Wildcat Equestrian Corrals No. 2 Baylor

MANHATTAN, Kan. - The seventh-ranked K-State equestrian team rallied back from an early 5-0 deficit to upend the second-ranked Baylor Bears, 10-9, Saturday at Fox Creek Farms, improving its overall record to 2-0 on the young season.

The win marks the second time this season that the Wildcats have defeated a top 10 team after riding past eighth-ranked TCU in the season opener. 

"Today was a big win for us and our girls had to fight through the last ride for it," said head coach Casie Lisabeth. "The western riders we outstanding today and I couldn't have asked for stronger performances from any of them. The few losses we had were very close, and those girls' performances were still outstanding. Laura Browne had an awesome performance today that righteously earned her the horsemanship MVP."

The Wildcats got off to a rocky start during the Hunter Seat portion of the show, dropping all five points to the Bears in Equitation over Fences. K-State stormed back in the Equitation on the Flat discipline, winning a 3-2 decision over Baylor. Freshman Kali Yates picked up the first win of her collegiate career, defeating Faith Morris, 92-69. Senior Katie Mellon and junior Christina Costello both improved their records to 2-0 on the season after strong rides against the Bears.

K-State continued to rally on the Western side of the competition. In the Horsemanship discipline, the Wildcats featured five seniors who tallied a 3-1 win over the Bears. Senior Laura Browne won MVP honors for her second consecutive show by defeating Meghan Murphy, 74-73. Caley Coffey picked up her first win of the season by riding past Baylor's Suzanna Nelson, while Mikaela Sundgren improved to 2-0 on the year after a strong ride against Lindsay Douglas.

The Wildcats rounded out the comeback with a dominating 4-1 performance in the Reining discipline. Freshman Sam Etsell picked up the first win of her collegiate career by defeating Baylor's Cody Wooten, 68.5-67.5. Senior Morgan Campbell and junior Alecia Zimbelman both picked up their first wins on the year with strong rides against the Bears. Senior Tara Hallan rounded out the win for the Wildcats by riding past Maddy Mooney, 72.5-67.5, improving her record on the season to 2-0.

The Wildcats also had a successful day in Exhibition competition, picking up five wins against the Bears. Freshman Katherine Diechman rode to victory over fences, while sophomore Jasmin Walters and senior Paige Sullivan pulled out wins on the flat. On the Western side, Senior Kyla Copple and sophomore Rebecca Wallisch rounded out the show by picking up wins in Horsemanship.

"We snuck by a strong Baylor team today," said associate head coach Gardner Powell. "All of the jump riders improved over our opening performances, though we didn't win the points. We had strong rides again on the flat, where we won 3-2. Kali Yates had the day's high score of 92. I am proud of our team, and have great confidence for continuing improvement."

K-State will look to remain undefeated on the season as yet another Top 10 team, sixth-ranked Oklahoma State, visits Fox Creek Farm on Oct. 31.

Complete results from Saturday's competition against Baylor are as follows.


Equitation over fences:

Bridget Doyle 78 vs Kara Fergusson** 82

Katie Mellon 76 vs Heather Healy 81

Liz Godfrey 79 vs Kendra Vicary 81

Jen Rawle 71 vs Taylor Brown 75

Kendall Marvin 74 vs Lisa Goldman 77

Equitation on the flat:

Kali Yates 92 vs Faith Morris 69

Natasha Vincent 71 vs Mary Smitson 74

Katie Mellon 79 vs Kim Woodsum 67

Meredith Finch 74 vs Heather Healy** 86

Christina Costello 84 vs Margaret Beaudoin 79

Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 3 - Baylor 7



Laura Browne** 74 vs Meghan Murphy 73

Caley Coffey 71.5 vs Suzanna Nelson 71

Courtney Watters 73.5 vs Lindsey Tomko 73.5

Alyssa Freeman 72 vs Allison Orosz 72.5

Mikaela Sundgren 72.5 vs Lindsay Douglas 71.5


Tara Hallan 72.5 vs Maddy Mooney 67.5

Sam Etsell 68.5 vs Cody Wooten 63.5

Morgan Campbell 72.5 vs Katie Buss** 72

Kaylee Stout 70 vs Amber Mooney 72

Alecia Zimbelman 70 vs Lindsey Tomko 68

Western Totals: KSU 7 - Baylor 2

OVERALL: KSU 10 - Baylor 9

** Denotes MVP



Equitation over fences:

Katherine Deichmann 80 vs Brooke Biddle 0

Kate Hennessy 74 vs Abby McCormick 74                                      

Equitation on the flat:

Jasmin Walters 61 vs Melanie Appel 50

Paige Sullivan 75 vs Kaylin Enright 68

Hunter Seat Totals: KSU 3 - Baylor 0


Kyla Copple 72 vs Celsea Retmier 69

Hayley Milch 69.5 vs Selean Hoshowski 72

Rebecca Wallisch 72.5 vs Ashley Garza 71.5


Dani Pettera 67.5 vs Olivia Rogers 71.5

Western Totals: KSU 2 - Baylor 2


OVERALL: KSU 5 - Baylor 2

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