K-State Football Holds Media Day

Bill Snyder

Aug. 5, 2011

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MANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State football team held its annual media day activities on Friday afternoon at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

K-State Football Media Day Press Conference
Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

On practicing in excess heat this summer…
“Fortunately, we have had two practices yesterday and today where that has not been a problem. Yesterday was not out of the ordinary at all. This morning was overcast because of the overnight rain. So lately it has not been a problem. Aside from that, our trainers, (head athletic trainer) Matt Thomason, have done a good job along with our medical staff recognizing what the heat index is going to be. They do a nice job of keeping our guys cooled off and understanding their fluid intake and how important it is. So much of it is what takes place prior to the time that you are actually on the field. It is always mandated that some of our youngsters get into ice tubs after practice and that cools them down very, very quickly. Our trainers do a nice job between drills and during the breaks that we take, in terms of hydrating our guys, but if you have to wait until you start practice to hydrate, you have a problem to begin with. It is so significant that our players hydrate all throughout the day and night and I think our players do a pretty good job to doing just that.”

On the ability to develop team chemistry quickly…
“Yes you can and you would like to, but maybe it does not always come into fruition until the season starts but you would like to develop the right kind of personality in the appropriate period of time. Whatever it is that you would like to be, you would like to be that as quick as you possibly can. But the proof is in the pudding and whoever or whatever you think you are, you have to take a test one of these days and that comes up when you open the season and then you find out if you are who you thought you were.”

On starting a new season …
“It is better than the alternative, I guess. I am glad to have young people where you can really spend time with them and be a part of their lives, because some negative things happen when you do not have the ability to do that. So it is a good time in that respect, but it is a busy time. The guys have been here for 48 hours and what they have done in this 48-hour period of time is amazing. Now it is not just here, but every program in the country. There is an awful lot that goes on with our players. They are up at 7 o’clock in the morning and they are going to bed at 10 o’clock at night and all that time is work. That is something that most 18-year-olds are not used to.”

On the challenges of the new Big 12 schedule…
“It is business as usual. I do not have control over anything that takes place. I think that the Big 12 is trying to be the best it can possibly be. I think everyone is on board with that and I think that the league has the capacity to be all of that and more. We have always talked about scheduling and that is a matter of record. Everyone knows that you cannot retract that. Aside from that, the sport of football is the sport of football and that is what we are involved with, that comes under the heading of trying to guide and direct young people and football is conduit of that. That is true whether that is Big 12 football or Southeastern Conference football.”

On the running back depth chart …
“Normally when we have Media Day, we release a depth chart and if you have one from this year it is incorrect and I do not know where you got it. We post our depth chart at a certain time everyday and sometimes even twice a day on certain bulletin boards and we confer with our players about it and we have not done that yet. We do have a genuine sense of competitiveness about a variety of different positions. We are trying to put everyone in position to compete and to really earn their spot. There are some guys that really did not do that through the course of this summer so they are in position where they are going to have to earn their way. With the running back position, it is a flip of the coin. But we do have a number of guys that are very capable and I think that is one specific competition that will be really good, I have no doubt that. We have a young guy named Robert Rose who is really going to be a good player. You have heard about John Hubert, you have seen him play a little bit. John and Bryce (Brown) certainly have a chance. We have a young guy, Angelo Pease, who was not with us this spring but arrived late in the summer and has been impressive to a certain degree in shorts. So we probably have got a youngster that I really like but he has not quite learned the offense yet, by the name of Ryan Smith. There is a lot to choose from there and they all have a good sense of competitive spirit that allows them to truly compete with each other for the spot and if indeed they do, they will keep getting better.”