In God's Hands

Collin Klein

Aug. 30, 2011

By Mark Janssen - K-State Sports Extra

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Collin Klein says, "As long as I can remember, my religion has been the biggest part of my life. I wouldn't be who I am today in any respect without Him. I am very blessed to have had parents to raise me to fear God and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm just in the beginning stages with that relationship."

Klein said his parents, Doug and Kelly, plus his brother Kyle, rotated through different churches while growing up in Loveland, Colo., not focusing on any one particular denomination, "... but finding a place where we could become spiritually nourished."

In Manhattan, Collin and Kyle, who is a freshman tight end for K-State, have found a home in the Grace Baptist Church, where they continue their religious journey.

While many young people select detours from a Godly path, Klein said, "In no way am I saying I was ever perfect, but I never remember being rebellious about religion. It was engrained at an early age to do right, so it became my desire to do right."

Klein gives a "not well enough" answer when asked how well versed he is in the Bible and adds that his education is a "continuing process." He declines the option to settle for knowing "The Word" more than the average person: "I don't want to compare myself with being average because that's not preparing for the best."

In Klein's thinking, his everyday lifestyle is a display of his ministry with every single decision, no matter how big or how small, "...advertises what you are all about. I am willing to take any opportunity to talk about the faith in my life.

At times, I don't feel that I know enough to do that, but I do the best that I can."

While not displaying anger by action or voice as most, Klein is quick to say, "I am as competitive as anyone in the program and I do get mad... mad at myself more than anything when I'm not getting something done. But that's the blessing of sports. You deal with adversity, and how you handle yourself when things don't go just perfectly is another wonderful opportunity to let people know what you're all about."

Overall, with his relationship with God, as with his game on the field, Klein said, "It's an ever-growing process."

Klein was recruited by Ron Prince in the class of 2008 prior to a coaching change in 2009 that brought Bill Snyder back to the sidelines of the stadium that carries his name.

The junior added, "I truly believe God's timing is perfect and everything happens for a reason within his plan. I didn't fully understand what happened with the coaching change, or why it happened, but God gave me a peace that all would work out the way it was intended to."

The recruitment for the No. 7-rated prospect in Colorado was, using his word, "modest," but he had a feeling of "peace" as he studied up on the K-State tradition, making a pair of unofficial visits, and attending a summer camp before offering his verbal commitment.

"Things just clicked. I felt totally at peace with the campus, the people, and the staff here was excellent," said Klein, who had interest from Utah, Wyoming, Air Force and Colorado State. "I truly believe that God led me here, and because of that, I was always comfortable."

That feeling of comfort has been a constant as Klein was a quarterback in 2008 redshirt season, was moved to wide receiver in 2009, and back to quarterback last year when he developed a reputation of a run-first, pass-second quarterback, something that makes him chuckle.

"I would like to say I'm a dual threat," said Klein, who last year rushed for 432 yards, which included 127 against Texas in his debut as a starter, to go along with his 138 passing yards "Throughout my high school career, I never ran the ball that much, so last year's role was totally new. We needed another presence in the run game and I was the choice.

"This coaching staff is very calculated with its game plans," continued Klein. "God gave me a good set of legs, so it was my responsibility to put them to good use."

It was in the spring game that Klein had an opportunity to show off his right arm, completing 25 passes out of 37 attempts for 358 yards and five touchdowns, which included the game-winner of 15 yards to wide receiver Chris Harper with five seconds remaining.

On what that afternoon did for him, Klein said, "It's all about getting better. It was a good effort, but I still have to get better.  Coach is always striving for bigger and better things. That's not a negative, but a positive to always try to get better to give us a competitive edge."

That's as a total player, and a total team.

"I'm trying to improve in every aspect," said Klein. "If you focus too much on one area, you're allowing another area to slide. It's an on-going process where you are constantly evaluating your overall game and not just focusing on one area."

Just as Klein has done with his life.

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