Postgame Quotes

Jan. 5, 2013

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Kansas State Head Coach & Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening Statement …
“It is great to get a Big 12 victory. I think this is the classic example of just stick in there, grind it out and compete until the last second. It is reminiscent of some plays a year ago that Mariah (White) and Brandy (Brown) hooked up on. This possession it was Chantay (Caron) finishing the job there in the paint which was another example I think of where we can go. Tonight we shot a whole lot of three’s and not a whole lot went in, but 35 is a healthy number for us. We had to fight our way back in on the rebounding margin, and I think we got closer. I think the rebounds we did grab defensively in the second half were very big. We gave up a few three’s and a couple of shots and drives that I would hope we can begin to eliminate when we extend the floor a little bit. It is a great victory. Any win in the Big 12 is so meaningful and it feels good to see this team have success for how hard they work.”

On her team’s offensive performance …
“Baskets were kind of hard to come by for us. We went through little segments where we had a little inside penetration and began to work the ball inside some. I think they started to dive in and double a little bit. They took some of our passing lanes away. We bobbled it a little bit. It was good to see us score the final basket inside. They switched defenses, which again, we came out of the timeout expecting so they came out with man-to-man. Our players made a good play together and just made a really good basketball play. They made the adjustments and I was proud to see them finish the job.”

On Haley Texada
“She really just fought her way. There were times when you could see she was pretty tired and fatigued especially in the zone because it wore us down a little bit and also on the perimeter when you are trying to find passing angles or looking to move the ball. I thought she really stayed mentally in tune. She did a great job, and she got some rhythm shots for us late, and for a young player to stick in it like she did and to produce those kinds of numbers, was really impressive. It was more growth in her overall mental focus throughout the course of major minutes. She was not getting a lot of rest, and you really have to press mentally to stay in tuned especially when the team as a whole is not dropping a lot of shots.”

Senior Guard Brittany Chambers
On tonight’s win…
“It is huge. It is good to see players like Haley (Texada) and Bri (Craig) step up and make big shots. I think that playing in the Big 12 and getting a win while I was not playing well tonight is really big. It really shows how much our team is growing as a whole, and players are growing individually as well. It is a huge win for us.”

Junior Forward Chantay Caron
On momentum in the second half…
“I was a little frustrated in the first half with turnovers. Our coaches just told me to go back in and shake it off. It is a new half and I should get back into it. So, that is what I did.”

On being the inside man…
“We obviously have great outside shooters. They are obviously going to be defended like crazy. So, anything that I can do to help them, I will. It is what I am here for.”

Sophomore Guard Haley Texada
On coming back from a loss …
“I really cannot explain it. I just try to go out there and do as best as I can to do whatever it takes to win. It has been a tough week though. We had KU earlier and TCU tonight. KU was definitely our game, and it took a lot of energy. I think you just have to turn around and come back off of that loss and get ready for TCU, which we did. We needed to win this home game since we lost our last one.”

On how the offense benefits her…
“Definitely the ball movement, moving the ball really quickly gets the defense moving. Once the defense gets moving around, they get pretty tired, and it opens the gaps.”