Chambers, Childs Part of K-State's Meet and Greet

Jalana Childs

July 11, 2011

By Mark Janssen - K-State Sports Extra

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Summer school, hoop workouts, relaxing … and meeting their fans.

That’s been the summer agenda for K-State women’s basketball players Brittany Chambers and Jalana Childs, who have been on a portion of the department’s Catbacker tour that has covered the Sunflower State during the last five weeks.

“It was great to get out there and meet some of our fans for the first time,” said Chambers, who heads into her junior season with scoring averages of 12.1 and 16.0 in her first two years.

Childs, who will be a senior, added, “It was fun to meet the people, but it also helped me as a person to get up and speak in front of a large crowd.”

Chambers and Childs said one of the most frequently asked questions from their fans had to deal with the quality of the incoming players.

The four newcomers are 5-11 guard Heidi Brown, 5-7 guard Haley Texada, 5-11 guard Ashia Woods, plus Nebraska Cornhusker transfer in 6-1 Katya Leick, who will not be eligible until the 2012-13 season.

“Our class didn’t come in during the summer and these girls have, so they are far above where we were when we first arrived,” said Chambers. “They have worked so hard and have really taken advantage of this time.”

Of Woods, Chambers said, “She is smooth and very deceptive with her speed. She has long arms, and can really guard.”

On Brown, she continued, “She has a great shot and a very patient player on offense.”

With Texada, Chambers scouted, “She’s like a jet. She’s quick as all get out. She’s faster than anyone else we have up and down the court.”

She continued, “I think our fans will be excited about this year’s team. We accomplished so much last year by making the NCAA Tournament and defeating the eventual national champions, and we’re going to be the same team that plays with fire and so much passion. We have good new players who love to play basketball and love to play with each other. We’re like a family out there.”

Childs made three Catbacker stops, which included Marysville, Concordia and Winfield, and the opportunity to take a flight on the K-State plane.

“Coach (Bill) Snyder was riding on the same plane. Now, how many times does someone get to take a plane ride with Coach Snyder?” asked Childs. “That’s something you dream about. When we got here, Coach Snyder was like a God. People were lined up everywhere to take a picture of him.”

Then, she also enjoyed the K-State family poking fun at her coach, Deb Patterson, for her long-winded speeches.

“They joked that she talked for eight years, and she can talk forever, but I’m used to it,” Childs quipped. “Her 40-minute talk at Catbackers … that’s short when she’s talking to the team. You pray for a talk that’s that short.”