Q&A with Alina Voronenko

1.) Favorite saying:
2.) Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Cameron Diaz, because she is funny, outgoing, blonde and skinny.
3.) Who is your celebrity crush?
As of now, Ashton Kutcher.
4.) What are your future goals on and off the court?
Off: Get a good degree, grow to become an amazing individual, stay close to family, have a family
On: Improve my game, grow into being a mature/driven player, help my team win
5.) What is your secret food craving?
Chipotle- "Not a secret..."
6.) The reason I picked my jersey number is... I've had it since high school. "No particular reason."
7.) Favorite things Coach P says:
"God bless America." When she's frustrated.
8.) The reality show I'd like to be on is....
I don't watch reality shows, I think they are pointless. I like Grey's Anatomy, I'd love to be one of those characters.
9.) 3 reasons I chose K-State:
Amazing people, great school, best place for me to grow as an individual.
10.) Most people don't know but I....
Can handle sky diving but faint getting a flu shot.
11.) My favorite college class is...
Speech II. I get to talk on whatever subject I want and everyone has to pretend they care.