Postgame Quotes

Nov. 11, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“It is great to be 2-0. It was a great game for us to build on our system and to give our players the opportunity to be on the floor, to see a lot of combinations out there and just to continue to get a feel for what individuals can do, but there is nothing like that game experience for those young players. So I was excited about the opportunity to play so many people.”

On depth of the roster…
“I really believe that we only have one player that is not a threat from the 3-point line on a consistent level. I am really excited about the shot opportunities that we are creating out there. I think that it is a great sign for our offense. We will not necessarily live on that shot, but I think that we are very good at it, and we will take a lot of them. I am hopeful that our free-throw numbers will improve while staying aggressive and creating balance there. I think that we can still be more aggressive getting to the foul line, but I would not trade the 3-point looks we got tonight. I do not question anybody’s decision to take one of those 3-pointers tonight because they were all good looks.”

On the team’s size….
“Offense will come and the more I see us playing great, accountable defense day in and day out, the more I will be able to spend on our team’s offense. I think we are going to have to be very good defensively as we go through this challenging season in terms of quality opponents that we will play. That is critical and very big. There are a lot of things that I thought we got loose on defensively. Some of our younger players have to get lock down accountability. Our defense cannot waver and neither can our rebounding night in and night out.”

Freshman Guard Brianna Craig
On her performance…
“I felt a little more relaxed. I was just kind of getting into the swing of things. I was doing just what my teammates told me to do and that was to hit the open three, and I was just feeling it tonight.”

Senior Guard Brittany Chambers

On her shooting and the team’s new look…
“I think I am questioning the three, because those open shots are not going to be there later on. I am trying to pick my shots to shoot and get my teammates open. I think I was a little hesitant tonight with some of the shots that I took. The system will come along and we will get use to it. We will recognize when and where and we will be a lot more comfortable and less second guessing.”

Sophomore Guard Haley Texada
On her fit in the offense…
“I like it a lot. It is very up-tempo. I like to run and get into things very quick. It works well with my type of play, also with everybody else already in motion. It feels good out there.”

Arkansas-Pine Bluff Coach Quotes
Head Coach Nate Kilbert
On his team’s performance…
“They did better than I thought. I will be honest with you, these kids have two games in two years. What do you expect from them? I mean new coach and new system. I really was surprised with some things that we did well. A lot of it is on me. We have not been able to work on our presses. We have worked a lot on offense. What I would like to see us do better is our man-to-man defense and not letting people get to the basket as well as Kansas State did. I would like to not see us turn the ball over as much. We had 15 turnovers in the first half and only eight in the second half, but I was real impressed with our post play. We did some real good things on the post. Overall, I am happy with how our kids played. We are playing at Kansas State, and you look for them to be tough. I thought they shot the ball extremely well. We have a lot of work to do, but I am happy to be honest with you.”

On how Chigoziany Okwumbua and Jenise Gentry played…
“When I first took the job, playing against them, I knew that they were to best two post players on the team. I thought they played up to their potential. I would like to see both of them rebound the ball better. I thought they did well. I think one of them was 4-4, and the other one was 4-5. I do not know what else more you can ask of them offensively. I would just like to see them rebound the ball better, and maybe defend a little bit better. When they can do those things, then I think we will be ok in our conference. We were picked 10th, so I think we will be ok if they continue to improve.”