Postgame Notes

Feb. 9, 2011

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Kansas State Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement …
“I thought that this was a game for us in which we were just really inefficient. We were not as good as we needed to be on the offensive end of the floor to compete possession by possession with Texas. I think a lot of our deficiencies were on the offensive end. Obviously early in the game, giving up as many 3-point attempts as we did was problematic. Late in the game, we gave up the open three look. Texas had the hot hand from the three and we did not do a good job of defending that.”

On Texas’ 3-point shooting …
“There really was not too much to it, we gave them open-look three’s. We were sagging off their shooters at times where we should not have. There were a couple possessions in the second half where (Kathleen) Nash came off a nice down-screen and there are probably one or two where they had to really work to get that three look. Most of them were off the next pass or off penetration kicks for the three. It torched us; it was a huge aspect of the game.”

On giving Texas open shots ….
“I think that we were very sporadic in respect to accountability. You have to credit Texas because they stepped up and hit their shots when we gave them an open look. They were good from the 3-point line, which is an important point because we are about to go up to Iowa State, where instead of shooting 18 3-pointers, they shoot 30 3-pointers. Hopefully there are some positives that we can take from tonight with respect to how accountable you have to be out on the floor.”

Guard Taelor Karr
On how she would characterize the loss …
“I feel like we were really disconnected as a team. We were very sporadic with our defense and we were really disconnected and no one stepped up.”

Forward Jalana Childs
On tonight’s loss …
“We were on our heels the whole time and when they hit their 3-pointers, we were shocked and that is unlike our team. If we did answer, it was for a short period of time and that was not good enough.”

Guard Brittany Chambers
On tonight’s loss…
“I do not think we ever established our ‘Kansas State’ way of playing. We never set the tone.”

Texas Quotes
Head Coach Gail Goestenkors
Opening statement …
“I am really happy to come away with a win. This is always a tough place for everyone to play, and we knew it was going to take a complete team effort and I thought we got that. We have been inconsistent on the boards and that is something we have been trying to do better with, so I thought we did a good job on the boards tonight.”

On play of Yvonne Anderson…
“I thought Yvonne (Anderson) played just tremendous defense. Brittany (Chambers) is such a great player so we knew that guarding her was going to be a challenge. Yvonne always likes to guard the other team’s best players, and I think she takes great pride in that. Brittany (Chambers) still ended up with 14 points, but I think she had to work for all of them.”

On improved Big 12 play….
“We are playing with more confidence now. The way we started the Big 12 season is 0-4. The second segment we went 4-0 so now we are starting our third quarter, and we wanted to start out on the right foot. We feel like we are 1-0. Three of our four games are on the road. We call ourselves road warriors, and we want to be streak breakers. We beat Texas Tech when they had not lost at home, and we wanted to come here and give K-State their first lost at home as well. We are trying to take pride in some of the little things that hopefully will make a big difference. It is a tough league and any win is a great win, but to win on the road is really nice.”

Junior Guard Yvonne Anderson
On guarding Brittany Chambers…
“I definitely look forward to a challenge so guarding the other team’s best player I knew coming out that she could shoot from anywhere on the floor. She is also a threat to score at any time in many ways. I just knew that tonight was the night to show the defensive player that I am.”

On 3-point shooting…
“It definitely set the tone. We know what we want to do; we want to attack and play fast. By knocking down those shots we opened up the lane, so we can drive in and shoot three’s. It was good to see the ball go through the net.”