SE: Brown Sorry to See Days as Wildcat End

Arthur Brown

Dec. 27, 2012

This story appeared in Thursday's edition of K-State Sports Extra.

By Mark Janssen

Melancholy is a bit too strong of a word, but Kansas State’s Arthur Brown admits to a certain degree of sadness as he prepares for his final game as a Wildcat on Jan. 3, in the Fiesta Bowl.

“I’m in no rush to go on, but I know it’s that time,” said Brown, who is concluding his career as a first-team All-American linebacker. “I’m looking forward to the next step, but my time here the last three years will be embraced the rest of my life. It’s been such a growing process.”

Brown’s story has been told and retold.

He was America’s premier linebacker out of Wichita East High School in 2007. Selecting the Miami Hurricanes as his school of choice, the fit “… was never right.” But he quickly added, “I will never look at it as a waste of time because it was a learning experience for me. It prepared me for the opportunity that I received here.”

Brown has always said he has never been much of a college football fan: “I never had a favorite team and don’t watch much (football) today.”

And no, Brown says Bill Snyder was not necessarily the reason he chose to transfer to Kansas State in 2010.

“I didn’t know too much about coach Snyder. I was just interested in any place that would give me an opportunity and a scholarship,” said Brown. “Really, my parents were the ones who sort of chose K-State for me. They were the ones who did the background work and thought this would be a positive experience.”

Today, some 194 Wildcat tackles later, Brown just shakes his head about the value of Kansas State, and Bill Snyder, has had on his life.

“He’s been a father figure … (laughing) a grandfather figure to so many of us,” said Brown, a social science major with a minor in business management. “He’s been such a great example to all of us when it comes to character, discipline and values.”

And will those “16 Goals for Success” be used by Brown later in life?

Laughing, the finalist for the prestigious Lott IMPACT Trophy said, “I’m sure they will. To what extent, I don’t know, but those are values you can use in whatever you do. I’m not sure I will remember all of them in order in the years to come, but they will be a part of my life.”

After playing Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, Brown’s attention will turn to April’s NFL Draft where, again, his dad, Arthur Sr., has done most of the background work.

“That’s nothing I want to talk about until after the Fiesta Bowl. But sure, that’s where I hope my life takes me,” said Brown, who is projected as a second- to third-round draft choice. “Like coach says, I want to take this step-by-step, and Oregon is my next step.”

He hopes that step will be the highest moment of his Wildcat career: A bowl win, an unprecedented 12th win to a single season, and a Top 5 national ranking at year’s end, the highest ranking in K-State history.

But until that moment comes, Brown says, “I can’t point to one particular moment as being my high. Just to see the growth of us as a team the last two years has been my greatest experience. That, and building so many relationships with these guys is what I have valued most in my time at Kansas State.”

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