Snyder Receives Excellence in Mentoring Award

Washington DC – In a special ceremony held in Washington, DC last week, Kansas State University Football Coach Bill Snyder was awarded the 2015 Excellence in Mentoring Award by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership in recognition of his longstanding commitment to meeting the mentoring needs of young people in Kansas.

“If you are involved with coaching, you are involved with mentoring. And that mentoring happens both on and off the football field," said Snyder. “I still have mentors. Probably the most significant thing that anyone can do in our lives is surround ourselves with people who care, and people who want to make our lives better. And young people don’t always know how to reach out and find those people. That is why the role of a mentoring program is so important.”

Coach Bill Snyder became head football coach at Kansas State University in 1989 and retired briefly in the 2005 season, returning in 2009. During his retirement, he spent three years establishing Kansas Mentors, dedicated to connecting existing mentoring programs with one another and serving as a resource center for communities wishing to start a program.

Through his steadfast support, Coach Snyder helped to increase funds in the mentoring sector, raise awareness about the importance of mentoring and elevate the cause. Coach Snyder, along with Coach Tom Osborne of the University of Nebraska, developed the Coaches’ Challenge, a recruitment campaign which has recruited tens of thousands of adults to mentor and this year, has first-time participation from the entire Big 12 Conference.

Coach Snyder was joined by the Director of Kansas Mentors, Cheri Faunce, at the awards reception. If you are interested in starting or strengthening the mentoring program in your community, please contact Cheri Faunce, Kansas Mentors is a partnership supported by the Kansas Volunteer Commission.

Five individuals were selected for the award: Former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing; Charles R. Burke of the Grable Foundation; Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Coach Bill Snyder, and Burlington Capital Group, LLC founder Michael B. Yanney.