Q&A with Jalana Childs

1.) Favorite saying:
"Be extraordinary." Ellis Grey from Grey's Anatomy
2.) Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Rosario Dawson
3.) Who is your celebrity crush?
Eric Dane a.k.a. McSteamy
4.) What are your future goals on and off the court?
Off- become hotel executive of Gaylord Palms in Orlando. On- lead the team in rebounding.
5.) What is your secret food craving?
Monkey bread
6.) The reason I picked my jersey number is... Because I am a huge fan of Grant Hill and Scottie Pipper
7.) Favorite things Coach P says:
Coach P turns to the bench in the middle of the game and ask, "WHAT IS SHE DOING?!"
8.) The reality show I'd like to be on is....
Dancing With the Stars. But if Grey's Anatomy was a reality show, or if I could just be on a show...it would definitely be Grey's!
9.) 3 reasons I chose K-State:
The team, the coaches, the people
10.) Most people don't know but I....
Britney Spears was my first concert! And it was great!
11.) My best non-athletic talent:
12.) My favorite college class is...