Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. Iowa State

Jan. 18, 2014

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes

K-State Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening Statement…
“I am really thrilled and appreciative of our fans. To see that many of our fans in the house tonight were very, very special to our players and our staff and our program. We are just very grateful to everybody who came and was a part of this victory tonight. I was really proud of the balance that we were able to bring to the floor tonight on the offensive end. That first half, defensively, it was very important to us. I think Iowa State had a bit of a carryover from the last two games, but I thought our kids were very accountable during that first half. It helped them believe that they could compete possession by possession with Iowa State. You can certainly see that it was a tale of two halves in terms of the amount of points scored. You could just see the amount of explosiveness that Iowa State possesses. We got hurt defensively those last four minutes of the game, but you have to credit Iowa State for their aggressiveness. You have to know that they are going to keep coming at you and they did. But I was proud of the way that we went to the foul line and stepped up. Katya (Leick) did a great job of stepping up to the line when she had her opportunities. Kindred (Wesemann) even had a chance at the line so that was big when they were making a big run at us and our accountability to guard the three really faltered.”

On Iowa State’s Hallie Christofferson…
“She is one of the most impressive players in terms of her evolution that I have had the opportunity to watch over the years here. They all get better every year, but she has really been neat to watch. We just have so much respect for her and it took a team to stop her. We had Ashia (Woods) and Katya on her. We had Bri (Craig) on her and we had (Briana Lewis) on her, and I felt like that was our only chance to continue to mix looks and stay active. Fortunately tonight, we were able to be effective in somewhat limiting some of her touches, but she is a great player. On most nights, out of those 11 shots, she is going to make eight or nine of them.”

On the play of freshman Leti Romero ….
“I think as Big 12 play has evolved, she is understanding more of the American game and the aggressiveness you have to bring to it. I thought she did a good job of making decisions in getting (Breanna Lewis) involved in the game. She brought an aggressive disposition as a scorer. She was finding Katya in the corner, and she was able to step up. That is what we have been telling our kids that they have the ability to make shots and that really puts a lot of pressure on you when you are struggling. Leti continued to have the confidence to share the ball like she did and it was really neat to see that rewarded. It was neat to see Bri Craig come in and drop them down and it was neat for Katya because it has been a long dry spell for our kids. That was really keyed off of Leti’s aggressiveness and then her willingness to share the ball.

Senior Forward Katya Leick
On defeating a top-15 team in Iowa State…
“It was thrilling, and it is really rewarding. It was a really good, competitive game and just to get that win is exciting.”

On defending ISU’s Hallie Christofferson..
“She is a very talented player, and we knew that she was a really big key for them. We knew, as a team, that we needed to keep our momentum and our energy going. Part of our defense was to stop her - you have to respect a talented player - and we were able to do that tonight.”

On K-State’s team-defensive effort…
“Out there, we were playing together as a team. We talked, communicated, and we fed off of each other. That was really good and that is what helped us and that is what contributed to us getting the win.”

Freshman Guard Leticia Romero
On the toughness of conference play…
“I am trying to practice it, and I know the Big 12 is hard and you have to put everything you have out there. We are working on being more aggressive and getting to the rim. That is what we practice.”

Iowa State Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Bill Fennelly
Opening statement…
“I would like to congratulate K-State. I thought they played really well. They had a nice crowd and made some great plays. (Leticia) Romero was as good as we thought. They made some big shots as the shot clock was winding down. Our issue continues to be our inability to make shots. For about 37 minutes of this game that was the problem again. In this league there are things you have to do. You have to rebound, you have to defend, and you have to get rebounds. Right now we are not making very many shots. It is tough to win when you are not making very many buckets.”

On K-State`s defense of Hallie Christofferson…
“I was not surprised. They had a good plan, and they beat her up pretty good. They made it hard for her to shoot the ball, but she still got 11 shots. She did not get to the free throw line at all, but they had a good plan. When we are not making threes, spreading the court, and beating them off the bounce they packed their defense in even more. “

On rivalry with Coach Patterson…
“There have been a lot of good games and a lot of good players. This is a program that does things the right way. They have players that play hard. They have a good loyal fan base. They have always had good teams, and they are always hard to play. They are well prepared, and they do things the right way. Over the years, we have always had good games. Some good some bad, but they are always competitive, it can usually go either way. These games are good for the sport and good for our league. You know they are competitive, and they are clean and played right. You know there is not a lot of fouling. It is just two teams that are playing the game.”