SE: Wildcat Fans Asked to Buy Bowl Tickets in Advance

Nov. 29, 2011

By Mark Janssen
K-State Sports Extra

A BCS Bowl?
Dallas/Arlington for the Cotton Bowl?
San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl?
Tempe for the Insight Bowl?
San Diego for the Holiday Bowl?

It’s all a guessing game today, but Kansas State officials are asking the Wildcat Nation to make plans today for any bowl game that you know you will attend.

“The interest and excitement of our fans will have an impact with the bowl selection committees,” said Scott Garrett, K-State assistant athletics director for ticketing/fan strategies. “We have a great history for traveling to bowl games and we know that will continue no matter where we go.”

While there are a number of bowl scenarios, here are some other questions for Garrett:

WHY FANS SHOULD PLACE ORDERS TODAY? “We are responsible to a specific number of tickets, so purchasing through K-State’s allotment will help the department meet our obligation and also guarantee our fans the best possible postseason experience where they will be sitting in sections with other K-Staters. We’re taking preorders through Wednesday with those fans earning the right for priority seating for any games that they indicate that they will attend.”

CAN FANS STILL ORDER TICKETS AFTER WEDNESDAY? Yes, but those orders will be filled after the priority seating orders are filled. It will also help us from a service standpoint to have taken a bulk of the orders in advance and start working on seating as soon as we receive the tickets from our bowl destination.”

IF ORDERS ARE GIVEN AND THERE IS A CHANGE OF MIND, CAN REFUNDS BE MADE? “No, orders should only be made for bowl games where our fans know they will attend. Any preorder will be charged to your credit card for the game that we will attend.”

HOW MAY TICKETS BE PREORDERED? “We’re encouraging fans to go to and follow the instructions for all bowl games that are possible for K-State. Season ticket holders and Ahearn Fund members were mailed online ordering instructions last month. As always, fans can also call 1-800-221-CATS and our folks are ready to help them out.”

WILL THE K-STATE POINT SYSTEM BE USED? “Yes it will. All ticket assignments will be made in order of priority points (accumulated through donations and season ticket history). That system will be used to determine ticket locations and number of tickets that will be assigned in priority order.”

CAN FANS REQUEST TO SIT BY SPECIFIC FRIENDS? “People can indicate that, but orders will be filled by the priority point system and will be assigned to the person with the lowest priority point total. Both account-holders would need to make the same request.”

WHAT IS K-STATE’S OBLIGATION WITH TICKETS? “It will vary with the bowls. The number is 12,500 for the Cotton Bowl and Alamo Bowl. The number is higher for the BCS bowl games.”

AND THE TICKET PRICES? Again, it varies. For the Cotton Bowl it is $125 to $200; for the Alamo Bowl it’s $65 to $95, and for the Insight Bowl prices are between $25 and $85 per ticket.

USING THE COTTON BOWL AS AN EXAMPLE, WHERE ARE THE TICKETS LOCATED? “The $200 ticket is club level and roughly between the 30-yard-lines. The $125 tickets are bench seating between the 20-yard-line and the end zone in all of the different levels of the stadium. It is important for K-State fans to know that the public seats for the Cotton Bowl are sold out, so they should pre-order through K-State as soon as possible.”

WHEN WILL TICKETS BE SENT? “They will be sent out by over-night mail around Dec. 16.”

CAN K-STATE STILL WIN THE BIG 12 TITLE? “Yes, we can, but either Oklahoma State or Oklahoma would likely attend the Fiesta Bowl as the league’s championship representative. If K-State defeats Iowa State on Saturday, and Oklahoma State defeats Oklahoma … then Oklahoma State will win the Big 12 title, K-State will be second and Oklahoma third. If K-State defeats Iowa State and OU defeats Oklahoma State, then it will be a three-way tie for first between the three schools with records of 7-2. Oklahoma would be declared the Big 12 title representative because the Sooners would have defeated both K-State and Oklahoma State.”

2011 BIG 12 CONFERENCE BOWL LINEUP (in order of selection)
BCS – FIESTA BOWL: Jan. 2; 7:30 p.m.; Glendale, Ariz. vs. BCS
COTTON BOWL: Jan. 6; 7 p.m.; Arlington, Texas vs. SEC
ALAMO BOWL: Dec. 29; 8 p.m.; San Antonio, Texas vs. Pac-12
INSIGHT BOWL: Dec. 30; 9 p.m.; Tempe, Ariz. vs. Big Ten
HOLIDAY BOWL: Dec. 28; 7 p.m.; San Diego, Calif. vs. Pac-12
TEXAS BOWL: Dec. 31; 11 a.m.; Houston, Texas vs. Big Ten
PINSTRIPE BOWL: Dec. 30; 2:20 p.m.; Bronx, N.Y. vs. Big East

SUGAR BOWL, Jan. 3, 7:30 p.m., New Orleans, La. vs. BCS

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