Wildcats Drop Season-Opener

Larissa Laffey carded her first win of the 2010-11 season on Thursday night.

Sept. 24, 2010


AUBURN, Ala. - The Kansas State equestrian team dropped its first dual of the season to Auburn, 14-4, at the Auburn Horse Center, late Thursday evening.  Head coach Casie Lisabeth said she was pleased with how her team competed to open the season.

"Regardless of the score, we are really impressed and proud of how well all the girls rode against Auburn,” said Lisabeth. “They are a very tough team and our girls rode without fear and hesitation all day. The scores were really close all day, so we are very happy with where we came out of the first competition."

In overall Hunter Seat scoring, Auburn knocked off K-State 7-2, with a score total of 766-729.

In Equitation on the Flat, the Wildcats were led by Larissa Laffey, who picked up a victory over Auburn’s Ali Loprete, 76-74. Junior Stephanie Patterson picked up K-State’s only other point in the discipline, with a 78-75 win over Auburn rider Anna Shierholz. The Tigers went on to take the match, 3-2, by an overall score of 362-349.

Kansas State rode well but in the end went 0-4-1 in Equitation over Fences. Wildcat freshman Shana Barnett picked up a tie with Auburn’s Dottie Grubb, 79-79. Auburn outscored K-State 404-380, to win the match, 4-0.

In Hunter Seat exhibition action, K-State rider Natasha Vincent was defeated by Auburn’s Bailey Kleis, 67-57, in Equitation on the Flat. Auburn rider Elise Fraza edged Kristin Rheinlander of Kansas State, 73-71, in Equitation over Fences.

In the Western stage, Auburn out rode the Wildcats by a margin of 711.5-697, this gave the Tigers the 7-2 victory.

In Horsemanship, K-State freshman Kelly Bovaird defeated Auburn’s Chelsea Zillner, 74-74, to give the Cats their only point of the match. Auburn edged the Wildcats by a score of 364-356, giving the Tigers the 4-1 win.

In Horsemanship exhibition action, K-State’s Rebecca Wallisch defeated Casey Fowler of Auburn, 70-67.5.

In the Reining stage, K-State’s Kayla Hatfield picked up the Cats lone win with a 70-69 victory over Kristin Hansen of Auburn. Also in Reining, senior Alecia Zimbelman tied with Auburn rider Jillian Fuller. The Tigers would go on to pick up a 3-1 win over K-State, with a final score of 347.5-341.

K-State will face South Dakota State on Friday at the Auburn Horse Center, before traveling to Bishop, Ga., to take on four-time defending national champion, Georgia, as well as Conference USA foe SMU on Saturday.

Kansas State at Auburn
September 23, 2010
Final Results

Equitation on the Flat
Maggie McAlary (Aub) def. Rachel Webster (KSU), 71-58
Lindsay Portela (Aub) def. Meredith Finch (KSU), 77-76
Larissa Laffey (KSU) def. Ali Loprete (Aub.), 76-74
Anna Becker (Aub.) def. Jacquelyn Bogstad (KSU), 65-61
Stephanie Patterson (KSU) def. Anna Schierholz (Aub.), 78-75
Exhibition: Bailey Kleis (Aub.) def. Natasha Vincent (KSU), 67-57
Auburn wins 3-2 (362-349)

Equitation over Fences
Shana Barnett (KSU) tie Dottie Grubb (Aub.), 79-79
Ali Loprete (Aub.) def. Jen Rawle (KSU), 81-75
Maggie McAlary (Aub.) def. Sarah Mershon (KSU), 86-80
Jennifer Waxman (Aub.) def. Kali Yates (KSU), 78-72
Anna Shierholz (Aub.) def. Catherine Avolese (KSU), 80-74
Exhibition: Elise Fraza (Aub.) def. Kristen Rheinlander (KSU), 73-71
Auburn wins 4-0 (404-380)

Kelly Bovaird (KSU) def. Chelsea Zillner (Aub.), 74-73
Bailey Dymond (Aub.) def. Hannah Ribera (KSU), 73-72
Stephanie Rucci (Aub.) def. Whitney Unkefer (KSU), 73-71.5
Indy Roper (Aub.) def. Chayna DeNicolo (KSU), 74-71
Kristin Hansen (Aub.) def. Rachel Wetherell (KSU), 71-67.5
Exhibition: Rebecca Wallisch (KSU) def. Casey Fowler (Aub.), 70-67.5
Auburn wins 4-1 (364-356)

Alecia Zimbelman (KSU) tie Jillian Fuller (Aub.), 73-73
Indy Roper (Aub.) def. Samantha Etsell (KSU), 71.5-68.5
Paige Monfore (Aub.) def. Jordan Cox (KSU), 69.5-65.5
Kelsey George (Aub.) def. Emily Stockford (KSU), 64.5-64
Kayla Hatfield (KSU) def. Kristin Hansen (Aub.), 70-69
Auburn wins 3-1 (347.5-341)

Overall: Auburn wins 14-4 (1477.5-1426)