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What is a podcast?
Podcasts are audio shows that you can listen to on a computer or an MP3 player. Unlike radio shows, however, podcasts can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Podcasts can be downloaded to your computer or MP3 player, listened to and saved, or a series can be subscribed to and new episodes will automatically be downloaded, as they are published, to a "podcatcher" on your computer.
Yahoo: What is a podcast? | iTunes Explains Podcasts
What can I do with a podcast?
Every week, the K-State Football posts new audio and video content to its podcast feed. If you're subscribed, you automatically get this new content sent to you. You can listen and watch the content at any time.

How do I listen to podcasts on iTunes?
Apple maintains iTunes which is one of the larger portals that provide podcasts. The following are step-by-step instructions:
1. Download the latest iTunes program if you don't have it installed.
2. Click "Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast"
3. Paste our podcast stream URL in the box:
You can also put "Kansas State Football" in the podcast search box. For more information, please visit the podcasts FAQ page from Apple. 

How much do podcasts cost?
All podcasts on the iTunes Music Store are free.

Do I have to have an account at an iTunes Music Store to get podcasts?
No. You can preview and subscribe to podcasts without opening a Music Store account.
Do I need an iPod to receive podcasts?
No. Podcasts are merely RSS feeds that include audio and video files in the enclosure field. Many of the newer RSS feed readers allow users to listen to podcasts.