Wildcat Equestrian Dominates Jackrabbits, Sweeps MVP Honors

Kali Yates

Sept. 24, 2010

Wildcat Equestrian Dominates Jackrabbits, Sweeps MVP Honors

AUBURN, Ala. - The Kansas State equestrian team evened up its season record at 1-1, with a 16-3 thumping of South Dakota State, Friday afternoon at the Auburn Horse Center, in Auburn, Ala.  The Wildcats took home MVP honors in all four disciplines for the first time since Oct. 2, 2009, when they swept all four MVP awards in a victory over TCU.

Coach Casie Lisabeth was very pleased with the effort of her young team, especially after the long and tough outing the squad endured yesterday.

"Today was a really great day for our team and a great pick-up from yesterday," Lisabeth said. "Everyone went out again and was bold in their performances and worked on the small adjustments from yesterday. Congratulations to our MVP riders as well. It is a goal of our team to sweep the MVP awards in a competition, and the fact that they did that on the road was extremely rewarding. I believe they will all become more confident and comfortable in the arena the more times they enter, so this weekend has been such a great opportunity for us to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time."

In the Western stage, Kansas State rode past SDSU by a final score of 716.5-705.5, defeating the Jackrabbits 8-1.

In Horsemanship, K-State was led by freshman Kelly Bovaird, who rode past SDSU rider Britta Barta, 72.5-70, while picking up match-MVP honors. Fellow freshman Chayna DeNicolo defeated Lydia Placzek of South Dakota State, 73.5-71. Kansas State's Hannah Ribera added to the point total by knocking off SDSU's Kelsey Champagne, 71.5-70.5. Wildcat newcomer Rachel Wetherell beat Amy Mendelke of SDSU, 72.5-70.5. Whitney Unkefer of K-State finished out the shut-out by out-riding South Dakota State rider Maggie Holzworth, 72.5-70.  The Wildcats bested SDSU by an overall score of 362.5-354, sweeping the match points, 5-0.

In Reining, freshman Emily Stockford led the way for the Cats by picking up MVP honors. Stockford tied with Helen Lauth of SDSU, 73.5-73.5. KSU's Alecia Zimbelman added to the cause by defeating Lydia Placzek of South Dakota State, 71.5-70.5. Freshman Jordan Cox beat SDSU rider Jana Basler, 70.5-68. Also adding to the point total was K-State rider Alayna Warner, who edged Maggie Holzworth of South Dakota State, 69.5-69.  Kansas State slipped past South Dakota State by a margin of 354-351.5, giving the Wildcats a 3-1 win.

The Hunter Seat squad also saw its share of success against SDSU, by claiming an overall point victory of 8-2, with a total score of 743-689.

In Equitation over Fences, Kansas State rider Sarah Mershon fell to SDSU's Morgan Hough, 77-76, but rode well enough to pick up the MVP of the match. K-State's Kali Yates dominated Meredith Sauer of South Dakota State, 80-63. Freshman Catherine Avolese also won by a large margin, defeating SDSU's Skye Byrnes, 73-60. Team captain Jen Rawle picked up her first victory of the season by out-riding Jackrabbit Lauren Kerr, 74-67. K-State's scoring blitz was aided by Shana Barnett's 78-73 victory of SDSU's Molly Ryan.  Kansas State went on to claim victory over South Dakota State, 4-1, with an overall scoring margin of 381-340.

For the second straight day, K-State sophomore Larissa Laffey paced the Wildcats in Equitation on the Flat, out riding SDSU's Victoria Pecak, 76-73. Laffey also took home MVP honors for this match. Stephanie Patterson of Kansas State easily handled South Dakota State rider Leslie Sauter, 78-66. K-State's Rachel Webster narrowly defeated SDSU rider Megan Schiftman, 72-70. Kansas State rider Meredith Finch rounded out the scoring with 69-66 win over SDSU's Megan Violand.  The Wildcats defeated the Jackrabbits by a margin of 362-349, giving K-State the 4-1 victory in this discipline.

In Exhibition action, Kansas State's Natasha Vincent picked up a 74-73 win over South Dakota State rider Lauren Kerr.

The Wildcat Equestrian team will continue its road trip through the southeast as they head to the Peach State for a two-dual day, where they will face SMU and national-power Georgia. The Georgia match will get underway at 9 a.m., with a Hunter Seat-only dual against SMU, immediately following.

Kansas State at South Dakota State
September 24, 2010
Final Results

Equitation on the Flat
Meredith Finch (KSU) def. Megan Violand (SDSU), 69-66
Rachel Webster (KSU) def. Megan Schiftman (SDSU), 72-70
Stephanie Patterson (KSU) def. Leslie Sauter (SDSU), 78-66
Larissa Laffey (KSU)* def. Victoria Pecak (SDSU), 76-73
Ashley Marrin (SDSU) def. Jacquelyn Bogstad (KSU), 74-67
Exhibition: Natasha Vincent (KSU) def. Lauren Kerr (SDSU), 74-73
K-State wins 4-1 (362-349)

Equitation over Fences
Morgan Hough (SDSU) def. Sarah Mershon (KSU)*, 77-76
Kali Yates (KSU) def. Meredith Sauer (SDSU), 80-63
Shana Barnett (KSU) def. Molly Ryan (SDSU), 78-73
Jen Rawle (KSU) def. Lauren Kerr (SDSU), 74-67
Catherine Avolese (KSU) def. Skye Byrnes (SDSU), 73-60
Exhibition: Megan Violand (SDSU) def. Kristen Rheinlander (KSU), 74-69
K-State wins 4-1 (381-340)

Kelly Bovaird (KSU)* def. Britta Barta (SDSU), 72.5-70
Hannah Ribera (KSU) def. Kelsey Champagne (SDSU), 71.5-70.5
Rachel Whetherell (KSU) def. Amy Mendelke (SDSU), 72.5-70
Whitney Unkefer (KSU) def. Maggie Holzworth (SDSU), 72.5-72
Chayna DeNicolo (KSU) def. Lydia Placzek (SDSU), 73.5-71
Exhibition: Stephanie Rucci (SDSU) def. Rebecca Wallisch (KSU), 73-72
K-State wins 5-0 (362.5-354)

Emily Stockford (KSU)* ties Helen Lauth (SDSU), 73.5-73.5
Alecia Zimbelman (KSU) def. Lydia Placzek (SDSU), 71.5-70.5
Jordan Cox (KSU) def. Jana Basler (SDSU), 70.5-68
Alayna Warner (KSU) def. Maggie Holzworth (SDSU), 69.5-69
Angela Gebhart (SDSU) def. Sam Etsell (KSU), 70.5-69
K-State wins 3-1 (354-351.5)

Overall: K-State wins 16-3 (1459.5-1394.5)
(* denotes MVPs)