K-State Equestrian Beaten By Baylor

Kali Yates

Nov. 19, 2010

WACO, Texas - After rattling off three straight wins in the heart of its 2010 fall schedule, the Kansas State equestrian team lost its second straight match, falling to No. 8 Baylor, 12-6 Friday at Willis Family Equestrian Center in Waco.

The sixth-ranked Wildcats fell to 4-4 with today's loss but will have a chance to close out 2010 on a high-note as they try to knock off top-ranked Texas A&M (5-0) tomorrow in College Station.

Despite outscoring Baylor 1448.5-1414.5 on overall total scoring, Kansas State dropped the head-to-head matches by a total point score of 12-6, giving Baylor (5-4) the overall victory.

On the Hunter Seat side, Baylor defeated K-State 7-3, with an overall scoring total of 742-720.

In Equitation over Fences, K-State's Kali Yates out-rode Baylor rider Kara Fergusson, 79-75 to give the Wildcats one of their two overall points in the discipline.  Freshman Sarah Mershon picked up the Cats other point by riding past Kendra Vicary of Baylor, 73-70.

In Equitation over Fences exhibition action, Jen Rawle defeated Baylor's Brook Biddle, 73-71.

In Equitation on the Flat, Kansas State's Jacquelyn Bogstad bested Lisa Goldman of Baylor, 72-69 to pick up the Wildcat's only point of the match. Wildcat freshman Rachel Webster was beaten by Baylor rider Lisa Goldman, 72-69 but was awarded match-MVP honors.

In Flat exhibition action, Kansas State rider Yates rode past Baylor's Margaret Beaudion, 74-70.

In Western action, K-State defeated Baylor on total scoring, 728.5-672.5, but was bested by Baylor on head-to-head matchups, 5-3.

In Reining, Kansas State picked up its only overall team win by defeating Baylor, 3-1 (359.5-294.5). K-State junior Emily Stockford kicked things off by shutting-out Katherine Berg of Baylor, 66-0. Freshmen Jordan Cox and Alayna Warner also picked up wins on the day. Cox edged Katie Buss of Baylor, 74.5-73.5, while Warner slipped past Baylor rider Shelby Jackson, 75.74.5.

In Horsemanship, Kansas State rode with effort but was shutout by Baylor, 4-0 (378-369).

Kansas State will travel to Bryan, Texas to take on the first-ranked Texas A&M Aggies at the Brazos County Expo Center. The action will get underway at 10 a.m.

Kansas State at Baylor
November 19, 2010
Final Results

Equitation Over Fences
Exhibition: Lindsay Otis (BU) def. Belle Calkin (KSU), 81-73
Exhibition: Jen Rawle (KSU) def. Brook Biddle (BU), 73-71
Taylor Brown* (BU) def. Larissa Laffey (KSU), 85-72
Ashley Ann McGehee (BU) def. Catherine Avolese (KSU), 75-72
Kali Yates (KSU) def. Kara Fergusson (BU), 79-75
Sarah Mershon (KSU) def. Kendra Vicary (BU), 73-70
Lisa Goldman (BU) def. Shana Barnett (KSU), 83-80
Baylor wins 3-2 (388-376)

Equitation on the Flat
Exhibition: Kali Yates (KSU) def. Margaret Beaudion (BU), 74-70
Exhibition: Melanie Hinzpeter (KSU) def. Tara Funk (BU), 70-67
Kendra Vicary (BU) def. Meredith Finch (KSU), 62-58
Taylor Brown (BU) def. Stephanie Patterson (KSU), 80-74
Kim Woodsum (BU) def. Larissa Laffey (KSU), 67-65
Jacquelyn Bogstad (KSU) def. Lisa Goldman (BU), 72-69
Kara Fergusson (BU) def. Rachel Webster* (KSU), 76-75
Baylor wins 4-1 (354-344)

Exhibition: Amber Mooney (BU) def. Amelia Crites (KSU), 73-70.5
Ashley Garza (BU) def. Whitney Unkefer (KSU), 75.5-72.5
Bryn Lindley (BU) ties Hannah Ribera (KSU), 74.5-74.5
Chelsea Remier (BU) def. Kelly Bovaird (KSU), 74.5-73.5
Emily Polhemus (BU) def. Rachel Wetherel (KSU), 74-72.5
Baylor wins 4-0 (378-369)

Alayna Warner (KSU) def. Shelby Jackson (BU), 75-74.5
Amber Mooney (BU) ties Kayla Hatfield (KSU), 71.5-71.5
Olivia Rogers (BU) def. Alecia Zimbelman (KSU), 75.72.5
Emily Stockford (KSU) def. Katherine Berg (BU), 66-0
Jordan Cox (KSU) def. Katie Buss (BU), 74.5-73.5
K-State wins 3-1 (359.5-294.5)

Baylor wins 12-6 (1414.5-1448.5)




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