Troy State Player Quotes



On Kansas State quarterback Ell Roberson"

'He maintained plays when everything wasn't going well. We had opportunities to stop him, but we didn't make plays and he capitalized on them.'


On K-State's big plays"

'We gave up big plays in the secondary. They weren't doing too well on the rush and they went to the passing game to try and establish something. We gave up some big plays on first down, which put us in the hole and gave them the opportunity to run whatever they wanted for 30 or 40 yards.'


On their fast start in the first quarter momentum"

'They had one deep ball and then the momentum kind of shifted and they started moving the ball. Our intensity level did not drop (at that time), we just didn't make the plays we did in the first two series. They just got on a roll and they are a good offensive squad.'




On the rotation of quarterbacks"

'Coach just told me to be ready.  So, when he called my number, I was ready, but it was pretty tough. K-State is a great team, so we had to do the best we could.'


On playing big teams"

'K-State is good. It reminded me of playing Oklahoma my freshman year. They (Sooners) had some good athletes there. They are quick and fast.'




On K-State's defense"

'It wasn't really their strength (that kept us from moving the ball). We are strong and we work on that everyday. I think we had them upfront, but they threw some twists and blitzes at us, which hurt.'


On Troy State's youth"

'This is definitely a good learning experience for all of us. We are in a learning stage. It's a good experience though, I'm ready for the rest of the season to go out and win.'


On the called back touchdown"

'It could have changed something. There was a lot of momentum at that time. The momentum would have gone our way and not have gone right back to theirs.'