Colbert Hills Holds Clubhouse Groundbreaking Ceremony

MANHATTAN, Kan. More than 75 spectators were on hand at Colbert Hills Golf Course Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony of a new $5 million clubhouse at one of the top college golf courses in the nation.


The clubhouse will house four locker rooms, a pro shop, a multipurpose area, a conference room and a bar and grill within its estimated 13,500 square feet. The $5 million project will be financed entirely with private donations.


The K-State men’s and women’s golf teams will have separate locker rooms within the facility as well, while the building will house offices for both men’s golf coach Tim Norris and women’s golf coach Kristi Knight.


“This is going to be first class, all the way,” said Norris. “There won’t be any missing links now. I don’t know if a bigger locker room is going to make us play any better, but we will have a place that is pretty impressive. This is going to help us as far as the quality of tournaments that we are going to host, as well as the quantity. We are going to be able to do more things out here with a full-size clubhouse.”


Speaking at the ceremony was Kansas State Golf Course Management and Research Foundation Board President Howard Sherwood, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Director of Athletics Bob Krause, as well as K-State icon and former PGA Tour golfer Jim Colbert.


“Today is a red-letter day. I don’t know if you can have red-letter days in Manhattan, but maybe today is a purple-letter day,” said Sherwood. “This is a big event for Colbert Hills, but also for Kansas State. I’ve heard Bob (Krause) talk about winning championships in our athletic department and what better tool for our coaches than to have what will be this beautiful clubhouse to recruit to and to build their teams around. There can’t be a better tool than to have this golf course and this clubhouse for our golf teams.”


“This is going to be one more enhancement, with the locker rooms, coaches’ offices and the ability to have the clubhouse host regional (tournaments), NCAA (tournaments) and conference (tournaments) for years to come,” added Krause. “I think this puts us in another category.”


“I’m really excited about it,” said Colbert. “This completes what we need to have here.”


The anticipated completion of the new clubhouse is in the fall of 2009. The existing temporary clubhouse has been moved to a location east of Hole No. 1 to facilitate construction of the permanent building.