Kansas Players Postgame Quotes


On the loss of QB Bill Whittemore"

“It sucks when anybody on the team goes out, especially when you don’t see them again. For Bill not to be on the field, it’s out of your control.”


On bouncing back for the rest of the season"

“Yes, I am confident that we can (bounce back). This team doesn’t have the same characteristics as it has had in the past two years since I have been here. I feel as if we can come back and face adversity today. I think we just dug ourselves too big of a whole that we couldn’t get back out of.”


On field goal in the first quarter"

“We were only down seven and we had to get our points where we could get them.”



On the tempo of play on the D-I level than at the JUCO level"

“It’s a lot faster tempo than I’ve ever seen. I came from a junior college out in San Diego (Palomar JC) and it took a couple of plays for me to get a feel for the game.”


On K-State’s play"

“K-State’s a great football team and came to play. We just struggled and there are some things we need to work on. I feel we have next week to look forward to. This is just a bump in the road and we have four games left to look forward to.”


On preparation for the game"

“It was all mental work for me. It’s not the same as live action, which made a really big difference. I was glad to get out there. I know we didn’t win, but to get out there was good for me.”


On coming in to replace injured QB Bill Whittemore"

“I tried to get them up a little bit and tried to talk to them. Things were going well, but we didn’t come out on top in the end.”



On the play of the defense"

“We came out pretty strong as the game progressed a little bit. We have to work harder next time and play all four quarters.”


On the injury to QB Bill Whittemore"

“We just need to go out there and do our job. Bill went down and I felt bad about that, but as a defense, we need to go out there and stop them and give them our all.”


On pressure being on the defense after the injury"

“There wasn’t any real added pressure. We still had to go out there and do what we had to do.”


On the mindset of the team coming in"

“We were going to come out here to play and not worry about what the media or what anybody else was saying. There’s no real big hype, but besides it being the next game for us.”



On Whittemore’s injury"

“It wasn’t something that broke us. We just didn’t play well.”


On time of possession"

“Even though we were out there a lot, we still didn’t rise to the occasion. We needed to step it up.”


On losing to rival K-State"

“It just hurts, because it’s a loss. We have to put it past us now, because there is nothing we can do about it now. So, we have to get ready for the Aggies.”


On not going for it (touchdown) in the first quarter"

“Coach Mangino is a great coach and he makes the decisions and I know it was a good decision. The field goal put points on the board.”


On the K-State offense"

“With Sproles and Roberson in the back field, they have two great players and they can make a big play at any moment. We needed to step up and make big plays, but didn’t do it.”



On the injury to QB Bill Whittemore"

“We tried not to get down on ourselves. We are a team, someone goes down like that, we expect someone else to step up and do the same job.”


On changing the game plan at halftime"

“Coach (Mangino) said everything was going to be the same. He said, We are going to pass the ball and run the ball and play our game and try to win the second half.’”


On the disappointment of the loss"

“One game won’t make us or break us. We come in expecting