Q&A with Brittany Chambers

1.) Favorite saying:
"Dance like nobody's watching" and "Leave nothing"
2.) Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Jennifer Garner- she is funny and a good actress.
3.) Who is your celebrity crush?
Chace Crawford
4.) What are your future goals on and off the court?
Off- Want to get my law degree and be a good role model to others. On- Also be a great leader and be looked at as an EXTREMELY hard worker.
5.) What is your secret food craving?
6.) The reason I picked my jersey number is... I wanted a fresh new number. I felt like playing for K-State is going to be a totally new fun adventure and I wanted my number to reflect me as a changed player.
7.) Favorite things Coach P says:
"God bless America."
8.) The reality show I'd like to be on is....
The Hills
9.) 3 reasons I chose K-State:
Amazing coaching staff, great friendly atmosphere (players), great academic school
10.) Most people don't know but I....
Love making things! I know how to embroider, sew and knit. I also love old movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Sound of Music.
11.) My best non-athletic talent:
Playing the piano.
12.) My favorite college class is...
I enjoy my economics class, very funny professor!