Equestrian Falls to Georgia, Beats SMU

Kali Yates helped the Wildcats to a 2-2 opening weekend.

Sept. 25, 2010

BISHOP, Ga. - Southeastern Conference and national-power Georgia was too much to handle for the Kansas State equestrian team on Saturday, as they fell to the Bulldogs 16-4, with a final overall score of 1467.5-1290.5. The Wildcats came back in the afternoon to defeat SMU in a Hunter Seat show, 5-0, to conclude action in the opening weekend.

Against Georgia on the Hunter Seat side, Kansas State fell to the Bulldogs, 9-1, with an overall scoring total of 768-739.

 In Equitation on the Flat, junior Stephanie Patterson claimed the Wildcat's only MVP award of the dual. But it was K-State newcomer Jacquelyn Bogstad who went on to claim the Cat's only point of the match by defeating Georgia rider Kelsey Berry, 76-67. Georgia dropped Kansas State, outscoring the Cats, 362-359, with an overall point victory of 4-1. In Equitation over Fences, Kansas State was blanked by Georgia, 5-0.

In the Western arena, Georgia dropped K-State 699.5-551.5, with a total point victory of 7-3.

A trio of young riders led the Cats in Horsemanship, with freshmen Kelly Bovaird and Chayna DeNicolo and sophomore Hannah Ribera all picking up a win on the day. DeNicolo defeated Georgia rider Ali Edson, 73-72.5 to kick off the scoring for Kansas State. Bovaird followed DeNicolo's success with a 70.5-67 victory over Georgia's Laura Upton. Ribera finished out the scoring-streak by besting UGA's Maria Salazar, 73.5-69.  The Horsemanship squad knocked off Georgia by a total point score of 3-2.

The Reining team rode well but was shut-out by Georgia, 5-0, with an overall scoring margin of 345.5-202.

The Wildcats regrouped to take down SMU immediately after squaring off against Georgia, in a Hunter Seat-only competition.  K-State rode past the Mustangs by a final score of 736-712, with an overall point win of 8-2.

In Equitation over Fences, Kansas State rider Sarah Mershon tallied the team's first point of the match by defeating SMU's Julianna Fischer, 80-78. Freshman Catherine Avolese rode past Lucy Blundon of SMU, 79-74. Riding in the second-to-last position, K-State's Shana Barnett defeated SMU rider Morgan Raleigh, 76-74, to give the Wildcats the 3-2 overall point win.

In Equitation on the Flat, Kansas State shutout SMU 5-0, with an overall score total 736-712.

Kansas State rider Jacquelyn Bogstad kicked off the blowout by defeating SMU's Claire Wenholz, 73-65. Sophomore Larissa Laffey continued K-State's success by knocking off SMU rider Renick Townsend, 81-71. Wildcat Meredith Finch added to the cause by defeating Taylor McClung of SMU, 64-57. Kali Yates of K-State edged SMU's Rachel Cline, 71-67. Finishing out the scoring barrage was Kansas State's Stephanie Patterson. The Wildcat junior bested Danielle Gersh of SMU, 72-67.

Kansas State closed out their opening weekend with an overall record of 2-2. The Wildcats will be back in action on October 15, as they host Big 12 foe Baylor. This will mark the first ever dual at Timbercreek Stables, the K-State's new facility.

Kansas State vs. Georgia
September 25, 2010
Final Results

Equitation on the Flat
Michelle Morris (UGA) def. Rachel Webster (KSU), 73-70
Grace Rogers (UGA) def. Stephanie Patterson (KSU)*, 75-71
Jacquelyn Bogstad (KSU) def. Kelsey Berry (UGA), 76-67
Carly Anthony (UGA) def. Larissa Laffey (KSU), 76-75
Abby O'Mara (UGA) def. Meredith Finch (KSU), 71-67
Georgia wins 4-1 (362-359)

Equitation over Fences
Michelle Morris (UGA) def. Catherine Avolese (KSU), 84-79
Carly Anthony (UGA) def. Shana Barnett (KSU), 80-76
Grace Rogers (UGA) def. Jen Rawle (KSU), 76-76
Abby O'Mara (UGA) def. Sarah Mershon (KSU), 85-74
Georgia wins 5-0 (406-380)

Dana Wilson (UGA) def. Whitney Unkefer (KSU), 73.5-68
Chayna DeNicolo (KSU) def. Ali Eidson (UGA), 73-72.5
Kelly Bovaird (KSU) def. Laura Upton (UGA), 70.5-67
Hannah Ribera (KSU) def. Maria Salazar (UGA), 73.5-69
Michelle Fulcher (UGA) def. Rachel Wetherell (KSU), 72-64.5
K-State wins 3-2 (349.5-354)

Becca Haaland (UGA) def. Sam Etsell (KSU), 71.5-68
Jacklyn Hoyt (UGA) def. Emily Stockford (KSU), 69.5-0
Kelly Truesdell (UGA) def. Kayla Hatfield (KSU), 69.5-66.5
Diandra St. Hilaire (UGA) def. Jordan Cox (KSU), 71.5-67.5
McKenzie Lantz (UGA) def. Alecia Zimbelman (KSU), 63.5-0
Georgia wins 5-0 (345.5-202)

Overall: Georgia wins 16-4 (1467.5-1290.5)

Kansas State vs. Southern Methodist
September 25, 2010
Final Results

Equitation over Fences
Jordyn Pettersen (SMU) def. Jen Rawle (KSU), 83-72
Catherine Avolese (KSU) def. Lucy Blundon (SMU), 79-74
Sarah Merson (KSU) def. Julianna Fischer (SMU), 80-78
Shana Barnettt (KSU) def. Morgan Raleigh (SMU), 76-74
Marissa Djernes (SMU) def. Kali Yates (KSU), 76-68
K-State wins 3-2 (375-385)

Equitation on the Flat
Meredith Finch (KSU) def. Taylor McClung (SMU), 64-57
Jacquelyn Bogstad (KSU) def. Claire Wenholz (SMU), 73-65
Kali Yates (KSU) def. Rachel Cline (SMU), 71-67
Larissa Laffey (KSU) def. Renick Townsend (SMU), 81-71
Stephanie Patterson (KSU) def. Danielle Gersh (SMU), 72-67
K-State wins 5-0 (361-327)

Overall: K-State wins 8-2 (736-712)