Postgame Quotes

Jan. 17, 2012

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K-State Head Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening Statement…
“This is a disappointing night for us. Oklahoma did a great job of coming in on the road, and (Aaryn) Ellenberg got the hand with the three’s early in the game.  I thought our perimeter defense in the first half gave Oklahoma an opportunity to be in the basketball game. The easy three looks that we gave were not indicative of how we have defended through the course throughout the year. Tonight opened the door, and great players go right through it. I think she (Ellenberg) got her confidence up and continued to find ways to put pressure on our defense. On a night where we wasted a lot of offensive possessions, give credit to Oklahoma. It was a situation where they went zone and really just changed the look. They threw three or four possessions of the trap at us, mixed up the zone and man-to-man keeping us off balance. I felt we look extremely unprepared for what we saw, and we did not bring the poise that Oklahoma brought to the floor with their changing defenses.”

On Aaryn Ellenberg’s steals…
“I thought that was big. Our perimeter decisions tonight were not good. Ellenberg had a great feel of when we were going to over-penetrate. We were so uncertain of what we were looking for on the offensive end from possession to possession. We have got to be better prepared because our decisions seemed so out of character. Ellenberg was reading any opportunity for a show and a steal. Any over-penetration, she was going to have a hand in on it in ball defense. If we were soft on the on-ball defense, she was right there. I feel like we almost had a full house of turnovers. Turnover one is just a simple over play pass across the top. Turnover two is a one-on-one possession without securing the ball. Turnover three is a dribble-drive into the lane, and there is help so there is no drive lane. Turnover four is ‘I am not controlling the ball strong on a catch and getting it deflected’. It was like a buffet of turnovers, and she was ready and able to secure, as was her basketball team. There were so many poor decisions on our part that Oklahoma forced. You have to give all the credit to Oklahoma for putting us in the position where our minds and decision-making was not sound.”

On looking toward Baylor…
“It is just like any Big 12 opponent except you got the (Brittney) Griner factor. We will go into it obviously stepping off the floor tonight putting a big emphasis and priority in us getting better. I think as we look at Baylor, my primary concern is about how our basketball team is going to play to be competitive in a contest, and then you just line it up against one of America’s best and see what it brings you. At the very least, you want to leave the floor knowing that no matter what your opponent throws at you, you are ready to answer strong and assertive with quality play. When I think about preparing for Baylor, I think about Oklahoma. Oklahoma was prepared to work to disrupt us, and they did."

Guard Brittany Chambers
On missed opportunities….
“I think personally, I had a lot of them tonight. I just think what coach said we were a little unbalanced, and we let it affect us too much. As upperclassmen, we need to step up and take control, but we did not. I credit Oklahoma because their defense was good. They changed it up on us, but it was an immaturity on the court on our part.”

On Oklahoma’s defense…
“They played a zone and they did everything that other teams have done. We did not bring the heart.”

Guard Tasha Dickey
On tonight’s mentality…
“I thought I was not on tonight. We were not there mentally, and you have to give credit to Oklahoma for taking advantage of our mental lapse. “

Forward Jalana Childs
On reaching the 1000th point milestone
“It is a great honor to be put in that category along with Brittany (Chambers) and others in the past. I knew it was coming this game because I had Twitter updates and texts about it. I was not trying to focus on it, but it feels good that it is over with.  I do not have to think about or worry about it. Not that I did worry about it. It is just a great honor. “

Oklahoma Quotes
Head Coach Sherri Coale
On guarding Brittany Chambers…
“Brittany is a very smart player; she is a very tough basketball player, so we really challenged our guards about not leaving her. She makes big shots. Her release is such that you think you have her guarded, but you do not really have her guarded. I thought Morgan Hook did a fantastic job. When we really made her curl or made her put it on the floor, I thought our bigs did a good job of helping and collapsing on the lane as well. It takes a great deal of discipline to stay with that. They run her off of so many screens. She is so good without the ball in her hand. I was really proud of our little sophomore taking that challenge. She really did a good job with it.”

On Aaryn Ellenberg’s offensive performance…
“She is just really capable of that. I would like to say I agree with you maybe, but I have seen her be just unbelievable. She is kind of streaky like that. She gets going and then there is no telling how long the flood gates might be open. Her first half was pretty incredible. I’ll have to look on film but a couple of those three point shots were pretty deep and well contested. She is just a scorer. She scores the ball. That is what she does.”

On Aaryn Ellenberg’s defensive performance…
“Unbelievable, I thought those steals were the difference in the game, they broke Kansas State’s rhythm and allowed us to get some freebies, gives us a little bit of breathing room. It gave us a great amount of confidence. (Aaryn) is a fantastic athlete as you can tell, superb instincts, now the only problem with this is I am going to expect her to get that amount of steals every time we play.”

Sophomore Guard Aaryn Ellenberg
On her first half performance…
“I guess I was just feeling it and I credit a lot to my teammates. They were finding me, so it made it that much easier to get a rhythm.“

On her pregame mindset…
“Basically what Coach said. She challenged us to be a little bit better than what we normally are every day, so I think that just stuck in our heads. If we just play a little bit harder than we normally do, then we can make up for that player that is not really here. Jo [Joanna McFarland] brings a lot so I think everyone stepped up and participated in their own way to contribute to that.”