Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. Grambling State

Dec. 7, 2013

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Grambling State at Kansas State
Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“Well, it is good to be back in Bramlage after that Virginia win. It is good to be back home. This is a game where I am glad to see our assist numbers go up, and I felt we got a lot of looks inside and out on the offensive end of the floor. That felt great to get that kind of balance. The goal for us is to finish plays, and I think that we are getting there. We are getting looks at plays, but not necessarily finishing them at the level we would like. That is the next step. First, you have to find your knitch and find your opportunity to create baskets that are unguarded. I thought we did that tonight. Now we have to learn to finish those.”

On the bench play …
“I thought they created a great jolt of enthusiasm and energy when they hit the floor. The ball moved a little bit quicker. I think they had an advantage watching from the sideline. They could feel that tempo. We all felt like we were in mud at the start of the game. It was really big for us to get that second group for us out there and get that pop that they brought to the floor.”

On Kindred Wesemann’s play…
“She had a good floor game today. She did not have mistakes, and she was fundamental. I thought she had good tempo and her decision making was where it needed to be. She was focused and very committed to what we needed her to do from a fundamental point of view. She kept her team in the offense and her numbers are a result. There were real high numbers across the board. It was just a good floor game from Kindred today.”

On getting back on track….
“Getting two wins is big. You have to walk into the gym tomorrow and prepare for the next week. Every day we have to keep getting better. I thought today we were primarily better at distributing the ball and individual decisions. Like Kindred today, we made good basketball decisions and fundamental decisions. That is key. This next week we have to put a great attention on finishing plays. If we do, we will be a little bit better. Bre Lewis should be a great force for us. We saw her a few times, but we are a long ways from incorporating what we ultimately will need from her and our post game overall. There is the next day and the list goes on what we want to get better at. That is why we get to play all the way through March. Hopefully this mentality that Kindred brought in particular, gives you a chance to be a better basketball team and individually to succeed like she did today.”

Freshman Guard Kelly Thomson
On her big shots …
“It is definitely all just great passes by Kindred, especially. She is always looking up, and looking to push the ball. Kindred did a great job of delivering the ball to shooters. It helped us to knock down shots, and to get good passes to the outside.”

Freshman Guard Kindred Wesemann
On how comfortable she is assisting the ball…
“I am a lot more comfortable since the beginning. It was just kind of difficult at first, because you are trying to learn what you are looking for. Now I know what I am supposed to be looking for. Sometimes I still do make mistakes, but my teammates are getting open in the right spots and getting where they need to be.”