New Colbert Hills Clubhouse Dedicated


MANHATTAN, Kan. - Nearly 175 donors, friends and staff joined Kansas State golfing legend Jim Colbert, Research Foundation Board President Howard Sherwood and Director of Athletics John Currie Saturday at Colbert Hills Golf Course to celebrate 10 years of golf and the grand opening of its new clubhouse.

"It is a great day for the life and history of Colbert Hills as all of you can imagine," said Sherwood. "Today we have a dual celebration with this week being our 10th anniversary and recognition of our new clubhouse."

The $5.5 million clubhouse broke ground in July 2008 and features a pro shop that has doubled in size, men's and women's locker rooms and a full-service restaurant. Colbert, Ernie Barrett and John and Mary Vanier were recognized by Sherwood for their generous gifts to the 13,400 square-foot facility.

"This is a special morning in a lot of ways for K-State," said Currie. "We always talk about how we want to have a world-class student-athlete experience, and what has been provided by those of you in attendance is indeed a world-class experience. This was a project that included vision, leadership and a powerful philanthropy."

"It is truly a great place," said Colbert. "Everything that I have been taught by the architects that designed this place is in this clubhouse. I have to thank everyone here because the key to this place is the quality."

Bernie Haney, assistant director of development, began the celebration by recognizing the accomplishments of the K-State men's and women's golf teams at Colbert Hills since the world-class course opened in 2000, including 10 postseason appearances and a combined 15 team tournament championships. Colbert Hills has also hosted the 2003 NCAA Men's Central Regional Golf Championships and the 2002 Big 12 Women's Golf Championships.

Head coaches Tim Norris and Kristi Knight have been at K-State since the beginning of Colbert's vision and they see the addition of the clubhouse being beneficial in future tournaments and the day-to-day work of the golf teams.

"When I got here there was nothing, but years later we now have quite a place," said Norris. "I cannot really envision much more for our golf needs as far as a clubhouse and indoor and outdoor facilities."

"This is something that not only K-State golf can be proud of but also Riley County and the city of Manhattan," said Knight. "It is a compliment to this fabulous golf course and our practice facilities. This will provide so much more for our events that we host in a lot of ways."

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