Kansas State and Dartmouth Postgame Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
On tonight’s defense…
“We did a great job on defense tonight, being accountable and anticipating passes all in all a real strong game on the defensive side of the ball.”

On starting on a 12-0 run…
“I thought we got some production out of our early possessions and that is something we have to continue to build on. I think these were the best six trips of the game for our starting five. We are really going to have to build upon that. As we compete for 40 minutes we obviously have a long way to go on the offensive end of the floor. We did a good job of starting, but I thought our bench did a nice job on building on that quite frankly more so than our starters.”

On improvements from the exhibitions…
“I thought there was some individual players. I thought Tasha’s (Dickey) feel on the offensive end was better than it had been in past games. I thought we saw good decisions from JuliAnne Chisholm beginning to grow that confidence on the offensive end on how to stroke the three. Ashia Woods and Stephanie Wittman, and Chantay (Caron) got some good quality minutes for us that I think they will be able to build upon. I do not think as a group we demonstrated a great deal of team improvement, as a starting unit. I have been seeing it in practice, but I thought from the second group and from our bench I saw a better understanding of what we are trying to get and where our productivity will come from.”

On defense in the second half…
 “I think the athletic dimension that we have with our players out there, they were really intimidating. We had greater athleticism and really dominated there in the second half. They made it very tough to get shots and did a nice job on the boards as well.”

Senior Guard Tasha Dickey
On her 20 points during the game…
“I am very happy that we got a win as a team. The only reason I was able to get that many points was because I had my team supporting me and helping me through it. Really, we have been working a lot at practice on playing the lanes, defensive lanes, and offensively we have been working a lot on getting better. So, it has really helped me at being able to step up and play for my team.”

Dartmouth Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Chris Wielgus
“We are disappointed that we could not provide a better showing. We are a young team and hopefully this is a good start as we look to improve, as we head into the rest of our season.”