”

On family in friends who attended:
“I had to get about 25-30 tickets from guys. All the guys from the team who didn’t have people coming helped me out.”

Opening statement:
“That was an exciting college football game. I’m proud of the effort of our kids and everybody associated with the program.”

On what to take from the game:
“There’s a lot you take from every game. Lessons learned in the trenches. Lessons learned in the first, second, third, fourth quarters and halftime. We made great improvement from week one to week two in all areas and all aspects. We did things to get us into position to win the football game. Just did other things that weren’t good enough at the end. We learned lessons today. You learn greater lessons tomorrow.”

On Jarvis West:
“Unbelivable. Played like a fifth year senior. That’s what you expect from a fifth year guy, to step up. He caught it, he ran it, he returned it, he threw it. Played like a leader.”

On Jake Campos:
“It’s easier to see and comment on Jarvis because of he’s involved in catches and so many plays. It’s harder to comment on Jake Campos. He was out there battling with some of the best. High ceiling on Jake.”

On Sam Richardson:
“Sam played very well. He’s probably played overall, top to bottom, his best two games as a starting quarterback the last two games. I think he played this one better than the first one.”

On Jevohn Miller:
“Jevohn gives us more athleticism. He gives us more speed. He’s a veteran player. There are certain things that will become more natural to him as it goes. He probably made his share of mistakes, but he makes us a faster defense.”

On stopping the two-point conversion:
“We were up by two and we were trying to keep the lead. I saw [Waters] call a run and I was trying to play as fast as I can and play urgent and trying to make a big tackle.”

On the difference in defense this week:
“We prepared hard and fast. We wanted to play fast and that’s what we did. We didn’t want to take any breaks, we wanted to show who we really were. We saw it through the spring and through the fall and we felt like last week we didn’t show it. This week we wanted to come and show it.”

“Our energy and our urgency [changed], last week we felt like we didn’t play Cyclone football at all and this week we really came in and we really wanted to play Cyclone football.

On his touchdown:
“It wasn’t really what I expect for my first touchdown. I didn’t think it was going to be from Jarvis West. I pictured it to at least be from Sam or Grant, you know a quarterback. I’m glad I got it out of the way, but I still have to get better though.”

On his touchdown:
“Just executed like I did in practice. Jarvis put the ball on the money. I just had to finish off the play.”

On being nervous:
“I was a lot less nervous just because it wasn’t my first game. I knew what it was like to play in front of a crowd and everything. I got all of the first game jitters out of the way. Once that first play got over with, I was good.”

On what caused the improvement:
“Trusting and believing in ourselves, and confidence. We knew what team we were in the spring and summer, and just showing up on gameday.”

On Jake Waters:
“I love the guy. He had a good game, he was my teammate. I had a few words for him when I sacked him. I was just saying hello. He was smiling.”

On what this game means for the future:
“It’s a step forward. The team is here. We’re not backing away from anything and we’re ready to go.”

On practice the last week:
“We did the same thing, but as a team we were just mentally sharper. We know what we have to do to produce. The coaches aren’t out there playing, we’re out there. We have to produce and make plays.”