Q&A with Mariah White

1.) Favorite saying:
"Yeah buddy."
2.) Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Tyra Banks. I really don't know why I just love her show.
3.) Who is your celebrity crush?
Trey Songz
4.) What are your future goals on and off the court?
My goals for on the court are to win a Big 12 Championship. My goals off the court are to graduate with a degree in kinesiology.
5.) What is your secret food craving?
Caramel cake
6.) The reason I picked my jersey number is... Well I wanted 32 but my dear friend Alina has it. Therefore I chose 22 because both of my parents wore it when they played.
7.) The reality show I'd like to be on is....
Run's House
8.) 3 reasons I chose K-State:
I get the privilege to be coached by one of the best point guards to ever play the game! It's BIG 12! Not too far from home!
9.) Most people don't know but I....
I faithfully sleep with a stuffed animal.
10.) My best non-athletic talent:
11.) My favorite college class is...
Human development