Kansas State vs. BYU Postgame Quotes

Nov. 16, 2011

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Kansas State Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
On tonight’s performance…
“Athletically, on the defensive end of the ball in most situations, we played very, very well. We had a segment of the game where we played transition defense, let it lapse, and looked very bad, which is a mental error in my mind. We will have that fixed the next time that we line up.”

On the performance of the bench players…
“I thought that our bench, especially JuliAnne (Chisholm) and Chantay (Caron), came in and were very critical in forcing Jalana (Childs) and Brandy (Brown) to play a lot of minutes. For Chantay to come in and make contributions offensively, I think during the time that we did not defend well, was very good. JuliAnne played very physical and those were quality minutes that we had to have.”

On improvements…
“After the last game, where I thought we were so careless, the team came out tonight with a better sense of ownership of every possession. They were not going to get soft. The last game, we were so soft on the rebounds and in the backcourt we somebody said ‘Boo’. That just is not acceptable and I think that our team brought a better mentality and sense of understanding. Tonight they were tough-minded and that is what you need to have to succeed. Tonight we owned up to it.”

Forward Jalana Childs
On coming off last season’s injury..
“I am not where I want to be. I think I could be more solid on the offensive end. Tonight, I told the starters and they told the rest of the team that I was going to impact is on the energy side and I think I went a little crazy and I think that was something that was good for us. I do not think I am where I want to be yet. I was okay offensively and defensively but we have a lot more basketball to play. I have a lot of room to grow.”

On her play this season ..
“On Monday, I think mentally, I was not there. I was thinking way too far ahead and I was thinking about the past and where I was last Big 12 season. I just have to be more patient. I am very impatient when it comes to improving as a team and as individuals. I am just ready to work and I am going to keep giving it everything I have and just going hard in practices and in games.”

Guard Brittany Chambers
On tonight’s performance…
“Early in the second half, we felt like we did not come out with enough energy. It was one of those things where they are fixable mistakes. Those are things that we usually try to avoid and these are things that we are not proud of at this point. But it is just a mental thing for us. Once we got that changed, you could see that our energy picked up and we got some fast-break points because that is what was really hurting us.”

On the play of Jalana Childs…
“It was huge. I do not think I have seen Jalana go for rebounds as hard as she did tonight. She was going nuts rebounding the ball. With another person inside, Chantay Caron came off the bench and the and-one that she had was something that really stuck in my mind. She just gives us so much energy when we need It and that is what we really need out of the bench players. I think our post in general really stepped up on the boards.”

BYU quotes

Head Coach Jeff Judkins
Opening Statement..
“I felt that we got out-toughed. They seemed to want it more and the ball was in position to see who wanted it and they got everyone. I feel like for our team to be successful we need to be tough, and we need to fight for the things that we want to do and be aggressive. I thought my guards competed very well.”

On Jalana Childs..
“I thought she really played well, especially in the first half. She dominated getting the ball where she wanted to get in the post. She was aggressive in there. Their bigs scored 32 of their points tonight. I thought we did a good job on (Brittany) Chambers and their other guards we just got beat up inside on posting up and rebounding. That is not like us and we are a better team.”

Guard Kim Parker
On losing to K-State…
“I guess it was just not our night. Obviously, they have a really good defense inside, but if we are going to win games we need to be able to handle the pressure.”

On away games…
“I think that when you are on the road there is a rest situation, and you do not have your fans here for you cheering.  I think road games make you focus more.  You are not in the daily routine of going to school every day so it is good in that way.”

Forward Lexi Eaton
On difficulty guarding Branshea Brown and Jalana Childs…
“It was tough, but I was just trying to be aggressive.  It really just came down to effort. Coach Judkins told me I need to give that much effort.”