K-State Holds Weekly Press Conference

K-State Hosts Kent State Saturday

Sept. 13, 2011

Kansas State Football Press Conference
September 13, 2011

Head Coach Bill Snyder
On limited play-calling against Eastern Kentucky…
“I think that we are at a point in time where you have to have it all available. We are in a position where we are going to try and do that and make it all available. We probably put 15% of it on the field.”

On players who have become leaders
“We have a number of young guys who are attempting to do that but they all do that in a different way. It is very difficult to get someone to try to become truly out of character for how they present their leadership role. Tysyn Hartman has been a positive leader for us in his way. Arthur Brown, Tre Walker, Emmanuel (Lamur) have all been as well in different ways. Ty Zimmerman has a way about him and he has gained a great deal of respect from his teammates for having become a starter at a really early age, but I think his teammates respond to him as well as the others. We have some quality leadership on the defensive side of the ball. “

On Tre Walker’s leadership
“He is a more vocal leader than the others. He is a very spirited young guy and a guy that is jumping up and down and patting guys on the back and those kinds of things. I appreciate that but that is not out of character for him. For Arthur Brown to do it the same way, it just does not happen that way.

On Tysyn Hartman
“He can be vocal, but that is not his overall nature. He is kind of somewhere in between Arthur (Brown) and Tre (Walker). He can certainly speak his mind and is not hesitant to do that. He can also approach it from being a senior. You like to think that your senior leadership can have a positive approach about things since it is their last go around and he addresses it that way a great deal. “

On separation at the running back position
“Not a great deal.  John (Hubert) will be the starter right now, and Angelo (Pease) will be the next guy on the field. “

On changes to the offensive line
“They work diligently at what they do. They have some progress to make but they are so youthful that every day is a new experience for them and they are getting acclimated to it. They are intelligent young people and it is a matter of taking what you learn in the classroom to the field and replicating it time and time again. The more repetitions they get the better they become. It is a difficult preparation for them because it is a movement-oriented defense. Nobody sits still and they are constantly moving. It could be a plus or it could be a minus. With our guys there is a lot of learning to go with that. They have had two weeks with it as well so they do get better consistently. “

On Vai Lutui
“I appreciate the fact that he is kind of out of his element. Here is a young California Polynesian who has grown up in a culture and is now in a totally different culture here with his wife. He comes from a culture where family is so embracing and his teammates have really been there for him, and I think that he has been there a great deal for his teammate as well. Just being able to handle it as well as he does is what I appreciate.“

Quarterback Collin Klein
On rebounding from a slow offensive game vs. Eastern Kentucky…
“It is a game of inches; across the board we made so many little errors and we were coordinated enough to spread it out over the entire game. It would have been easier if we would have gotten it out of our system. One little thing here, one little thing there changed the layout of the ballgame. It is never as good as it seems, and it is never as bad as it seems. We just have to keep building, and keep fighting.”

On Kent State’s line movement
“They’re going to do different things. Credit Eastern Kentucky with what they did; they had a good plan, but again, on every experience, you will learn from it if it is handled properly. You will grow one way or another. I think we have grown from it, and we will continue to do so. Hopefully we will continue to build from it this week, and from the bye week and we will be further ahead of it than we were.“

Wide Receiver Curry Sexton
On his experience at K-State so far…
“For the most part, last Saturday was pretty much a dream come true. I mean running out on the field was everything I had hoped for and obviously getting a win was even better. So, so far it has been good and hopefully we will continue to have a good season.“

On the possibility of redshirting
“It was honestly up until 48 hours before the kick off of the game. I was still unsure about whether I was going to redshirt. Coach Snyder and I had some conversations about it. Coach and I, my family and I; we talked at length about it. In the end, I think everyone decided not to redshirt was probably the best way to go. I was for whatever was best for the team; that is what I wanted to do. I kind of left it in Coach Snyder and Coach Smith’s hands. That Thursday before the game, they called and said that I’d be on the field on Saturday. I wanted to do what was going to be best for me and best for the team. I had been planning on playing, but I would have been fine with a redshirt because it would have given me another year to develop. In the end, you know that you compete to be out there on Saturdays, and obviously that’s what I have been trying to do for several years now. It is definitely where I wanted to be.”

Offensive Lineman Nick Puetz
On Saturday’s game…
“I am looking to make my first start; pretty excited about that. I am going to do what I can and do my best. I have been thinking about this day probably since I was about eight years old, growing up in Salina, Kan. I do not know what to expect, I am a little nervous, but I am sure that is pretty normal. I am looking forward to helping my team in any way I can. “

On his first start…
“This week in practice, we knew we made some little mistakes last week and we all thought they were easily correctible. We just went back to work last week and tried to work on those mistakes. I don’t think there is any more pressure on me because it is my first start, but we need to go out there and perform.”

Defensive End Jordan Voelker
On when the defense will know if they have improved…
“Well I think within that first quarter. We will know how much we have prepared and if we have made the improvement to become a better football team and a better defense.”

On the bye week coming after the first week…
“I think there were some much needed changes that we needed to make and it did come at a good time. You would usually like them to come later in the season in case you had some nagging injuries so that you can recover but I think that it is a good thing to have it so you can work on things from the first game. We were missing tackles in the first game and we really emphasized on tackling this week and wrapping up. We had a couple big sacks and losses that we missed and let get out of the gate.”

On being confident this week…
“I am pretty confident. I think that we prepared pretty well and everyone has been looking to improve and do their part to make this team better.”

Defensive Back Nigel Malone
On what his mentality was during the first game…
“I was just making sure that I was lining up right. I was playing fast and tough and that what we really do throughout the week in practice. We make sure that we line up, make sure that we run the scheme well and just fit into our assignments while staying focused.”

On how he took advantage of the bye week…
“I take every week the same by trying to get better. I treat it as a game week and just made sure that I got in a little extra film. I like to see a bunch of route combinations that they like to run and I think that really helps all of us.”

On if he has any added expectations on himself…
“No, I just want to keep up with what I did in the first game and get ready for these tough weeks to come and try to stay consistent.”

Defensive Back Tysyn Hartman
On the mentality of the defense…
”It has only been one game and we still have a lot to improve. We had good numbers in the first game but that came with Eastern Kentucky using their backup quarterback and one of their best receivers being out. I feel that we performed well but we have a long ways to go. We will need to focus on the things that we did not do very well in the first game and get better.”

On Kent State being a better gauge…
“I think they will be. I know looking at their receivers, which is the strength of their offense, so that will be a challenge for us in the secondary more so then Eastern Kentucky. I am excited to go out and show the improvement that we have made.”

On how the team will play against Kent State…
“They have got a quality program. We have to really focus in on ourselves. Go in and just execute our game plan the best we can and I think that will give us the best chance. If you look at record and statistics, they played a great Alabama team and a Lafayette team that beat us two years ago. So they did not win those two games, but those are two quality teams that they have played.