Kansas State vs. Iowa State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 26, 2011

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Kansas State vs. Iowa State
Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“Obviously it was a very disappointing game for us on the offensive end of the floor. The ineffectiveness that we had down there was the biggest frustration for us on the night. We continued to get great play out of Jalana (Childs) down there but I felt like that we just really struggled to find ways to score and pretty ineffective in our overall execution. That is something that we have to just keep bringing in the gym and continue to work hard on and try to find some answers. There was a little spurt in the second half where we let (Kelsey) Bolte get loose and that was disappointing defensively. I thought that started to shift the game into another game for Iowa State where they gave her three really good looks at a 3-pointer and if we play like that she is going to convert in Big 12 like this one.”

On three-point shooting…
“I thought that the lack of dropping down the three ball tonight was big but I am not sure that we worked real smart and hard to create opportunities to get them. The reality is that we could be on the locker room for 20 minutes talking about how bad our offense is but sometimes you over-analyze the fact that you make things more difficult than they are or you are looking for short cuts, there is just a lot of things involved in us not making threes tonight beyond the fact that we threw them up there.”

On Pink Zone initiative …
“I am very grateful to all of the fans that came today to support the Pink Zone Initiative. It was fabulous to see all the pink in the house to know that everybody was making a statement in the fight against cancer. Their attendance at today’s game, their willingness to wear pink, the support of the program and really just when people come together and make a statement that this cause really does matter I think that it perpetuates its self across the country. Not only does it have an impact at today’s game but all those little kids and people who saw this are going to being thinking about the issue and they are going to be curious and be different makers.”

Kansas State Player Quotes
Sophomore guard Taelor Karr

On the difficulty of guarding Kelsey Bolte…
“I think we did a great job in the first half. I believe we held her to only two points in the first half so we did a nice job. But just like coach said, there was a spurt where she hit two or three in-a-row and a lot of that is my fault. It is disappointing because we know she is their main player, their go to star. We knew we were going to have to shut her down and in the end, we did not do that. She had 19 points and hit some big shots and I will take that on my shoulders.”

On the tough defensive play of Iowa State…
“They had a really good defense, but I think a lot of it was just us with not having enough team chemistry. Our offense was really struggling so we need to come into the gym tomorrow and work really hard and work on that and figure out a way to flow and get good looks for each other. We have to figure out whatever it takes and I know our coaches are going to figure that out so we just have to come in and work really hard.”

Junior forward Jalana Childs
On the mindset coming out in the second half…
“I tried to keep my same mindset to score. The game was all about making adjustments and we failed at that. We did not adjust to what was being thrown at us. We have to be accountable for that. We cannot blame anybody else. We cannot blame the other team. We cannot blame the coaches. The blame is to us on the floor. Our mentality never changes; it is just whether or not you deliver.”

Iowa State Head Coach Quotes

Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly
Opening Statement…
“I guess I would say that this was just a typical Iowa State/Kansas State game. I saw a former K-State player as I was walking off the court and she looked at me and said ‘Coach, same as always, just some different numbers and different people’. It was just a grind-it-out, do anything to win kind of game. I was very proud of our effort tonight. We beat a very good team. This one gets us 20 wins on the season and eight conference wins and a sweep of a good program that we have not done in a long time. Certainly there is a lot to celebrate tonight especially with our guys’ winning today, it was a good day for Iowa State basketball.”

On what his team did well tonight…
“I thought that we defended them great. When you play K-State, they run so much stuff that it is hard to defend. I thought our perimeter defense was pretty good on Brittany Chambers and Taelor Karr. Jalana Childs is really a hard kid to guard because she is a little unorthodox being left-handed. She scored a lot of points but she did take 19 shots. We are a team that does not really foul a lot and I thought that we did a good job of that again tonight. Until the end of the game where they had that flurry of threes, I thought that we did a good job of not allowing them to have a lot of really, really good open looks. Kelsey Bolte has been in kind of a mini-slump but she really hit some big 3’s in the second half. When you go on the road and you hold their field goal percentage down and your field goal percentage is decent, you are in the game. We certainly made enough hustle plays down the stretch to keep us in the game and get a good win for our team."

Iowa State Player Quotes

Senior guard Kelsey Bolte

On her second half performance…
“I was not very confident in the first half I could not hit anything, in the second half I told myself to just keep shooting and coach told me to keep shooting and that’s what I did. Finally, I just got some confidence and after I got the first one in I just kept shooting.”

On what the defensive scheme was…
“We were trying to double team (Jalana) Childs off of a couple people. I think we were trying to force Childs right the whole, she is good going with her left hand and some of the shots she threw up there just kind of went in, so credit to her she did a good job.”

Sophomore guard Jessica Schroll
On containing Brittany Chambers
“Not let her hit 3’s and not letting her shoot 3’s. I was doing my best to get out to the 3-point line and not let her shoot. I was not giving her a lane to the basket, but I was definitely focused on not letting her shoot a three.”

On fighting through screens…
“We were helping off of a couple of different girls when we would be having a double screen or when we would be chasing off of double screen. If I could not get to my girl I was going to yell at my teammates.”