Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. West Virginia

Feb. 22, 2014

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement. . .
"There is no question we just lined up against one of the best teams in America. It is a really challenging matchup not just for us but for anyone in this league. I thought we played with a lot of fight today and with that intensity that we hoped to bring to the floor. We did not shoot the ball as well as you need to but you have to understand that much of that is the long term pressure and stress that West Virginia can put on you because they are such a great basketball team. Just their physicality and the timeliness of it you can just tell it is a very experienced and mature basketball team that knows how to win and is very confident that they will night in and night out."

On K-State missed opportunities...
"Sometimes you just have to make a shot now and then. The timing was such that we would miss a shot, miss two shots--everyone in the building is feeling like that is a good look,b if it would just go in--but we could not capitalize--and they would like good teams do and the next three trips up the floor they would make a little run and torch you. I think there was a lapse in the first half we went over seven minutes without a basket. We talked at halftime about the fact that if we make our free throws you have been offered and make your one and one's along with a couple of layups that we missed--we go into the half with 32 or 33 points. But that is the difference--it is managing, its finding a way to get those baskets. Every little thing has to be perfect against a team like that. Their defense is a very, very difficult team to exploit--you have to have great playmaking and great shot making."
On West Virginia's suffocating defense...
"You are looking at the lane, looking at the kid dealing with the hedge and you are trying to recover off the switch. Everything just looks like a spider web out there with that team. They are interesting because usually when you play teams this good, they are playing off of real high emotion. This is not a real high emotion team. This is a business team. They just go do what they do, so it is like they are like silent assassins, and the lane is like a spider web. You just do not know where you are going to throw the ball through anything. That is when you do get your shot opportunities, they have to be makes. They make it very hard for those to be makes. They are a really tough, good and mature basketball team."

Freshman guard Kindred Wesemann
On getting in the lane against West Virginia...
"It was really hard to get passes around them--especially if they have their arms straight out. Especially for me, I am five foot nothing, and I can barely see around half of them. Just getting in there and being as long as they are, it is really hard to score on them."

West Virginia Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Mike Carey
Opening statement. . .
"We had a slow start. We did have a hard time the first time against them and then got moving. I thought our people coming off of the bench came off with energy and played pretty well. I thought Christal Caldwell stepped up today. Averee Fields did in the beginning until she got into foul trouble. This is a game that you really have to worry about coming off of a big win at home. We are just glad to get a win and get out of here. Give them credit, they played hard. They had a great game plan and tried to take our bigs out. We had to go small at times and just give them credit."

On guarding K-State's Leticia Romero. . .
"I thought that it was big turning over (Leticia) Romero seven times. She did better in the second half. We turned her over five times in the first half. That was something that we were looking to do a little bit.  As she goes, they go."