Wildcats Downed by TCU, 14-6

Rachel Webster

March 2, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas- After a promising start to the day, the No. 6 Kansas State equestrian team suffered its second defeat in as many days, losing 14-6 to No. 8 TCU on Saturday. Junior captain Rachel Webster was a bright spot, picking up two Most Outstanding Performer (MOP) honors on the day.

Head coach Casie Maxwell thought her team struggled on the day.

"Our team just underperformed as a whole today," said Maxwell. "Give credit to TCU, they came out on the defense and rode very well today. Congratulations to Rachel Webster for really being on top of her game this weekend. She rode extremely well and made our team proud."

The Hunter seat team had split results, drawing a 5-5 tie with the Horned Frogs. Kali Yates scored the first K-State point, defeating Taylor Alexander, 72-69. Webster carded an event high 85, as she gave the Wildcats a point and earned her first MOP of the day. Shana Barnett picked up another win, defeating Haley Jacobi, 78-72.

In Equitation on the Flat, TCU evened things up after taking the discipline, 3-2. Captain Meredith Finch got back on track, earning an 80 on her ride, which was enough to defeat her TCU counterpart. Webster had another strong performance, this time racking up a score of 78, to defeat Haley Jacobi. The win also gave Webster her second MOP of the day.

The Western team struggled on the day, going 1-9 against TCU. Savannah Smith was the lone point scorer for the Wildcats, defeating Katie Gray, 70.5-67, in Reining.

K-State is back in action on Friday, when the team hosts No. 5 South Carolina. The meet will be held at Timbercreek Stables.

Equitation on the Flat
TCU wins 3-2
Emily Sowski (TCU) def. Laura Lafnitzegger (KSU), 66-64 Exhibition
Nikki Diamantis (TCU) def. Madison Wayda (KSU), 65-64
Meredith Finch (KSU) def. Caitlin Ader (TCU), 80-74
Demi Stiegler (TCU) def. Larissa Laffey (KSU), 77-47
Kaitlin Perry (TCU) def. Kali Yates (KSU), 70-62
Rachel Webster (KSU)* def. Haley Jacobi (TCU), 78-59

Equitation Over Fences
KSU wins 3-2
Kali Yates (KSU) def. Taylor Alexander (TCU), 72-69
Rachel Webster (KSU)* def. Nikki Diamantis (TCU), 85-75
Shana Barnett (KSU) def. Haley Jacobi (TCU), 78-72
Demi Stiegler (TCU) def. Cat Avolese (KSU), 77-67
Kaitlin Perry (TCU) def. Madison Wayda (KSU), 84-83

TCU wins 5-0
Samantha Bayer (TCU) def. Amelia Crites (KSU), 74-73
Katie Gray (TCU)* def. Chayna DeNicolo (KSU), 74-71.5
Calli Rouse (TCU) def. Hannah Ribera (KSU), 72.5-71
Alexie Estrada (TCU) def. Rachel Wetherell (KSU), 74-72.5
Erin Gillette (TCU) def. Kelly Bovaird (KSU), 74-70.5

TCU wins 4-1
Chantz Stewart (TCU) def. Jesse Johnson (KSU), 71-70
Alexi Child (TCU) def. Sam Etsell (KSU), 68-66.5
Kolby Simonson (TCU)* def. Jordan Cox (KSU), 71-68
Samantha Bayer (TCU) def. Kara Guy (KSU), 71-68
Savannah Smith (KSU) def. Katie Gray (TCU), 70.5-67