Postgame Quotes

Feb. 12, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening Statement…
“We just want to wish Carolyn Davis the best. Obviously, she is dealing with a very painful and difficult injury. When you see it happen on your floor in your game, it has a very strong emotional impact. So we wish her the very best as one of the premier players in this league and ever in Big 12 basketball. So I know it was a huge loss for KU today. This game played like a classic rivalry game. It was one of those games where we talked about the fact that no one is really scoring at a real efficient pace or stringing together makes. You have to find a way to battle the game, keep it close and step up and make enough plays to separate yourself. Really, we did that in the last minute of the game. Our games with KU just always seem to be so tight, and this was no exception. So I am very proud of our basketball team. This is a great win. It is good to come back against such a high caliber opponent and get a win after two very tough games against Baylor and Texas A&M.”

On Branshea Brown and Jalana Childs play…
“I thought that the numbers indicated how big Brandy and Jalana’s willingness to assume responsibility on the offensive end was. That is what you have to do. You have to put the games on your shoulders somewhat when our perimeter game is locked down and they both did it. I thought Brandy did an exceptional job early in the game of establishing pressure in the game, and Jalana followed up in the second half. She was exceptionally strong. I thought it was neat to see Brandy drop down those two face-up shots because that is part of the repertoire of the game. At the same time, they literally willed us to win. Jalana’s big, tough, strong, physical play in the second half really gave us a chance to stay close to KU.”

On Branshea Brown in the game …
“It was great. I think more than anything, it was just adding the inside-outside stability. Having an answer was what was key. Establishing an interior game takes so much pressure off of your perimeter players. Every game presents its own challenges and opportunities. I just love that Brandy literally said in the first half says I will be the one, I will do it. It is just really neat to see her assert herself. A year ago I think she might have questioned herself on some of those catches, but this year she knew she was going to be the one. She had a willingness to do it. That kept us in the basketball game as a possession by possession game.”

Senior Forward Jalana Childs
On her play in the second half ….
“I think this really goes back to the player I want to be, and the one that I have been in the past. These past few games I have not really been showing up for the team offensively and it was time for a change. I really wanted to show up for the game. In the first half I was not making a lot. I just told myself that I was not going to stop shooting just because I am not finishing. I just wanted to go at it, play my game and get comfortable out there because these last few games I have not been myself. I just really want to be there for my team.”

On reaching the 1,000th point milestone
“It is a great honor to be put in that category along with Brittany (Chambers) and others in the past. I knew it was coming this game because I had Twitter updates and texts about it. I was not trying to focus on it, but it feels good that it is over with. I do not have to think about or worry about it. Not that I did worry about it. It is just a great honor.“

Senior Forward Branshea Brown
On first half play…
“It was perfect timing and my teammates just got me the ball at the right time and put me in good position to make the shots to keep us in the game. “

On is there something special about playing KU…
“I do not know. It is just a rivalry game. I would not say that it is something about KU, but it really is because they are our in-state rival. At the same time I credit my teammates.”

Kansas Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening statement…
“It goes down to making one more mistake than they do, but I will probably twist it and say they made on more play than we did. I am proud. We battled and we competed. We put ourselves in position to win a game, with a really bad way to start a game.”

On the emotional toll…
“Obviously, we go back and they are all crying, but how tough are they. The weather storm is ugly and we keep it ugly, and we make it ugly. You control your emotions and in life it is not about the hand you were dealt it is about how you play it, and this is what it is we got to play. We talked about in the locker room that if the game is in the 30’s that we have to win it in the 30’s. If we are going to struggle that much offensively, then do not get upset about it and do not get frustrated, just go on the other end and guard and defend and force touches and rebounds and we did that coming out of the locker room. We answer and we get a little bit more room offensively; make a little run of our own. Offensively, we were so much better and so much more aggressive. First half, we kind of got stuck and got caught standing around. We do not get any rotational rebounds. Angel (Goodrich) starts being the playmaker that she is and gives an opportunity for Aishah (Sutherland) to make some rotational rebounds. Aishah steps up in the second half and plays like a senior and carries us, and puts us in position and Angel does, and Chelsea (Gardner) does for a young one. She gets to the free-throw line and she is aggressive. They really got into us in the post; a lot of post-to-post passes. They got good touches and deep touches, but even that we came back to battle. She hits a big three in the corner, Aishah hits a whip and drive to tie it, we have got to get a score at the end and we do not. When it comes down to it, we had some turnovers there that we do not get a shot at, obviously, in the last four minutes. At the end of the day we did compete, and I am proud. Did we win? No.”

On Aishah Sutherland’s play …
“She shows tremendous maturity, she goes and gets different shots, we talked about probably one for eight. Other than the one, she basket cuts, misses, and gets the offensive rebound, go to the rim and get fouled. When she does not and does not get a free-throw attempt, but she plays around the rim, when you are struggling go get an offensive rebound, everyone feels good about that. She got two and they scored both of those, I am just proud of her and how she changed, not standing out there and settling for 15-foot jump shots the whole night.”

Junior Guard Angel Goodrich
On whether she saw Carolyn Davis’s injury…
“It all happened so fast, it was just a usual play we see her coming down the court and we give her the ball, and then I did not even see until she was on the ground. I did not see what happened.”

On her previous knee injuries…
“It is very tough, because like you said, I know the pain and just hearing her holler it just hurts and it is hard, but we stuck together.”